All change…

September already?!  I have to confess, that on the return from our holidays, I was a bit miffed that autumn wasn’t already here, it is after all, my favourite season and I was ready for some cooler weather.  Since then I’ve mellowed into this late summer we are getting, the nights and mornings feel cool (VERY important when you have young kids who sleep badly in hot weather) and there is definitely a sense that the season is turning, but then it’s nice to still have the sunny days.


I the studio, I have finally taken time to do some sewing.  I’m firmly in winter mode here, trying to make sure I have enough of all my basics for the usual sales heavy period (I sell more in November and early December, than in the rest of the year put together).


I took the time yesterday to do a stock take and to write along side how many items I sold last year so I know if I’m on-track.  There are a couple of gaping holes, mainly the total lack of monster purses, but the rest is looking OK.


I’m supposed to be clearing all open projects but I tangented from sewing replacement red roses onto new tweed purses.  I say new but the roses themselves were cut last year, I just didn’t get around to the bags after completing the acorn and other rose tweed versions, I ran out of steam as they had taken so long and I was a bit tweeded out.  Hopefully I’ll have these finished and listed by the end of this week, but there is a pricing issue looming (more on that in the next post).


What else? I’ve pulled my ‘winter box’ out of the cupboard.  It contains the things I use, to change over the board above my desk, plus lots of half-finished project ideas.  I’m waiting until the boys are back at school (later this week, due to inset days) before doing this as I’d prefer a quieter house for the occasion.  Sorry if the sight of Christmas is a bit socking this early, but in shop terms, it’s just around the corner.

So what’s coming up?  I’m afraid quite a bit of re-stock, some nice new designs, a giveaway or two and hopefully the shop re-opened this week, pending my getting over the feeling it needs a re-design (which I simply don’t have the time for).  Roll on the boys being back in school, I always dread it but know that the first morning I sit at my desk, coffee in hand in the peace and quiet, a feeling of calm, determination and enthusiasm will resume.

23 thoughts on “All change…

  1. Ah Beth those tweedy purses look so beautiful. The quality of your materials, designs and workmanship is such that I think a price increase won’t put anyone off. It simply reflects the value of your work.
    As for the change of seasons, Autumn is usually my favourite too. But spring is rather welcome here now, at the other end of the planet, although it seems to have just flicked a switch from cold and miserable to practically hot overnight!

    • Oh I bet, I Iove seasons in general, I’m always ready for spring when it finally arrives. I think I just like my winter wardrobe best, I’m a wool jumper and tights kind of girl. Enjoy Spring! Bx

  2. Lovely photos, as ever! I love Autumn, though have really enjoyed this summer too, so have mixed thoughts about the darker evenings and cooler mornings. But definitely when it comes to kids, the Autumn changes in light and heat do help to ease them back into the school routine.
    Can’t wait to see your shop when it reopens and looking forward to seeing your new designs and old. Jennyxx

  3. Hi Beth – your tweedy purses look beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished version. Father Xmas looks fun – is he something you’re thinking of putting into your shop for this coming Xmas? Violet’s back to school on Wednesday – I can’t believe how quickly the Summer Holidays have rushed by. I’ll miss her when she goes back, though I will enjoy a quiet coffee too. Jill xx

    • Hi Jill, Father Xmas was from some teachers gifts we made a few years ago, I kept some of them half finished in case I ever wanted to make them for the shop (which I might) they would just be difficult to package up. Hope V is enjoying her first day back, mine go tomorrow. Bx

  4. Oh Beth, am excited by the tweed purses and new stock on the way! How lovely 🙂 Its funny you write about the autumn as I have been feeling the same, first I wanted it to come upon us then yesterday I went walking with the dog and really loved the autumn like sunshine and decided that its lovely right now, just before autumn arrives. Still it will be lovely when the change happens and winter comes round…Its good to see you getting organised, I am not organised again this year for Xmas time, but am hoping to get some bits ready for my little shop. I can’t wait to see your mood board change and new projects! Good luck with it all, Safxxx

    • Hello Saf! I have changed my mind today, I’ve had enough sun, it makes me feel like we should be outside enjoying it when I have so much to do indoors – ha ha. Actually, I love ‘winter’ sun, I just need the general temperature to cool off a bit. Goos luck with your x-mas bits! Bxx

  5. Good luck with re-stocking and look forward to seeing your new designs. I must admit I am loving the weather continuing warm, but am noticing a chill in the air first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. I do feel more energised as it gets cooler though and will need to as like you the bulk of my sales are in the next 3 months! Julie x

    • I spend all year with these three months in mind (for the shop that is) and yet I still have too much to do! I get better organised each time around though, and it does take the pressure off. Bethx

  6. We spent the last two weeks in Crete, and the shock of coming back to cool mornings is quite extreme! Still, the warm days are helping us to ease back into it and once school starts it’s all going to seem like a bit of a dream I suspect. I too love autumn, and have been thinking only this morning that it’s nearly time to order firewood so we’re prepared …

    • We still don’t have our fire fitted, which is really annoying as I love an open fire, although it was our only heat source when we first moved in here, so it was a bit stressful (and cold!) back then. Roll on burning leaves, toffee apples and log fires 🙂 Bx

  7. I hope the boys settle well at school and that you get some happy making time. Katie is having a phase of waking up about 5.15, which -as you well know – is shattering. But strangely she slept a lot better when we were on holiday and we concluded it was the heat – no chance of replicating it in our drafty old house! Juliex

  8. Hello Beth,

    To a (fellow) tweed-lover those purses seem so beautiful, and the autumn-days are also almost awaited here… so tweed-clothing&accessories can be put n use again too! I wish you busy (not too) and creative (very) new season!


  9. Ooo… the makes all look so beautifully autumnal! Feeling quite miserable about my little boy starting school again tomorrow, shall miss him so. Shall just have to make the most of a sunny day and crochet in a comfy chair in the garden… and dream about knits and coloured tights!

    • It is quite depressing (the boys going back) isn’t it? My youngest has cried for the last three nights as he counts the sleeps down, because he ‘wants to stay at home with you, Mummy’ – bless! Still they always enjoy seeing their friends etc. Have a nice day today, hope school run goes well and I’ll think of you when I get back from mine and sit with my first quiet coffee 🙂

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