Cute Critters…

My obsession with collecting books that Gran used to read to us, and specifically ones with animals in clothing continues.  I am currently working through the older Racey Helps.


Although I always love his work, and have now collected all those from the Medici publishers, these earlier ones by Collins have such beautiful illustrations, they are crisp coloured and beautifully detailed, despite the sometimes yellowing pages and battered covers (I am not attempting to collect pristine books here, although I do like them to be readable).



The reason I’m mentioning this, is because I was browsing through Etsy the other day, when I came across some amazing felted animals by the very talented ‘Miss Bumbles‘.


They reminded me so much of the vintage illustrations I love (I’ve been adding to my Molly Brett collection as well!),


and so I couldn’t resist buying this little guinea pig, complete with tree, to hang in my studio for the festive period (and beyond, I doubt he will me moving, come January).


I’ve noticed that Miss Bumbles’ stock sells very quickly, so I have been happily stalking keeping an eye on her shop for any updates, and oh my, I really did fall in love with this little group.  Perhaps it’s because I have been sewing deers again this week?  Whatever reason, they have come to live with me 🙂  There is clearly so much work involved; it makes me want to learn to needle felt, but it would take some years to reach this level of skill and I’d much rather support another artist by buying their fabulous work.  There was a note in the parcel suggesting that the scarves be removed and eggs be added in place of the christmas package so they could be used as Easter decorations as well – great idea!

And look, even the packaging details are cute 🙂

16 thoughts on “Cute Critters…

  1. Oh Beth, I don’t blame you for falling in love with these little characters, they are lovely 🙂 They do remind you of the animals in the illustrations don’t they. The shop looks great and very well worth supporting another artist, feting must be a brilliant skill – she has made them so well 🙂 Hope you get some more, they are wonderful decorations to keep in your studio, safxxx

  2. Miss Bumbles work is truly gorgeous, it’s so wonderful to see special handmade pieces.I’ve seen some truly awful mass produced decor this year. I’m going to pop over to her shop right now!

  3. Oh Beth they are just so cute…I love the pigs she makes too…..they will go onto my ever increasing wish list. I have travelled down to visit sweet Daisy, they are just at a midwife appointment and will be back any minute. I can’t wait! Have a lovely weekend, xx

  4. I’ve not heard of those children’s books before Beth – the illustrations are gorgeous. No wonder you want to collect them.
    I’m in love with your felted guinea pig – reminds me of my two little ladies.
    I’ll pop on over to Miss Bumbles and have a look at some of the other creations.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. So charming! We have a few Molly Bretts and Racey Helps here too – and some card games illustrated by him as well, a happy families and an old maid – the little dormouse “Hunkydory” in it is by far our favourite.

  6. Oh my goodness, the cuteness! I love how you are so supportive of other handmade businesses, Beth. Of course I totally want one of those animals now, too! And those books, they really remind me of the kind of illustrations that captured my imagination as a child, too.

  7. I’m off to check out the shop – the wee animals are wonderful. She has such imagination as well as skill. What a good find! I have often thought about trying needle felting, but apart from knowing it would take hours and hours of practice, I think I’d struggle with the texture – I’m a bit funny about textures! I also love the illustration on the front cover of Little Mouse Crusoe – his wee tail holding the umbrella is fab. Juliex

  8. And have only just realised about THAT typo. Oops. So sorry, sure your tweed suit will be just lovely. I too nearly spat out my coffee with giggling… well, peppermint t, it is after ten after all…

  9. Hi Beth, Sorry to be soooo late in commenting. I loved your hair clip holder in the previous post. Michael Michaud bracelets are some of my favorites, too. ///What an adorable guinea pig. I checked out “Miss Bumbles” shop. Amazing work….and that shop is on my wish list!!
    Hoping your family is having a fun and busy December.
    Anne xx

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