New Hair Colour and Furniture…

I’ve just got back from the hairdressers after a colour.  I normally do it myself, but I wanted something a little different and thought I’d try to take a photo whilst it still has that nice hairdresser bouffant thing they manage to do.DSC_0020Basically, whilst watching Harry Potter with the boys, I kind of fell in love with Narcissa Malfoy’s two tone hair.  Seriously, I was originally all for actually doing the blond/dark brown thing but I am a fake red head at heart so I stuck with that and despite leaving it as long as I could manage, they wouldn’t have been able to dye blond over my remaining red anyway.

The basic idea is that as I wear my hair up most days (lazy really) you get to see both colours, it’s more contrasted in ‘real life’, I struggled to take photos.

DSC_0023As I have been growing out my hair from a very, very short crop, there are some nice long layers, so it also shows the two colours when down – bonus!

DSC_0029It’s a bit wind swept from school run (we have one of those playgrounds that is super flat, next to a big field so it’s always windy) and I had to snap quickly as F was waiting for me to cook his tea so the photos are a bit crappy but you get the idea. Also, sorry that it’s a bit self indulgent to post photos of my new hair colour, but it’s great for my own records and I am generally rubbish at taking photos (or having photos taken) of myself, I don’t really like cameras pointed at me, which you can probably tell, as you rarely get to see me in this blog.DSC_0019

I thought I’d also take this opportunity to photograph my dressing table.  It’s from, a website I love.

There is hardly any spare space in our bedroom as it’s under the eaves of the house (when we moved here, this level didn’t exist, it was a huge attic, without flooring, but that’s probably a post all of its own).  As you might be able to see, it’s still not decorated in here, we had the entire house sprayed white after it was plastered and we’ve never painted over that base coat…..or finished putting the skirting on actually in many rooms.


When I saw this last summer on the MADE website, I figured I could shoe-horn it into the corner, under the skylight and I begged M to let me have it, he agreed.  He made me a very happy lady as I’ve always wanted a dressing table.  The red box under the mirror contains a necklace, it’s just there as I’ve not tightened the mirror screw enough to hold it at an angle.

I love my vintage pots, I have to stop myself from buying Jubilee and Coronation things when I see them.


dorig_storage_oak_white_product_pageWe also own the Bergman coffee table (used for the kids to build and play on) and the Dorig, which has my feet resting on it right now, in the living room.  I really recommend buying from MADE, just be aware of the lead times for delivery on some items, basically to cut out all the middle men and reduce costs, the pieces are only put into production every so often, when there are a number of orders, but everything we’ve ordered so far has been of a high quality and a fair price, so I feel it’s worth the wait.

Off to prep my tea now, salmon and salad for me 🙂

PS, there will be more sewing soon, I’ve just been distracted and haven’t done any for ages.

22 thoughts on “New Hair Colour and Furniture…

  1. What a great new look for you. A change of hair colour can really put a spring in your step. I’ve had lots of different hair colours in the past (I had it dyed bright red for my dad’s funeral and purple for my mums – much to the disgust of quite a few of the older generation who think that you should always wear black for such things). I loved having purple hair, but it was a pain to maintain. My natural hair colour is dark brown, so I always had to have my hair bleached/stripped of colour before each new dye could be applied. The things we put ourselves through!!
    I’ve got a couple of things from – our oversized beanbag being my favourite. It’s huge and so comfy.
    Enjoy your new hairdo and I hope you remember to buy a colour shampoo to help it keep it’s colour.
    Jill x

    • Hi Jill, I love dyeing my hair, it’s been many, many years since it was it’s natural colour (I’m rubbish on using the correct shampoo, I opt for maximum moisture to keep it’s condition). I used to bleach mine, so can imagine how hard it was for you, although mine is naturally ‘dark blond’ – in other words mousey brown so not so far to go (I had it bleached white, with a pink wash on top), it really does wreck your hair doesn’t it! I completely approve of the whole hair dye for funerals if it’s what you want to do, we asked people to wear bright colours for Mum’s and I had a green coat and very red hair, so good on you for doing what you felt was right, it was your parents funeral after all. Bethx

  2. Your hair looks amazing and it really suits you. I went blonde and had a fringe put in a few weeks ago , that was for my mams funeral as she always liked it that way. She wanted everything bright at hers too. I’m not to bad at the minute thank you, good days and bad days as I’m sure you’ll understand… hope you are okay too xx

