Tudor Boy Revisited…(and other costumes)


Back in January 2011, I made a Tudor boy’s costume for F, for school.  I blogged about it here and it is one of the most visited posts on my blog.  I remember grumbling quite a bit at the time about the idea of providing an outfit to be worn for just one day (and to be absolutely fair, there were lots of suggestions from the school about cobbling one together from jogging bottoms tucked into long socks etc) before deciding to just get on with it, which has more than proved it’s worth, as I had hoped, and the outfit comes out at every possible opportunity.


Both my boys tend to be quite tall for their ages (due to a 6′ 5″ husband, probably) and I  made the original costume quite long (but slim fitted, in keeping with the time), knowing I would need it again a year later – here F is in 2012, for his second Tudor Day at school.


Since then the costume has been used frequently, at least twice as a pirate costume for parties,  even once with the above mask (from the boys Halloween skeleton outfits) to make a ‘ghost pirate’,


and most recently for C to wear for his first school Tudor Day.


Although his favourite bit is the un-Tudor like bag, which he kept his tissues in.  Bless.


Another bit to get regularly recycled are the capes from the boys vampire outfits


Here being enthusiastically (he was a lot happier than he looks, I promise, he just doesn’t do posing in the same was as F) modeled by C, who had a magic party to go to last year.


The only outfit that hasn’t been worn again, is F’s Messy Monster one (from Okido magazine), made for World Book Day in 2011.  Shame, as I like this the most.


Which brings me neatly back to today, also World Book Day and two happy little boys in cobbled together Tom outfits from Beast Quest.  My boys are quite particular and F, especially, always wants very exact details….I may have myself to blame for this, from past years, but these days I have less enthusiasm I’m afraid, and I try to find the quickest efficient solution, so roll out Tudor boy again!  If you are looking at this photo and thinking – well they aren’t bad – wait, you can’t see the shields, which are rubbish, but hey, they are only for one day….or not, perhaps I can stretch out Beast Quest Tom for a second year?…maybe 😉

38 thoughts on “Tudor Boy Revisited…(and other costumes)

  1. Fabulous outfits! Miss PR wanted to go as Hetty Feather, and I’m ashamed to admit we bought a cheap outfit online, but she did reassure me that she can wear it again next year for Victorian day…

    • Nothing wrong with that Fran, I often buy their costumes, especially ones for things like the school nativity. I am afraid I am rather a reluctant costume maker, which is a bit mean considering I have the know-how. Bethx

  2. Isn’t it great that you have got so much use from your costumes. They do look amazing and I bet the others children are so jealous of your, I have to say, gorgeous boys! 🙂
    V xxx

    • Thanks Vivienne 🙂 The other kids all looked great, there are many that go to a huge effort, so much more than I’d ever do, to be honest. I am really glad this outfit has been worn so much though, perhaps I need to remember that next time they want something ‘new’. Bethx

  3. They look fab, my two boys have gone as Hiccup from the ‘How to train a Dragon’ series which I’d highly recommend, as they make for good reading from a parents point of view, and great listening for young boys, my 7 & 5 love them.
    I must admit I find the whole dress up for world book day a bit of a chore. Most the kids seem to be dressed as either princesses or super hero’s which I doubt has anything to do with their favourite book, sorry rant over 🙂

    • I find it a chore as well, but the boys enjoy it so much. I think part of the problem can be there is often so much going on at school, especially when you have more than one child, at the moment it feels like one thing after another. Saying that, the school is a lovely one and everyone is so enthusiastic it end up feeling like the grinch – ha ha. Oh well. Bethx

    • Nah, all the other kids looked excellent, many made much more effort than us….I have a feeling half the boys came as Tom…the Headmaster came as Wally from Where’s Wally! Bx

  4. I have a 6 foot 5 husband too, and two very tall girls who have gone to school all dressed up today as their favourite characters from Harry Potter – Luna Lovegood and Fleur Delacour. I always like the results when they are dressed up, but don’t much enjoy the inevitable late night preceding dressing up day!

  5. Wonderful outfits Beth, Iike Jenny find world book day a bit tricky. My daughter almost made herself ill worrying about what to wear!! I had the Calpol out (and checked for rashes) I made her go into school after a quick recovery! Seeing her friends- they plotted to be the naughtiest schoolgirls, so she went in today looking rather similar to every other day!!

    • I think it’s harder for girls, as often they care more, but maybe that’s not true….I can manipulate the boys a bit at the moment, by suggesting things that I know I could put together fairly easily. My husband suggested they should go as Horrid Henry & Peter Perfect (as they kind of are – not that they know it)! Hope your daughter had a great day. Bx

  6. My boys don’t read Beat Quest so much now but have loved the books, especially Angus. I love how costumes can be re-used. Completely agree what a pain they can be to make – but the ones that get worn the most in our house are the ones I have made, and it sounds like yours are the same (expect for that lovely monster suit, what a shame). Juliex

  7. I absolutely LOVED book day when I was a wee one- Alice in Wonderland, Little Bo Peep and Snow White were among the characters chanelled- mainly because they were on the cheap and cheerful rack at the fancy dress hire shop! Your boys are so lucky to have their very own fancy dress maker to hand- they look totally fab Beth. Also loving the increase in blog post frequency at Linen Cat HQ- it’s always such a treat, both to read and visually. Chloe x

    • Hi Chloe, it’s nice to read you have such fond memories of book day, makes me think all the effort it worth while, as it can feel like a bit of a chore. Yep, I’m back blogging on a regular basis (I hope) and it’s very nice to be back 🙂 Bethx

