In the Pink…

I started this post last week.  Since then, I have had a birthday and I’m now sick with the boys’ most recent colds.  Now, you have probably got to know me quite well and so understand that I don’t really do sick, unless pneumonia or really bad vertigo are involved, but today I’ve decided to indulge myself (as a kind if delayed b-day pressi) and I’m sitting on the sofa, in my pj’s, under a fetching crochet Toast blanket (bargain sale buy) watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice on Netflix (only five hours worth, if I watch it back to back I’ll get it all in by school pick-up!).  M will be pleased when he comes back from school run (which he offered to do – quite a rare happening) and sees me here 😉  Anyway, I thought I’d get this post finished, so here goes:


I have mixed feelings about the colour pink.  I used to hate it, after Mum decorated my room (then shared with my Sister) in all over Laura Ashley pastel pinks whilst I was away on a school trip.  My Sister (who I assume helped choose said decor) then bailed and moved into a room of her own, leaving me surrounded by pastel princess colours until I persuaded my Brother (a fan of pink) to swap rooms.  We were quite young, but it scarred me and pink was very off the list for many years. I still struggle with baby pink tones, they really don’t rock my boat, but over the years bolder shades of the colour, especially deep berry red versions, feature often in my wardrobe and my work, I’d even go so far as to say, they feature the most.


I was married in (Ben De Lisi) coral pink, not a choice I expected to make (although I did know I was planning an evening, not wedding dress, they cost a fraction of the price), but it worked well,


and most recently, as a Birthday present from me to me, I added to my Chie Mihara obsession collection with a lovely pair of ice cream coloured shoes featuring pink.

I’ve also been adding to my vintage wardrobe, which I notice has a definite pink thing going on.  Added over past moths are:

il_fullxfull.414263521_rb84this beauty from the US Etsy shop Dear Golden Vintage


and this lovely cotton frock from the UK Etsy shop Dottys Vintage.

Please note, that in both cases, the photos are those of the sellers, as they’d done such a good job it seemed pointless to re-photograph them, I do hope they don’t mind.  I also have a lovely 1950’s coat dress in hot pink to show you, but it’s just come back from the specialist cleaners and I’m too lazy to go and set it up for a photograph.  Sorry.  I’m ill, don’t you know?


As we are singing the praises of pink, how about this?  I rescued this little vintage hat some months ago from the bottom of a box, it was very screwed up and anyone else would have probably thrown it in the bin, but after a steam and an attempt to re-block it where I can, it’s looking rather good again.  It is rather sweet, I think.


I know we’re getting a bit random with this post, it’s really just a way to share some of the photos that are sitting in my album, (and please don’t think I’ve been on a huge spending spree, apart from the new shoes, most of this has been bought over many, many months) but, have you noticed all those lovely bound books turning up at the moment?  It feels to me, like the reaction to kindles etc is to make ‘proper’ books even more beautiful.  I am happily collecting some of the Virgo Modern Classics Designer Collection at the moment (bound in fabrics by various well known designers) and I couldn’t resist this leather bound Lewis Carroll collection from Barnes & Noble.  It’s a door stopper of a book, both Alice stories together only taken up about a fifth of the pages, so that gives you some idea of the size but it is, oh so beautiful, and I had an Amazon voucher to spend from Christmas.


even the end papers are lovely, and it contains the original illustrations, where appropriate.  I love my kindle, and I am happy to buy lots of quick reading books there, but for classics, I do like a proper, fancy, hardback.


My last pink pretty, is this parcel from Fizroy & Cole (yet another UK Etsy shop),


containing a linen embroidered table cloth which fits perfectly in our kitchen.  Makes me smile each time I see it.

OK.  So sorry this has been a bit of a ramble, but sometimes I collect images and shop links that I want to share and they don’t always fit neatly together in a post.  I’m off to make a Lemsip now and watch more Pride and Prejudice whilst slowly filling a bin with used tissues – nice!

15 thoughts on “In the Pink…

  1. Hi Beth, hope you feel better soon (best not to let on though!) I’ve been quietly admiring your recent work-beautiful! Your wedding dress and the pink tailored dress is stunning. If you are feeling brave it would be lovely to see it on! Flissx

  2. Pink of any shade is a colour I struggle with, I’ve never been a huge fan so it’s probably very lucky I had 2 boys and not girls. Saying that though your wedding dress is very pretty. Hope you feel better soon and thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post. It’s hard isn’t it xxx

  3. Feel better soon! We went through a huge pink phase when my girls were smaller but now they hardly wear pink at all – it’s just me! Your wedding dress is gorgeous – wow!