    • I’m glad things are OK, or at least as good as they can be. I’d love to see you blonde, post some photos if you feel brave enough! (or am I behind in blog reading and you already have?). Bxx

  3. Love your hair, you look completely different from the photo on the right that you always have up! And your dressing table is very stylish! Julie x

    • I updated the photo, as you are right (that one was taken this time last year, mid hair growth)….I do look a bit grumpy though, but never mind 🙂 Glad you like the hair. xx

  4. Love the hair Beth, it has grown quite a bit from your last blog photo!
    Many, many ( many) years I would have loved to have had my hair like Blondie, I loved her two tone too (try saying that after a glass or two of wine)! 🙂
    V xxx

    • Thanks Vivienne, it has grown quite a bit, I’ve updated the blog photo, but the one you were referring to was taken just over a year ago. Blondie two tone would be fantastic, then Debbie H would look great with any kind of hair! Bx

    • Thanks, I know, the hairdresser probably thought I was bonkers when I whipped that photo out of my bag and declared I wanted hair “like this please!”. Bethx

  5. Really love your new hair cut and colours Beth 🙂 it has inspired me to get down to the hairdressers at some point and defiantly ask for something different…I really like the two toned effect of your hair. You look lovely in your pics, your lucky, I hate having my pic taken as I never like the result! My hair is now quite long and very dark brown, but I’d love a change, just got to try to get a day off work, will it ever happen?! Hope your well, p.s. love your vintage dress too! Safxxx

    • Oh I really do hate having my photo taken, hence your hardly ever seeing me on this blog. As my friend said the other day, “In my head I’m still 25, then I look in the mirror and it’s a shock.” I can relate, not that I have big self image problems or anything….well not that many….I just don’t feel or look like me at the moment. Taking time to get my hair done and try to update my wardrobe helps, I do recommend it. Well spotted on the dress :0) Bethx

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love your hair-do, Beth, and it’s just perfect for these sunny (hoping…) spring days… And that dressing table is fab too, and it is just a perfect size and shape there!

    Wishing you a lovely April days!


  7. Wow amazing colour! Think of all the colours of clothes that can complement it. The dressing table is stunning! I love the simple curves and round mirror. I wish I had a spot under a skylight -brilliant for makeup – as if I get any time to put any on.

    • Ah yes, I rarely actually put a ‘full face’ on….in fact most days I don’t wear any but I am trying to make more of an effort. I think red works well for me as I’ve been dyeing it this colour so many years my wardrobe works . I was blond (super white) for some years, it totally changed the make-up I needed to wear. I’m glad you like it, thank you 🙂 Bx

  8. Fab hair do, love the colours and it seems to be cut very well, it’s sitting very nicely. I’m still struggling to find someone who can cut mine the way I want, I thought I’d found someone but I think it was a case of 1st time lucky as she’s never managed it since. I have to dye mine every month as it’s so grey, I’m too mean/skint to get it dyed that frequently at the hairdressers so it’s a boring old home dye for me. Still, better grey hair than nae hair…

    • I used to dye my own (also to save money) but can’t do the two-tone thing very easily…it has nearly trebbled my haircutting costs though! I remember your blog post about finding a good hairdresser, my cousin has very curly hair and a similar problem, it must be very frustrating. I love my hairdresser, she does a good job and is amazingly quick plus dries my hair very nicely. Good luck on your quest for the perfect cut (and not just the once!). Bx

  9. I love your dressing table, the nice retro look to it! So Fab! And your hair looks so pretty with the two colors. i love the fact that the colors are not extremely contrasting, so they blend together in a way, lovely!

    Please come and join my giveaway if you’d like! you could win a ceramic cat necklace: all handmade by me! 🙂
    Would love to have you!


    • Thanks you Erika and apologies, my laptop keeps crashing so you have 3 comments from me on the giveaway page! Really lovely necklace, I’d be very happy to win that. Bethx

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair colour! You look fab! the two tones look really lovely, I wish my real red hair was that colour red, just gorgoeus! Love that dressing table too , it is wonderful x

    • I have a couple of red haired friends who dye theirs another red, just because they prefer a slightly different colour, I do love naturally red hair though, it’s so very beautiful. Bx

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