  8. Oh Beth, your boys look very cute in there Tudor outfits! I love all the details, they must love to dress up and it’s really lovely you have made them their outfits 🙂 even if you sometimes get tired of making them take heart that they will probably remember and really cherish their memory’s of dressing up and that their mum made them things….I remember my mum used to make us birthday cakes and paint/ draw with us, so those sorts of things will be important memories to them I’m sure 🙂 there such lovely pictures of your boys 🙂 hope your getting on well this week, safxxx

    • You are right, I’m sure, and the boys enjoy dressing up so much. My house clearing/cleaning was rubbish, ha ha, I did try but I need to set more time aside for it. I want to live in a tidy home 🙂

  9. Beth, this reminds me of my girls when they were little. They are all very close in age and I would make lots of costumes. It was so fun for them and a great memory!

  10. Your boys are so adorable as are their fantastic costumes…I am really rubbish at costumes, we had tears yesterday morning when Hollie announced (15 mins before school) that she required a costume, I managed to find a witches hat out of a packed box grrr and suggested she went as hermione granger, that went down like a lead balloon! I’m not actually sure what she went as in the end, a character that is very grumpy I think 🙂 Any way I am in awe of your costume making abillities they all look amazing.
    Emma x

  11. Hi Beth, I have been away and with not easy access to internet. I am still catching up with e-mails etc. You would think I had been in the middle of the jungle but I only have been in Spain with my parents who don’t own any computer. I know you have already wrote some posts but I am still wanted to tell you “welcome back”. I always look forward for your posts. Yours was the first one I followed and to be honest I don’t follow that many. Looking at the pictures of your children dressing up as a book character brings me good memories from when my children dressed up, now they don’t do that anymore. Gosh they grow up so quickly!!! ….Lola x

    • Hi Lola, thanks so much, I’m really enjoying being back. They do grow quickly don’t they? I keep reminding myself of that, especially as my oldest is refusing cuddles and kisses on demand these days. Hope you had a good break in Spain. Bethx

  12. I wish my sewing skills were to the same standard as yours, Beth. Though I did actually make most of Violet’s Book Day outfit. She went as the witch from Room on the Broom. I’d already knit her the black cape (from 2011), so just had to whip up a skirt and brooch. Sadly the brooch didn’t last the day, but she looked really good, and at least the other children recognised who she was supposed to be.
    Hope you are well. x

  13. Your boys are so gorgeous, they should have lived in Tudor times! (Well, perhaps they are better off now… we are big fans of the Horrible Histories series and have heard a lot about the Tudors!)

    • Cathy, I’m so sorry as you left this comment last year, but I’ve only just seen it. I’ve just replied to another comment similar to yours and I’m afraid I really don’t have any top tips, it kind of depends on what you have in the way of clothing etc, laying about. I always just bodge the costumes from what we have in the house and now my kids are older (the post is from 4 years ago) I pretty much avoid making any costumes, if I can. Sorry, again, for not replying to your comment.

  14. Hi my boy would like to dress up as Tom from beast quest for world book day do you have any tips on how to create his costume please

    • Hi Kelly. I’m really sorry, but I don’t really have any top tips, I just bodge all the boys costumes according to what I have around the house. For the ones on this post, it was khakhi trousers and shirts and waistcoats that I already had. The bits on the legs are just squares of cloth, which I wrapped around and tied in place with cord (they didn’t stay on very well!!- It might be easier to just tuck the trouser bottoms into long socks). I’m afraid my boys are much older these days so it’s been years since I had to make anything Best Quest related. We did make shield out of cardboard, which the boys painted on, they enjoyed doing those. I pretty much avoid making costumes, if I can. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  15. Hi, My 5 year old autistic son is obsessed with Messy Goes to Okido and wants to dress up as him for world book day. Can you please tell me how you made the costume? You said that it came from a Messy magazine. Which one? I think you can order back issues. Many thanks for your help. Laura x

    • Hi Laura

      So sorry for the slow response, I got locked out of WordPress and it’s taken me a while to get back in! Snap on the Autism, both of my sons are Autistic so I understand the obsession thing completely.

      I’m afraid the costume was made a long time ago (2011, I think, if you follow the link back from this post to the original one) so I don’t remember much about how I made it and I gave the costume away some years ago to another lady who commented so I can’t even check. When I said it came from Okido magazine, I was referencing Messy Monster, not a costume pattern, I’d have used to use my pattern cutting and design skills learnt over my degree to make the costume so it’s difficult to easily break the method down. What I can remember is that the body was made a bit like a 1980’s Bubble Skirt…in fact it might be worth looking up a bubble skirt pattern and just using that but with arms and head hole instead of waistband, and I stitched a tail to the edge of the ‘skirt’ which was a simple long tube, with stuffing and some fake fur stitched to the bottom. The head pattern was a free one from the internet that I made slightly different shaped ears on….I’ve tried to look for it but it was so long ago and I don’t remember who blogged it…there appear to be loads of free ear bunny patterns about. The shoe cover feet I literally just cobbled together. I think I made the claws, stuffed them and then used fake fur that I cut by hand to cover the shoes – I do know they were bottomless and had elastic stitched across the bottom to help hold them on top of the shoes.

      I’m so sorry I can’t help more…it’s a shame I never drew up a pattern when I made it as I get asked quite a lot about how it was done, along with the Tudor Boy costume and I don’t remember much about either these days.

      Hope you manage to sort something out, good luck with it.

      All the best, Beth

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