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I’ve been a very busy bee these past few weeks, sadly not sewing but trying to get our house into order.  I have finally taken over the entire ‘studio’, booting the boys (play area) out and moving all my junk  prized possessions in.  I am such a happy bunny now that I have most things in one space, there are still some boxes of tweed stuffed under beds to find and absorb into the already full room but it’s nice to have everything in one space and equally lovely to have the rest of the house tidy of storage boxes.  We also spent the weekend clearing and organising one of the garden sheds, this was a job well done and has created loads of room to move more things (mainly paint and DIY things) outdoors to help free up even more space.  One day I will have a tidy home and ideally a cleaner (we can all dream 😉 ).


I’ve taken lots of photos that I keep forgetting to show, mostly of pretty buys.


This little beauty arrived from Camila Prada some time ago.  She is called ‘Beau’ and I blame Fiona for introducing me to these amazing ceramics.  I can see I am going to have to really curb my enthusiasm here and try to keep my purse mostly closed.  My bank balance will thank me if I do.

DSC_0037I wanted to put  it somewhere to be used daily, but ideally where the chances of breakage were low, it’s a perfect pot to use on my dressing table to hold clips.


When I took the above photos, I realised I’ve never shown you this beautiful Hydrangea bracelet by Michael Michaud.  I bought it at the Hampton Court Flower Show and now have so many lovely pieces of his work on my wish list.


I have found some time for sewing in amongst the tidying, I’m hoping that these little deers will be finished soon, so I can have them listed in the shop before Christmas – because, hey, I somehow managed to miss my Halloween deadline, and the Autumn one (but feel quite relieved to have things ready and stored away for next year!).  As always, I’m way behind in blog reading and replying to comments, but that’s a given these days, I think I need to add a magic time stopper to my wish list so I can sit down and catch up!

Back soon with actual finished work to show you…hopefully.


10 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. I’m curious to see more of the little deer! 🙂
    Love your new buys especially the bracelet, I’ve had a look at the website…wow..what amazing jewellery!
    It must be lovely to have the whole room to yourself now……downside, it now means you can’t blame the boys on any more mess in there!! 😉
    V xxx

    • Those deers are nearly done, I felt I should have explained more when I commented on your blog that I was looking at little fawns all day – these were the fawns, sadly not real ones! Yes, I feel bad for introducing you all to Michael M’s stunning designs, they are hard to resist, I feel happy they are priced as they are so I can’t afford to buy many pieces, I just put them on my wish list and hope the other half notices 😉 I’m not messy. Much 😉 Bx

  2. I’m so nosy I have just had to do a quick search for your pomade – I didn’t really know what a pomade is. Sounds like a great product! I have my eye on Camila Prada’s ceramics too.
    The bracelet is so pretty and really captures a hydrangea flower perfectly.
    Looking forward to seeing what your little deer will be (stocking?).
    Thanks for your lovely comments. Juliex

    • Ha ha – yes it’s a pomade that a lot of the vintage folk use – my hair can get a bit ‘flyaway’ and frizzy so I use it to smooth and hold bits in place, usually when I’m curling my hair and styling it.
      I quite like that when you buy from Camila Prada, you have to wait a few weeks for the order to be made, it makes it almost a surprise when it does turn up.

      Oh how I love my bracelet, I don’t wear jewellery often so it’s really nice to find something I like this much. I am in lust with lots of his brooches.

      Welcome on the comments – sorry they are so late! Bx

  3. Oh Beth, I love your bracelet, just had a look at the link and have fallen in love! Lots of fantasy shopping going on in my head just now! Ow, I can’t wait to see your little dear all finished and wonder what it shall be in the end?! It’s looking very good already 🙂 am glad you’ve managed to get some time sewing, sounds like you’ve been very busy indeed. Your dressing table is looking splendid with your lovely pot, I have an old glass one for my hairpins, I can see why you feel you may become obsessed with those ceramics though, really lovely 🙂 I have to admit, I took note off the pomade too, so your not alone Julie! I am just as bad! Its really nice to see what you’ve been up to, I’m glad the studio is all yours now too! So nice to have a place of ones own! Safxxx

  4. How lovely to have a whole room to spread out in. I am still working off the kitchen table but everything is spreading all over the house at the moment! That hydrangea bracelet is just gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing your deer finished! Julie x

  5. Wow! that bracelet is beautiful Beth. I must refrain from hopping over via your linky. I’ll only be tempted.
    Your little deer is really sweet, and reminds me of Babycham – ooooo the 1980’s!!!! he he.
    Look forward to seeing your Xmas makes – I’m sure everything will be as lovely as always.
    Jill xx

  6. Oh what lovely purchases! I think a treat was in order after all your sorting! I have great plans for an autumn sort… though it hasn’t happened yet, and it is now almost December. Maybe I should just get on with some festive makes – yours look lovely!

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