‘Yorkshire’ Tweed Purse…


This is a picture heavy post and it starts with some (dodgy) photos I took ages ago when I was walking back ‘home’ in the Dales.  I know I’ve mentioned this colour combination before, the greens, browns and purple pinks; but these colours really do always remind me of North Yorkshire.


They are a colour combination I keep returning too.


They were part of the inspiration for Fox clothing some years ago (I only just re-listed Foxes and my last purple Mr & Mrs sold straight away….I wasn’t expecting that).


And when I made the recent red rose purse, I couldn’t resist making a ‘Yorkshire’ coloured one.  By the way, I am so in love with this new dog-tooth check tweed, it’s all autumn heather, with a brown base and hints of purple and green.  I bought loads so I can make myself a suit, which I’m quite excited about, it might even get used with one of my 1940’s patterns.


But back to the purse.


It has a shot cotton lining with pocket, and a pink rose brooch.


And can be found here.


You may notice that my site has had a re-vamp.  I’ve changed the front page design and re-loaded all my product images so they are a bit larger.  It took forever (and there is still some to do) but it was worth it.  I often feel that my work is shown so much better here, on the blog, and on the actual sales page is a bit of a let-down and you can’t see the details or quality nearly as well.  I was also just bored and felt like a change.  The new, simpler layout with top menu is much better, it still needs a new banner though, I really must get around to that soon.


Oh, and as we’re on the subject of pink and green, I also added some new double pink roses.


All mounted up and ready to go.



25 thoughts on “‘Yorkshire’ Tweed Purse…

  1. I really like your new website layout….and I do really love Mr Wolf in particular, I still can’t find a justifiable reason to buy him though – ‘wanties’ won’t count in John’s eyes. I really like the two folksy shops you just bough things from, lovely presentation and products too.
    Lovely ‘home’ inspired purse. Can you show us your suit when it is finished please? Juliex

    1. Glad you like the website updates, I still need to play with it a bit more but it’s getting there. I have a soft spot for Mr Wolf, he has taken over as my favourite softie from the previous Mr Fox. I hope to start sewing the 1940’s suit soon, just another half a stone to lose as I refuse to make it when I am trying to get my weight down, hey, I only had the last of the boys 6 years ago, there are no more excuses 😉 Bethx

  2. Really love the pink and green colour combination in your work Beth, especially these new purses! Oh my, they are in my favourite colours! So gorgeous, I love the way you match the lining of the bags to the outer material of the purses, really lovely 🙂 I can see why Yorkshire colours always inspire you 🙂 it’s a beautiful place, safxxx

    1. Hi Saf, I can get quick obsessed about the linings, so I’m glad you picked up on that. I’ve just booked myself a train ticket up to Yorkshire, for a weekend away, ON MY OWN!!! First time I’ll have had that time on my own since having the boys, I really am quite excited. I just need a break and some peace and quiet. It’ll be ace. Hope all’s well with you. Bx

      1. I’m so pleased for you Beth 🙂 Sometimes its so important to have some ‘me’ time and I do hope you get to have a good break up there 🙂 I’m sure it will be lovely! I have just finished reading Wuthering Heights and desperately want to visit the moors up there, it sounds so beautiful, maybe one day! Have a wonderful time! Safxxx

  3. Dear Beth, I have just had a small tax-time windfall and desperately want one of those purses! I popped it in the shopping cart and it has told me you don’t ship to Australia. I would also love to get one of those pink roses for my mum. Might it be possible for you to work out the postage and send me a Paypal invoice, or something? – Jane xx

      1. Hello Beth – I am not sure why my comment was not coming up but I would really very much love to buy one of these purses for me and a brooch for my mum, but your shop won’t do shipping to Australia. Is it possible for you to calculate the postage and send me a paypal invoice or something? – Jane xx

  4. Hello Beth, the Yorkshire tweed purse is beautiful, and I love your pink double roses.

    Sorry to hear your suffering the back to school cold that’s going around. Beloved and I are trying to shake it off at the moment so sympathise.

    1. Urgh, soooo annoying isn’t it? I do hope you are both feeling better, I never learn, you’d think I’d be prepared, come September, should stock up on night nurse BEFORE they go back 😉 Bethx

  5. Hello Beth,

    Beautiful purses again, and that color-combo is just perfect! I have marinaded some of those purse frames in my stash over three years (they’re small, for coin purses) and have tried to find the courage to try them. Maybe after these wonderful images I’ll give them a go – but I’m sure I need to buy new glue, it’s as old as the frames 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful last week of September!


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