  4. I have mixed feelings about pink too. I wrongly assume it suits me but it doesn’t – I look terrible in it! Your wedding dress is a perfect example of how beautiful the right shade of pink can look with the right skin tone. You look wonderful in that photo Beth! Love your vintage dresses too. x

  5. Oh Beth, love the photo of you and your mr!! I too indulged in pink for our wedding and am not a huge fan of pink at all. Wore a baby pink Brora cardi over a champagne coloured dress. Had pink flowers too yet I would never claim to like it much.
    Love your purchases and hope you feel better soon. I recently saw Colin Firths Mr Darcy (pond outfit) and cannae believe he wore it. The trouser legs were so skinny and I fear he may be a bit of a short arse!! Haha!
    Ali x

  6. I don’t do pink at all but I have to admit you have some lovely pink ‘things’. 🙂
    You looked amazing on your wedding day!
    Wonderful shoes too!
    Hope you feel better soon,
    V xxx

  7. Hi Beth, it is always good every so often to just sit down and breathe! Hope you are feeling better soon. I am definitely not a pink girl at all but sometimes with my card making I find that it goes very well with blue, brown and green. You looked stunning in your wedding photos, what a gorgeous dress, so unusual. I love your shoes. I never dressed my daughter in pink as a baby or child. She had the odd pink dress she had been bought by others but I never bought pink. She has also turned into a non pink liking woman…have I scarred her for life..LOL. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Jane x

  8. Happy belated birthday Beth 🙂 I am a little in love with your Alice in Wonderland book, such pretty illustrations inside. I love the picture of you on your wedding as well and your pink dress is beautiful! You both look very happy, its a lovely picture. I do hope you feel better soon, I also love the bbc pride and prejudice, my mum has it on dvd and my family and i sometimes watch it together, its a good one for lovely lazy days! As for pink, I have little a confession, I absorlutly love the colour, especially hot fuscia pink, its unfortunate as Henry absorlutely detests it and I have not been able to have much pink aroud, so I am a big fan of your beautful new shoes and dresses! 🙂 Its my birthday on monday so I may do a little present to myself to 😉 Have a lovely lazy day and I hope you feel better soon, Safxxx

  9. I love that version of Pride and Prejudice and could watch it over and over. I do hope you enjoyed it and that you are feeling a little better. So many lovely things in this post. I think I share your dislike of pinks, especially pastels, but somehow they seem to be growing on me too – especially the right shade paired with red. Your wedding dress is beautiful – and you both look wonderful in that shot. Hope you have a peaceful weekend and feel better soon. Juliex

  10. Hello dear Beth,

    Happy belated Birthday! And I wish you’re feeling all better now, and you just should, the Pride and Prejudice helps no matter how ill you are 🙂 And then the issue of pink…You know I am a lover, and am happy to see all those pinks here, and but I must say those shoes are to die for!!!! I can’t understand how I can go on without those…You lucky girl, days will be so much sunnier and brighter when using those…

    Lovely weekend wishes from sunny Finland!


  11. Do hope you are feeling better… Just love the Dotty’s Vintage dress, and that sweet tablecloth! The Virgo books are beautiful… I have Diary of a Provincial Lady and the Dud Avocado-tempted by the name and what a treat!

  12. How beautiful you look in your stunning Ben De Lisi. Glad you were able to rescue that pretty little hat. Hope you feel better soon, Beth. Sending you belated Birthday wishes and wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

  13. Beth, you have simply the best style! I’m sure you must look sweetly elegant even on the couch with snotty tissues 🙂 Love your wedding pic. I also wore a pink (very pale in my case) evening dress for my wedding which did indeed cost a fraction of any ‘wedding’ dress. I hope you’re feeling better – and happy birthday!

  14. wow love love love those new dresses of yours! and everything else in fact. I didn’t used to like pink either but after having my last child Esme seem to be drawn to it, especially when it is mixed with green 🙂

  15. Wow! Love the wedding dress! The others too but most of all the shooeeesssss. Argh!! – I know by now you are well because you just travelled in style…

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