Yellow Rose Flower Brooch…

It’s the final day of school and I’m feeling a bit stressed.  There is much to do.  The house is a tip, I have to pack for our holidays and C is off sick with a fever (there is a nasty cold going around, both boys have it….as of yet *touch wood* I haven’t shown any signs).  I plan to spend today getting things into order, packing away school uniform and throwing anything that wont fit, come September, or is past it’s best.  I’d like to go away with a clean house and a tidy garden, I suspect that wont work out, but I can try.


With all this in mind I have closed up the shop.  I’ve decided to do so for the majority of the Summer holidays, in the past I’d have only dared do the minimum, ideally a few days at a time, a week at the most, I hate the idea of someone new discovering the site and being confused/annoyed by not being able to make a purchase (and, obviously, I don’t like not being there for lovely, loyal and regular customers either); but, this year I’m taking time off as we are away for a bit, and sales are always quite slow over summer anyway, so I like the idea of closing the studio up and hanging out properly with the kids.


I managed to squeeze in time to finish some yellow rose brooches that have been an open project for some time, sitting waiting for their backs to be put on and then to be packed up.


The buttercup brooches that I make are always very popular, I think it’s really partly down to the sweet little trio of flowers and the idea of the buttercup, but I do also love the colour, so I decided to make a double rose version in yellow.  When it comes to yellow, I am quite fussy, I like mustard and ‘sunny’ yellow (with a mustard tint) but not green/lime/acid yellows, they just don’t rock my boat at all.


I considered many different bead colours for the centres but actually liked the amber on yellow best, even though it doesn’t stand out as much.

DSC_0063Before the roses can packed, they have to go through the crucial de-fluffing process, which in my case involves lots of cellotape.  Tweed and wool felt creates so many little fibers, it’s quite satisfying to see them lift away, it’s also why I pack and store the brooches in cellophane bags, that way they stay pristine and fluff free.


I’ve talked about this before, but when I was packing up the flowers, it occurred to me just how much I enjoy this bit of the making process.  I was the kind of kid who spend happy hours playing ‘post office’ or (my favourite) ‘library’, where I got to order and stamp books with my date stamper and pretend to do joined up writing signing the names.

DSC_0042 DSC_0050

This is the bit where I’d normally say they are listed ‘here’, but today, they aren’t because I forgot to list them….and the shop is closed anyway….but come late August they will be found in the Flower Brooch section.

Amongst my general need to clean, tidy and organise, I hope to catch up on reading blog posts in the next few days.  I have struggled over past months to keep up to date, there are always at least 100 or so unread posts in my ‘friends’ stream and I keep missing news, but do forgive me if I don’t leave many comments over Summer as I am attempting to cut back on my on-line time as well as my sewing.  Oh, and I am the only person who chose Feedly for migrating my Google Reader list to?  I think so…it’s like when I opted for WordPress only to find out everyone else uses Blogger.  I’d have so bought a Betamax 😉

Hope you all have a lovely Summer, back in a short while!


28 thoughts on “Yellow Rose Flower Brooch…

  1. I feel your stress, I was up till midnight making teachers presents, of course I had not taken into account that I would have a flurry of orders online, so had left them to the last minute and #2 only reminded me yesterday that he in fact needed 3 presents as I had forgotten about one of the helpers!!! I think your wise to close though I also go through the thoughts of loosing customers!! Balance is never easy!!
    Anyway enjoy you holiday and time off x

    • Oh no! I hope it all sorted itself out and you are enjoying a lovely summer holidays. I haven’t opened the shop back up yet, now I’ve properly closed it I have kind of relaxed into letting it be for a tiny bit longer. Bethx

  2. Love the yellow roses, Beth. It’s a colour that’s grown on me over the past few years. I suppose that’s mainly down to Violet, who absolutely loves it.
    I love a clean and tidy house before we go away – I love to come home to a clean bathroom and clean, fresh sheets on the bed.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and Summer break.
    Jill xxxx

    • Thank you 🙂 I do love mustard yellow, It think of it as an Autumn colour (my fav season) so maybe that’s also why. Oh yes to the clean house and sheets, it was truly lovely to come back to and worth all the effort before going away. Shame the boys have trashed it already – ha ha! Bx

  3. As ever Beth, your yellow rose brooch is so lovely, I love the idea of you ‘de fluffing’ them too, it did make me chuckle, but I’m a bit like that about things being clean and organised too 🙂 I hope you manage to get everything done in time for your break away with your boys. Don’t worry though if you don’t as I’m sure they’ll be some time when you get home again. My room needs a real clean, it’s such a tip, months of working and then visiting Henry at weekends has left very little time but I really should do some! Bad excuse I know! I think the yellows you’ve used for your brooches are spot on, they work really well together with the beads too and I always admire the construction as the back of them look so tidy and well constructed, really lovely 🙂 enjoy your well deserved break, I shall miss your blog posts, safxxxx

    • Thanks for the comment Saf and for the holiday wishes – we had a really lovely time. I often am happy to get back home after a break, but I will miss that beach and having a hotel maid – ha ha – and a bar and restaurant. Oh well, back to work I guess. Bethx

  4. Beautiful rose brooches!! Hoping your son feels better soon. Enjoy a break with your family.Thanks for your visits to my blog. I’m a behind in leaving comments, too.
    Happy late July…..
    PlumCreek Studio

    • It’s hard to keep up with posts isn’t it? I have hundreds in my reader from being away, it’ll take me ages to catch up, hey-ho. Hope you are enjoying a sunny and productive August. Beth

  5. The yellow roses are beautiful. I think you are doing the right thing to shut up shop and enjoy having time with your family and also give yourself time to recharge your batteries. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    PS. I’m using feedly and WordPress too 🙂

  6. Wonderful holidays, Beth,

    To all of you! Wishing you the best time, and we’ll see in a while again! Those lovely brooches in their neat&pretty packages will give you a great start for the autumn season come the day.

    Many greetings from sunny Finland!


  7. Happy summertime to you! I too love the idea of leaving for holidays with a pristine – OK, clean-ish home and garden. Sometimes it does happen but usually I have to be satisfied with a quick wipe and dust. Oh well… Lovely brooches, so sunny

    • It only gets messy once you are back home, but it did feel nice to walk in, I was like ‘wow, our house isn’t so bad after all’ (clearly forgetting all the work I did to get it to that stage). Glad you like the brooches 🙂

  8. Hi dear Beth, I hope you managed to get everything sorted out and are now enjoying a wonderful holiday. Summer hols when the children are young is a memorable time…have fun. I am so with you with the shades of yellow and the ones you have used are just perfect for these beautiful brooches. Enjoy catching up with yourself I think it is great to take some time out. Don’t miss out on my giveaway over at my blog, it would be lovely to see you join in. Take care, Jane x

    • I bet I missed the giveaway, I shall pop over to check out the post now, I really am very behind in my reading! Thanks for the holiday wishes, we have a lovely time 🙂 Bethx

  9. Lovely brooches! Hope you all have a great summer, well done for taking the leap and closing the shop. Apparently it will be Christmas soon enough – my daughter has a ridiculous app on her iPod doing a countdown…. Thank you for all your recent comments on the blog. We’ve been away for a few days, and was just replying to everyone but, for some reason, it said you were a no reply blogger!

    • Ha ha the Christmas comment (and app!) made me laugh. The thing is, once the kids go back it arrives almost instantly so it’s not so far away really, in shop making terms that is. Wonder why I’m showing as a no reply blogger, will look into that. Bethx

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