Sunshine on a Rainy Day…

It’s truly miserable out there.  I have mentioned before, that I quite like rain and wintry weather, but scrap that, right now I’d be extremely happy to see some sunshine.  I’m bored with wet, cold, bleurgh weather.


In contrast to outside, my workbench has a much more summery feel.  Whilst attempting to use up existing fabrics, I came across some cute Cosmo Cricket fabric – Girl Friday, Flowers, in green.  I bought it last year, with a specific project in mind,  that has since been abandoned and it’s been sitting in my stash since, getting lonely.  I kind of fell in love all over again, especially with the sweet little buttercups and bees and as I was re-stocking linen mice, I couldn’t resist making a few extra.


The boys have sunny yellow shorts….and upside down petals! Doh!  The pattern runs in all directions and I have no idea how I managed to end up with mostly upside down blooms and insects on the boys ‘top’ but I did.  Never mind, still cute, I think.


For the girls, I made a slight change to the collars, in that I scalloped them, ideally I’d have also added a little ribbon bow in the middle, but then they would be less suitable for younger children (possible choke hazard), so sadly it can’t be.

DSC_0035It’s only a mini batch, but they are tagged and listed on my own site and girl Folksy.  I still need to finish making up some of the other, regular, linen boys and maybe another new colour girl, but I’m happier that this section of the shop is looking a bit healthier now.


I also completed the buttercup brooches.  Always a favourite, they spend most of the time ‘out of stock’ so it’s nice to have a batch of those done as well, although it’s taken me a few days to write this post so some are already gone.


I remembered to photograph the new Spring labels I had made last year from Moo.  These go onto the back of the packages of brooches and little birds, and I’m happy with their cheery colours, they seem very apt for Spring/Summer products.


I had a great weekend, hanging out a my sister’s, eating lovely food and being spoilt for my birthday.  I decided to dress up a bit and wore another ‘new’ vintage dress, this time the lovely green cotton number below, which came from Simplicity is Bliss Vintage (Etsy, US – I’ve used their photo).  I’m a bit in love with this frock, especially the colour, green with pink roses, it’s also great for throwing into the wash and hanging dry without the need for ironing.  I do like easy care vintage.

Let’s hope we get a change in the weather soon, I’d like to get out into the garden and tidy up, but right now I’d just sink into the mud.  The plus side is, it keeps me in the mood to work in winter products, so I’m getting ahead nicely there and I’m currently planning some sewing for myself that involves original 1940’s patterns and lots of tweed.  I do love a bit of tweed 🙂

14 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Rainy Day…

  1. Happy birthday Beth! I sure you looked amazing in that gorgeous dress. I’m fed up with the bleurgh too, your little mice are nice and cheery, just the thing for grey days.
    V xxx

  2. I so agree with you about the weather, I was sitting watching the snow blizzards this afternoon brrr. The mice are very cute and I love the mustard yellow … very warm colour . Belated birthday wishes too x

  3. What a lovely colour co-ordinated post! Even your lovely dress matches! Much more spring like than it is outside. Julie x

  4. Some really lovely colours going on Beth, your work bench is looking lovely, I love this colour green combined with the mustard yellow, a really lovely combination. Also am loving your vintage green dress, its beautiful, love the small flower pattern and brilliant it can go in the machine, saves time hand washing! I am also longing for some warmer weather but it is all fog down this way today…we can keep hoping though, roll on spring please 🙂 hope your getting on well at the mo, safxxx

  5. A belated Happy Birthday! Your buttercups are so gorgeously cheerful, and as for that dress – wow! The sun is out today here and I’m hoping it stays for a while because the relentless grey rain and mud is getting everyone down now.

  6. Lovely, lovely mice, Beth!

    I wish your weather turns into better soon, we have similar yet well…different problem here, it’s sunny and pretty but so cold and windy that it hurts to go outside. SPRING! We want you now!

    Have a lovely day and happy tweed-playing!


  7. Happy belated Birthday to you, Beth. Lovely vintage dress and love the little mice. Some cheery spring colors are needed. Hoping spring comes soon.

    best wishes,
    PlumCreek22 Studio

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