Christmas is Coming….Oh yes it is!

I had plans for lots more designs for the shop, but reality has struck and the knowledge (from previous years’ experience) that the next two weeks will be a whirl of kids Nativity plays, secret santa gifts to organise and trying to get the boys to sit down and write the many cards they want to send, means I’ve given up.   I decided that getting the house into shape, ordering any remaining gifts (oh yes, I got in there early and spent a couple of days ordering everything from the good old internet – I don’t really do shopping in the traditional sense, I’m afraid, I can’t be doing with the crowds and I ease my conscience with buying lots of handmade gifts from small sellers) and generally feeling Christmassy takes priority.


I had promised the boys we’d start decorating last weekend, on Sunday.  I was quite pleased with the mantel, usually I have to fight the boys for some sense of design over their enthusiasm.  They normally win.  I was especially pleased with the little dog collar made from one of my Gran’s decorations, found randomly in the bottom of an old suitcase that came from the attic.  M dreams that I’ll drop this dog by accident, he HATES it, but I’m refusing to remove it at the moment.


Most of our decorations have been collected over the years and are quite traditional.  The cute snowman cards were given by Mum to the boys a couple of years ago, I’m glad I kept them now as there is always pressure to recycle all cards, come the New Year, but these somehow ended up in the Christmas box.  I’m struggling, generally,  to get rid of anything with her writing on now, as happens when you lose a loved one.


In some places the boys took over, they tend to want to put out every decoration they can find, in this case all the bristle animals in one spot.


I bought the trees today, one large one for the living room and a smaller one for my studio (to cover with my collection of vintage baubles).  I was going to wait until the weekend, but I know it’ll be crazy busy then and in terms of tree wilt and needle drop, I can’t see a few days will make any difference.  The boys get to be in charge of decorating the tree, they will be very excited to see it tonight, on their return from school (I’ll take photos when it’s done).


For the first time in ages, I bought a few new baubles, all Gisela Graham ones, bought on-line from Perrywood Garden Center which proved to be lots cheaper than many other on-line sellers.  I especially like the clip-on glass toadstools.

DSC_0027This afternoon I plan to make a start on writing cards, which is partly why I’m blogging, so I could show you these fabulous ones bought from Dee Beale, aren’t they lovely?

I realise for many this post is a little early, but with young boys it’s hard to ask them to wait to get in the Christmas mood and I tend to set the beginning of December as the start date for making merry.  Right, I’m off to bake a batch of mince pies whilst wearing one of the new aprons 🙂

16 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming….Oh yes it is!

  1. You have some beautiful decorations Beth. It is a happy compromise decorating when the children are small, trying to please them and be happy with the results yourself and I think you’ve done a great job. I love your mantlepiece things (I have a robin the same as that!) and how lovely you have the cards from your mum, so that there is something of hers with you this Christmas. Julie xx

    1. I’ve collected our decorations over many years, this is the first one I’ve really bought anything new and yes, you are so right, it is a happy compromise…mind you, keeping M happy is the hardest bit as he’s such a Ba-Humbug!! Not very German of him really, I’d LOVE to do some nice German markets but he refuses 😦 Saying that he does just let me get on with it these days and in our early years together he used to complain about my love of Christmas a lot. Bx

  2. Oh, I’m getting pangs of guilt for not being more festive yet. Islay’s birthday, on the 19th, really makes it a tricky balance…….but this weekend we should really start.
    I’m sure those cards from your mum have taken on a whole new meaning now. I hope you have some other special things from her to hang onto. Juliex

  3. Love the Christmas decorations. I think with Christmas starting earlier and earlier at school/shops etc, it’s even harder to get the children to wait, so any time after the 1st of December is a success in my book! We tend to get the tree on or around my birthday (the 10th), which always feels like the ‘proper’ start of Christmas in our house.

    1. Hi Jo, lovely to hear from you. I agree, but I don’t normally get the tree so early, mind you it’s doing well and is hardly dropping any needles, I have to say, I am rather quick to take all the decorations down, they a pretty much gone by the 2nd January! Bethxx

  4. Lovely decorations! We have a wooden nutcracker the same as yours, and the little wooden tree with the tiny decorations, which is one of my favourites. I try to acquire something new every year! Ours aren’t up yet, but I am really looking forward to getting festive.

    1. The little wooden tree is new to us this year – I think it’s really cute! and I love the nutcracker, which was a gift from my Sister, who once picked up loads of festive stuff on a trip to New York. I do like traditional style decorations mixed in with original vintage ones and some handmade. Of course, there always needs to be room for the ones the boys make at school as well!

  5. I love a blog post jam packed with pretty things, Beth :0) Can’t wait to see pics of your Xmas trees all decked out.
    I’m so happy that you’ve managed to save things with your mum’s writing on. I have a few cards that my mum sent me over the years and they’re some of my most treasured possessions. I keep a special one in my bag, and it travels with me everywhere.
    Jill x

  6. So lovely to see your gorgeous decorations Beth, I’m sure your trees will look lovely 🙂 I’m getting a little tree this weekend to decorate but in the move I lost my computer somehow (don’t ask!) so I can’t blog about anything at the mo, oops! Have bought some bargain red xmas stuff from ikea yesterday evening so am going to try to make the new place nice and christmasy! Love your fire place mantel decorations and the lovely dog should stay, he looks great with his collar 🙂 Your led up to Christmas is making me feel very festive indeed 🙂 safxxx

  7. Hello Beth, Enjoying your decorations. I like the little wooden tree and the bristle animals.
    Thinking of you and your family…..
    PlumCreek (in snowy America)

  8. Hmmm… can’t believe I am just reading blog posts from oh, a fortnight ago. It’s Christmas! I did start Christmas makes a while ago but somehow with all the festivities I am still making them… Your festive home looks oh so lovely, and such beautiful handmade finds!

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