I keep planning posts, taking the necessary photos but not finding the time to actually write them.  I have also been sewing and hoped to get some product pictures taken today, but somehow ended up doing housework and, in-between, obsessively ordering my iPhotos albums.  It took all day as I have thousands of images; still it’s done now and I really enjoyed looking through the last 10 years of my life in photos, just a few more years to sort, when my wrist has recovered!





We had a Birthday last month, complete with breakfast in bed and bought cake.  I normally bake one, but this way I wasn’t tempted to eat any of it, bought cakes are too sweet for me and the boys couldn’t care less if it’s home made or not.DSC_0086

Then there was another birthday, awe, ain’t he sweet, Birthday Boy no2!



We spent F’s birthday at Center Parcs, our first time and it was AWESOME!!!!  I plan to book again next year (just did that and it costs a whopping £500 more to go in the half term!!!!).  The ducks that camped out permanently on our patio were very comical, they did the rounds with begging looks on their faces, we were so tempted but M (quite rightly) wouldn’t let us feed them.DSC_0068

We stayed in one of the new Woodland Lodges and I can highly recommend them.  The design was genius, they really do have everything you might need.  Our lodge was clean, well equipped, stylish and I paid extra (it has to be said, a weekend at CP does not come cheap and EVERYTHING is extra) to choose our villa location, booking one in the ‘central area’, but also on the very outside edge, meaning we had a wonderful view of only woodland from the living room window and apart from nosey ducks, we had deer, rabbits and a general wealth of wildlife wondering past.DSC_0074

Best of all we brought our bikes (which is totally encouraged and is the best way to get around, no cars being allowed after the initial unpacking) and I finally got to play on my new Pashley.  This was a belated Christmas present from M, the waiting list after ordering is some weeks and please don’t think we are this generous with our gifts normally, it was a very special and lucky treat for me to get such a fabulous bike!


I was useless and didn’t take any other photos.  As predicted we spent every morning in the Tropical Swimming Pool, F had a ball on the various slides and rapids and we had a few spins in the Cyclone.  We only booked in for an Archery session, I figured we’d be happy just mostly hanging out, which was the case.

newutility_large_1Due to our having minimal packing space, it was a necessary to take as little clothing as possible.  Apart from my lovely vintage frock and wedge heels (which weren’t as impractical to cycle in as they look and I did have my walking boots as well) I mostly wore some Freddie of Pinewoods repro Utility Jeans – love these, the high waist are great for my *ahem* roundish figure.


I also took a couple of Brora’s cropped cardigans.  I must say, I am really enjoying wearing things with accentuated waists at the moment, I am considering throwing out all my modern jeans and only wearing Freddie’s from now onwards, this particular style aren’t exactly slimming on the thighs but they do give a wonderful curve and it’s so nice not to have a modern, low waist, digging into my belly whenever I sit down.


I have to do a quick shout out here for my Ruffle Bag (mentioned many times before) which I bought forever ago from Etsy (seller Kinies) it is one of the most used things I’ve bought, it goes on every walk we do, all our days out to country houses and castles, when I don’t want to carry a heavy bag.  It’s just brilliant and I’ve given many of them as gifts.


Also, and I know I’ve also mentioned these many times, but the boys messenger bags are proving invaluable, the wipeable linings mean they make great swimming bags and I’m so pleased they get so much use.

I have sewing for the next post, promise!