Green Apple Apron Giveaway Winner…

Duh!  I forget to post this, but I did pick a winner last weekend…..

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 10.52.30It was comment 32, which was from Ruth of Ruth Creates 247, who I am having difficulty getting an email reply from (perhaps you are away on holiday Ruth?  If not, and you are reading, do please get back to me so I can post your apron off).  Thanks everyone for entering.


On the photo front (because I can’t post without a photo), I made this purse for my Sister, as it was her Birthday recently.


The colours were all about using some amazing silk, left over from a door curtain I made, that I had a narrow strip of, for the lining.  (The fabric and door curtain were also for my Sister, I should add, so she had chosen this amazing embroidered silk).  It’s so lovely I couldn’t face wasting it, I did consider making the bag from the silk, but even lined and backed it is amazingly difficult to iron nicely, so I don’t think it would have looked very neat.  The embroidery pulls as the silk, at you can see below.


The left over fabric strip was so narrow, I had to do some silly joining to get it to work, but it looked nice in the final bag.


What you can’t see is the inside pocket, which is lined in an orange-red silk, used for a border in the door curtain as I also had some left over.  I know the fabric looks kind of bird’s egg blue in the photo, but I promise, it really is actually a pale green.


Lastly, I’ve been adding to my ever extending childrens’ book collection (you can just imagine how much fun it is sharing a house with me and all my stuff 😉 lucky M) and I’m hoping the book on the right is by Great Auntie Florence, she usually wrote under the name Florence Foster Brook, but maybe this was before she got married….I can’t imagine there were that many Florence Foster’s writing in the late 50’s.

That’s all really.  We’re still trying to shift colds so there hasn’t been a lot of sewing going on around here and I have a Halloween project part done, if I don’t hurry I wont finish it in time, so best get a move on!

17 thoughts on “Green Apple Apron Giveaway Winner…

  1. Your sister always picks such pretty fabric for you to make things for her – I always imagine she has a very lovely house (and kind sister!). Sorry to hear that the colds and still lingering, I hope they clear up properly soon. Enjoy the weekend when it comes. Juliex

  2. Congratulations to the winner 🙂 really love the purse you made for your sister Beth, absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Love the greens and the flower broach and it’s such pretty fabric for the lining, I love embroidery! Hope you all fell better soon and good luck with that Halloween project! Would love to see how it turns out! Safxxx

  3. Congrats to Ruth – she’s a very lucky lady to win one of your beautiful bags.
    Love the fabric your sister chose – it looks very luxurious.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xx

  4. Congrats to the lucky winner!! Happy Birthday to your sister!! What an elegant new purse, made with love. There were several women in my family named Florence.Interesting to have an author in the family.

    Happy weekend, Beth.
    Anne and all

    • I love the name Florence, although it reminds me of the 70’s UK TV series Magic Roundabout. Great Aunt F didn’t write very much published work, but she did do an entire mini book on our family history, which is very handy if you are interested in your past (as I am). Bethx

  5. Congrats to Ruth, that’s one beautiful apron! And wow, your sis will love that purse, Beth, that lining is just perfect for it!

    Have a lovely October!


  6. That is a stunning piece of silk..Sandersons I think? Also wanted to say seeing as you are a lover of all things stationary – check out the website – does the most brilliant labels, business cards etc..think you will love it xxx

    • It is Sandersons, well spotted! My sister had me make her a tab top door curtain from it, I nearly cried cutting into it, I was in so much of a panic I might cut it wrong (and it was soooooooo expensive and lovely). Thanks for the Moo tip. I am already aware of them, actually, I use Moo Mini’s for my shop tags on bags etc, they really do, do a fantastic job. Their stickers are great too, I use those for the back of packages. Bxx

  7. Thanks so much for the prize – its the first time I have ever won anything! ( I have sent you my details via your shop contact form). Sorry for not being in contact earlier.

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