Pretty Packaging…

I’ve used this title before, anyone who reads this blog often knows I’m a bit obsessed by packaging.  One of the things I love about ordering from smaller sellers is the attention to detail they put into presenting their goods, it makes opening the delivery like Christmas morning and it’s something I savour, often making a coffee and waiting for a quiet moment so I can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.

I write this because  a delivery came the other day and I was disappointed in its appearance.  It was a handmade item that arrived in a huge jiffy bag (the item was a small one so it was a bit swamped, I have no problem with the actual jiffy!) and was simply wrapped in a crumpled see-through plastic bag.  No ribbon, no tissue, no brown paper and string.  Maybe I’ve just been spoilt, but it lessened the delight of the order, if I’m honest.


In contrast, look what came this morning.  Now how sweet and really simple, plus inexpensive to do.  Brown paper and red ribbon.  Lovely.


And inside?  Even more loveliness in the form of a poppy (I do put my money in the tin every year, without fail, I have always felt quite strongly about supporting the British Legion, but I often wear a more permanent poppy as I lose the paper ones in a second) and a felted strawberry brooch, both from the Etsy seller Jurooma.  I am thrilled with them both.  It shows how simple, but effective the wrapping can be and how much nicer that is to receive.

I know I’m not blogging often at the moment, my sewing mojo keeps coming and going and joy of joys, I have the youngest home sick again.  That sounds like life’s really miserable!  But actually it’s not at all, I’m happily ticking along and looking forward to a nice half term break, ideally without any vomiting kids.  That would be good.

Back soon with some sewing updates.

Oh and thanks to Ruth for the kind blog post about the apron giveaway win – much appreciated 🙂

18 thoughts on “Pretty Packaging…

  1. I was just thinking about you this morning Beth and was wondering if all was well, I think I started off thinking about Orla Kiely and then I thought of you (funny that??? 😉 )
    I have to agree, packaging is very important….love your brooches! 🙂
    V xxx

    • Hi V, how odd, as Orla K had an email next to this message one reminding me there is 20% off some clothing at the moment (I only even consider shopping there if it’s 50% off!!), perhaps it’s a calling and I should go and look anyway ;). We’re good, a bit flat on and off but pottering along. Hope all’s well with you (which I’d know if I caught up on your blog posts!!). Bx

  2. Lovely to have a blog post from you again! And, strangely, I was thinking of you just yesterday too (wasn’t Orla K that sparked it off, I can’t remember what it was). Couldn’t agree more about packaging. The wee bags that the brooches came in are very simple and effective – such a clever idea.
    Hope the sickness clears up soon and that you have a really lovely October break. We started back this week and I suspect it is going to feel like a very long time until Christmas holidays! Juliex

    • It’s a long one, this next term isn’t it? and yours must be even longer if everyone is already back from half-term. I always find the X-mas run up a bit crazy, there seem to be things on at school every week, which along with busy shop time can prove a bit stressful – fingers crossed for us all that it flows smoothly. Bxx

  3. Couldn’t agree more about the packaging, it makes such a difference. Such lovely felted buys 🙂 very pretty indeed! I hope your little one feels better soon and that you will have a lovely half term together. I am the same creative mojo keeps coming and going but I reckon it’s just the natural flow of things really. Enjoy next week together 🙂 safxxx

    • Hi Saf, I think you are right, I have noticed lots of regular bloggers are a bit absent at the moment and suspect the changing season is party to blame. I hope your mojo settles soon and if not, that you are enjoying doing other things instead. Bx

  4. I love both of the brooches and the simple packaging suits them… really pretty. Yes, you have been quiet and I have missed seeing what you have made and I also thought of you this morning as your wolf was on the front page of Folksy! Hope nobody else in the house gets the bug and you have a lovely half term. Julie x

  5. Hi Beth, I’ve been thinking of you and your lovely tweed purses. (I have not done much blogging this month, either.) Those are fab brooches. Thoughtful packaging does make an impact on me. I love wrapping things for my Etsy shop.
    Hoping the germs stay away!!
    Anne x
    PlumCreek22 Studio

  6. Ooo, I so agree about wrapping making a parcel! I do the coffee making routine too, and imagine the disappointment when just presented with a crumpled bag. Your wrapping is, of course, dreamy! Happy half term… hope your little one feels better

    • Not just me than – phew! I do love my coffee and package opening routine, I’m the same when I read magazines, I like to savour the moment. Boys are now both well, with just the usual minor sniffles – long may it last and thank you for the well wishes. Bx

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