Back in stock – Lilac Linen Mice..!

I mentioned, in a recent post, all the half-finished projects that are presently living in stackable IKEA boxes (the best things ever BTW) waiting patiently to be completed.  I have made it my goal to try to empty those boxes in coming weeks, even though, what I really want to do is fiddle with new designs.


First up are linen mice.  I think I cut these out last Spring, when Country Living showed and interest in them (along with other things that they did go on to use in the Emporium pages and for shoots) and I thought I’d better do a re-stock.  They are a slow burner, the linen mice, I tend to sell one to a person, often then followed by a few repeat orders, which makes me believe they are nicer in real life than they appear on the web; or, and I do know this to be true, they are fantastic for younger children, as the ears are brilliantly ‘suckable’ and they can be popped in the washing machine (wool wash only) which is a winner.  Either way, they are a steady plodder, from a sale point of view, but I really, really like them so I intend to keep them, for a while, at least.


Now, I like strong colours and I’m hankering to make one in a navy dress with white spots, but I know they wont sell, people (understandably) like the pinks and purples, the more girly tones, so my priority was to make some more of the lilac version.  They are rather cute.


So, they are finished and have been listed here.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start, I’ve just come back from swimming lessons (C’s) and I’m about to enjoy my first glass of wine, knowing that Friday night is Thai takeaway night – hurrah!



13 thoughts on “Back in stock – Lilac Linen Mice..!

  1. They are lovely Beth, what is it with pink, I don’t get it myself!!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your wine, I may have a glass or two myself! 🙂
    V xxx

    • I’m probably lucky I have boys, although mine own some pink clothing (shirts etc) as I try not to be gender specific with colours, but fluffy all pink would frighten me! (and I should say, I do know many little girls that aren’t into pink, but I know many more who are!) Bx

  2. These mice do look very pretty in purple Beth, I like them stacked as well 🙂 I think navy ones with spots would look good too! I wish you lots of luck with for-filling your list, I’m sure you’ll feel good to get it all done eventually…have a wonderful weekend! The wine and take away sounds good 😉 I’m off to Exeter tmw for a week to see Henry and help him move to Torquay for the next part of his course so am feeling happy too 🙂 have a wonderful weekend and brilliant week ahead, love safxxx

  3. Happy Mother’s day dear Beth. Your linen mice really are perfect as a first toy….I need some babies to buy them for…hint, hint to my darling daughter ;0) I really love polka dots and I also think green or yellow would go well. As you know I am not a pink girl either. Take care, Jane x

    • Ha ha, that made me laugh. I have green polka mice, but they aren’t as popular as the pink/purple versions – shame as I like them the most. Happy Belated Mothers Day to you too. Bethx

  4. Beautiful mice, Beth!

    I am a pink-liker 🙂 but your strong colors are wonderful, and your fabric choices are always perfect. Polka dots are also always a must! These mice just make me smile…

    Happy weekend soon!


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