Giveaway – Green Apple Apron…

Thanks for all the helpful and kind comments on the last post.

I’m glad people feel that the pricing is OK on the purses, it was backed up by two flying out the day I listed them, which is always a good sign.  I hope it comes across I just wanted to open the debate on this area and to show how much work etc goes into the making, and not that I was fishing for compliments or anything.  I just know, when I read posts from other people on things such as jewellery making (which I know nothing about), I love understanding the work involved and seeing the process, it makes me appreciate the final product even more.

I am also aware that I am lucky to have some disposable income and that I enjoy buying handmade, both for myself and for gifts, and am likely to happily pay more for better quality materials and good workmanship.  Not everyone is in this position though, I do know that.  I try to pitch myself somewhere in the middle on pricing, so good quality but affordable (as a treat) and hope I get that balance right.


As an illustration, I popped over to Sarah Culleton’s on-line shop yesterday and this beauty jumped into my shopping basket.  I love her bags and this one is no exception, it’s one of those wonderful designs that I wish I’d come up with – ha ha!  I don’t copy other people’s handmade work, even if I could, I would feel really uncomfortable doing that and think it’s important to support the designer who has come up with the idea (it’s why I get a bit irked by people pinning my work onto ‘things I’m going to copy for myself’ style titled boards, or worse ‘things to make for the next craft fair’, I’m trying to mellow on this and just not look, I do understand people probably do copy things I just don’t like it being blatant and I’d get pretty cross if I saw my designs for sale anywhere).


It’s really beautifully made and I’m happy to pay for one…..just check out that little snail brooch detail – genius!


Anyhow, I forgot to explain the size of the new purses in the last post, they are quite roomy and there is plenty of space for phone, keys, money and a bit of makeup.  They are bigger than the original ones and I have ordered some clip frames from Hong Kong, but to be honest, even though cheaper per unit, by the time you add postage it’s not such a big saving.


I said goodbye to my last acorn bag as well *sniff* which I wont be making more of, but there will be more purses in general, both with clips and zips (I have other designs on the go).

OK, back to the giveaway.


When I made the apple aprons, I did one with smaller pleats to see if it lessened the bulk, when sewing the waistband on…I had forgotten that even this small alteration would widen the apron on the whole, plus it gave it less shape, I like how the bigger pleats make the apron bounce out a bit at the front and allow for general curves from waists and hips (as above).


So, it left me with one finished apron that’s a bit wider than the others and I thought it would make a nice giveaway.


Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner in two weeks (Saturday, September the 21st).  I’ll post worldwide, just please make sure I can contact you from the comment.  Please remember I can’t reply to comments on this post as it messes up the numbers for the giveaway – oh and I nearly deleted the bit about pinning as I know how emotive this subject is, on both sides.

By the way, it’s lovely and quiet around here and I have coffee 🙂

36 thoughts on “Giveaway – Green Apple Apron…

  1. Ooh am I the first entry, I hope that is good luck. Don’t worry about including the Pinterest bit, I know all too well that imitation is not the most sincere form of flattery so it’s good when us creative types can console one another.

  2. What a great giveaway. I totally understand your comments on copying other people’s handmade work, it is so not the done thing. I was interested to read your points on pricing as I struggle with this too for my vintage knits. I think it is hard to get non makers to understand how much work, time and effort goes into quality handmade goods. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You did right mentioning the Pinterest bit! I am a pinner and I have had some of my own things pinned. Let’s face it, it’s free advertising but I would never consider copying someone else’s work that does make me cross!!! I did have a comment on Flickr recently where the person blatently said she would copy my photo and make and sell the rabbit. I pointed out that that wouldn’t be a good idea but at the end of the day would could I really do!
    Anyhow, what a beautiful apron, thank you for the opportunity to win, please pop my name in the ‘hat’! 🙂
    Thanks also for all your lovely comments over at mine!
    V xxx

  4. I so need a wider than average apron as I am wider than average! I try to buy handmade and would never copy someones items even it is was for myself. My boys love their purses that I got from you. Perfect for little boys and there is nothing like that on the highstreet,

  5. I would love this amazing apron as I am also ‘a bit wider than the others’! Your designs are so well made and I love to see your creative process and work in progress in your blog.

