Printed Fabric…

I just received the nicest email, that really did make me smile.  An online pal has just come top in the Spoonflower Weekly Design Challenge for October 23 (see the design, plus the other winners here), which is brilliant (and well deserved!) news.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 06.54.33

What a fantastic design.  You really can’t beat Spoonflower for this kind of thing, it’s such an excellent platform for people to get their ideas out there and this is a winner of a costume for Halloween.  You can see all of Ceri’s fabric here.


Whenever I see this style of print, it reminds me of Clothkits kits from the olden days, oh how I loved my Clothkits dresses.  I was always very envious of my cousin, who had the Clothkits doll and a mini version of many of her dresses in doll size.  We didn’t have the doll.  It may have scarred me for life 😉

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 07.14.05

I just popped over to the new Clothkits site, to see what’s on there at the moment and look!  You can buy the original doll from 1978…..I remember that dress well.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 07.08.04


But I’m thinking that the 50’s Vintage Teadress Pattern is probably more my thing these days 🙂

Pretty Packaging…

I’ve used this title before, anyone who reads this blog often knows I’m a bit obsessed by packaging.  One of the things I love about ordering from smaller sellers is the attention to detail they put into presenting their goods, it makes opening the delivery like Christmas morning and it’s something I savour, often making a coffee and waiting for a quiet moment so I can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.

I write this because  a delivery came the other day and I was disappointed in its appearance.  It was a handmade item that arrived in a huge jiffy bag (the item was a small one so it was a bit swamped, I have no problem with the actual jiffy!) and was simply wrapped in a crumpled see-through plastic bag.  No ribbon, no tissue, no brown paper and string.  Maybe I’ve just been spoilt, but it lessened the delight of the order, if I’m honest.


In contrast, look what came this morning.  Now how sweet and really simple, plus inexpensive to do.  Brown paper and red ribbon.  Lovely.


And inside?  Even more loveliness in the form of a poppy (I do put my money in the tin every year, without fail, I have always felt quite strongly about supporting the British Legion, but I often wear a more permanent poppy as I lose the paper ones in a second) and a felted strawberry brooch, both from the Etsy seller Jurooma.  I am thrilled with them both.  It shows how simple, but effective the wrapping can be and how much nicer that is to receive.

I know I’m not blogging often at the moment, my sewing mojo keeps coming and going and joy of joys, I have the youngest home sick again.  That sounds like life’s really miserable!  But actually it’s not at all, I’m happily ticking along and looking forward to a nice half term break, ideally without any vomiting kids.  That would be good.

Back soon with some sewing updates.

Oh and thanks to Ruth for the kind blog post about the apron giveaway win – much appreciated 🙂