Pretty Things – Little Red Riding Hood…

Did anyone see the recent  Folksy front page?  The theme was ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and some lovely folk there, very kindly asked if they could use my Mr Wolf as part of the accompanying Facebook/Instagram/Twitter promotion.

mr wolf flatObviously, I said yes and was super happy with the nice word bubble they added (made me realise how much more I could do with my images….I need to do some photoshop tutorials really).


Other people’s work was also used and it lead me to buy a couple of things.  If I’m honest, we’re all just recovering from stinking colds (welcome back to school everyone!!) and I was in need of a little cheer up.  I am dreadful for using ‘treats’ when I feel blue, even a nice coffee and piece of cake works for me.


First up, a couple of cards from Clare Shrouder Illustration.  How fabulous are they!  and check out the thank you card, oh how I love these little touches when you buy from a small, independent designer.


And secondly, a wolf lavender bag, which comes in it’s own box, complete with a mini card (and would make a perfect gift, if I wasn’t selfishly keeping if for myself), plus a set of cards from keke- kaka (these were wrapped beautifully, in blue tissue, as above).


Just wanted to show them to you, it really has made my morning as I was feeling super grumpy (they arrived with Mr Postie, as I was writing the last blog entry).  Let’s face it, you know it’s going to be good when the envelope looks like this 🙂

25 thoughts on “Pretty Things – Little Red Riding Hood…

  1. Hi Beth I am just eating my lunch having a break from the mountain of holiday washing…how can 2 people wear so much in a week ;0) I love the new clutch purse, I agree that tweed is perfect. Sorry to hear you are full of cold..that’s school for you isn’t it. What a great way to cheer yourself up with these newest purchases. They are the best tonic. Get better soon, Jane x

    • Ha ha, yes the post holiday washing is always a bit of a bummer. Thanks for the well wishes, I have my hair in rollers and a vintage frock at the ready for an afternoon out at my Sister’s Birthday, should be fun, despite my (still there!!) cold. I should remember not to book anything in for the first few school weeks of the year, just to leave time for the inevitable sniffles 🙂 Bx

  2. Congratulations on the Folksy front page! It sounds like a great idea to play around with Photoshop, you could make some wonderful images from your made pieces. Your buys look like a lovely way to start the day.The Clare Shrouder cards are fab!

  3. Mr Wolf looks so dapper, and ultra posh.
    Of course Folksy want to use your fabulous makes – I hope it’s promoted huge sales.
    The germs have made an appearance in this household too – Violet’s got a stinker of a cold at the moment, and I really feel for her at night as she struggles to breathe. Poor little thing.
    I love all your little ‘pick-me-up’ gifts you’ve treated yourself to. I’m sure they’ve done the trick of cheering you up. xx

  4. So pleased Mr Wolf is getting his chance in the spot light! He looks very dashing, I love mine 🙂 really chuffed for you! Love your new buys, retail therapy always helps 🙂 the fox lavender bag is lovely 🙂 hope you and your family are well and recovering from colds, safxxx

    • I know, whenever I order something from a graphics or illustration based designer, they always have amazing packaging, it was such a delight to receive in the post, really made me smile. Bx

  5. I agree with Jill, ‘dapper’ is the perfect word to describe your gorgeous Mr Wolf! Love all your buys. Hope the Christmas making is going well… I am waking up at about 5 most mornings thinking of new things then panicking that I’m not going to get enough made! Julie x

    • Ah yes, I can relate to the nightime and early morning obsession with work, I find myself repeat making up things in my head, trying to find the best method. Hope all your planning is going well, also. Bx

  6. Congratulations Beth on Mr Wolf’s front page feature. (I love Little Red Riding Hood themes)Lovely new cards and graphics—-will check out these artists/shops.Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Anne x

  7. Lovely buys and yes great packaging. It makes me want to rethink mine, but then I already think I can spend too much time sorting out that sort of detail, in fact so much time that I quickly run out of making time!! Balance is so difficult.
    We too have had colds since boys went back too school, J only managed 3 days and then was off sick!! Your Mr Wolf is so gorgeous, is there a Mrs Wolf coming soon, or have I missed that? Hope you all feel better soon xx

    • Ha ha, I am with you on that, I too spend far too much time on thinking packaging details. I do think it’s important though, but I can get over-excited when it’s really not necessary (pretty packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or over complicated, I need to keep reminding myself that). I hope your gang are cold free and yes there is meant to be a Mrs Wolf this year, but I am backed up with Badgers and Monster Purses at the moment. Bethx

  8. Hello Beth,

    Congratulations on your front page, Mr Wolf definitely has some star-potential 🙂 especially in that red suit! And lovely finds – you always seem to find the neatest prints and other stuff – and there’s really no better way to beat the blues than little handmade-shopping, it’s a win-win for both maker&buyer!

    Have a lovely day!


  9. Hello Beth
    Only just realised you included my work on your blog so a belated thank you very much, it’s really great to be appreciated x

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