  6. That apron is delightful. I agree with you about pricing hand made goods… It is so hard and there are loads of people who still want something beautiful for so little cost. They just don’t appreciate the cost of materials and how much time goes into the making. Good job there are still many of us who do appreciate this and are willing to pay. Keep up the good work!

  7. I would love the chance to win your lovely apple apron…and as I’m slightly rotund about the hip and tummy area…a-hem ( too many biscuits) a little bit wider would suit me fine 🙂
    Emma x

  8. Enjoy that peace and coffee- things are temporarily peaceful here but Katie isn’t feeling well so I think her afternoon sleep is going to be short (why does she sleep less when she’s not feeling well?).
    I know the pinning thing is emotive but I believe that you are completely right -that’s one of the things that I love about your work, it is your own and has your unique stamp on it.
    I’d love the apron if I happened to be picked! Juliex

  9. Hi Beth – thanks for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful apple aprons. Wouldn’t it be good if Vivienne won – isn’t green her favourite colour (or have I got that completely wrong?).
    The house has been rather quiet without Violet (not that she’s a noisy child). There’s been plenty of coffee drinking and cake eating here – will have to alter the waistlines on my trousers soon!
    Jill xx

  10. I am looking forward to seeing more of these gorgeous clip top clutch bags Beth. They are so elegant and beautifully made. I also love your new purchase too. Lucky us that you have an apron looking for a new home, please put me in the hat (well my name I mean). I am glad to hear that peace has descended and that the coffee is in hand ;0) Enjoy the weekend and thanks for all the lovely comments you left on my posts, I so enjoy reading them and really appreciate that they take time to write ;0) Jane x

  11. Oh! Wos occurrin’? lol, couldn’t resist. Just as I wouldn’t be able to resist your gorgeous and generous giveaway Beth. Loving the new purses. x

  12. I definatly want to have a chance of winning one of your apple aprons Beth! I so want to buy one of your purses but am in a financial pickle at the mo (I shall explain in my next post) so will have to wait it out. So pleased you are back to sewing and have free time again and coffee 🙂 it’s good to sit back and enjoy crafting 🙂 safxxx

  13. I’m glad you’ve been posting about pricing, it’s such a hard thing to balance. People don’t mind paying for a piece of art work but as far as I’m concerned the process and love that goes into the handmade things, make them just as much, works of art in themselves (I do know not everyone agrees! lol). Anyway, rant over, it’s good to debate 🙂 ps. I’d love to be entered into your compatition 😉

  14. I love your aprons very much! Such a fab design and they look beautifully made too. I’d love to win such treasure, thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  15. Hi Beth, Interesting to hear more about the clutch making process!! Please put my name in the hat for this lovely apron. ((I’m having a giveaway, too. You’re most welcome))

  16. Hello dear Beth,

    I’m all in for the beautiful apron (and if it’s a little wider, even better *ahem*), so please put my name in that hat too, thank you!

    And that copying-thing… It makes so sad, as I can’t understand why someone wants to “create” yet doesn’t have any original ideas? I am absolutely sure my work has been influenced here and there but copying is a no-no. Luckily your work is highly original and the quality is outstanding so copycats will stand no chance! I have seen my work pinned too, but yet not copied, thankfully.

    Oh and that Sarah’s purse is very pretty, and the pin there is simply brilliant idea!

    Happy September!


  17. The apron is beautiful and I would love to be entered into the hat. On the subject of copying, I have come across quite a few blatant copies of others work and in all cases they have been rubbish in comparison the the genuine pieces. Have you ever pondered on the idea of a book (talking as a person with no experience of this and no idea whether it is profitable at all!) only thinking that you make money from the fact that people appreciate your work and designs.

  18. Your ‘pinny’ would be so well camouflaged on my bramley apple tree at the moment! The apples are just that lovely green colour. I’d love to enter your giveaway – visions of waltzing around the kitchen making apple pie. Love your purses btw – awesome! Enjoy the peace now that school is back. I’m SOOooo enjoying my time now that I’m not teaching any more – bring on a bit of peace and quiet time for cooking & sewing! Enjoy Autumn.

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