Vintage Tree…

I really got over-excited this morning, when putting the vintage decorations on the tree on my studio.  I’m not sure why it made me so happy, I know in the scale of ‘life’ putting baubles on a tree really shouldn’t have such an impact but I really did enjoy myself.


One of the first things I did was quickly photograph the boxes open, so I can put the baubles away ‘in the right place’ when the tree comes down.  I know.  I’m weird like that.  I also found myself leaving everything ‘exactly as it is’ in terms of crappy bits of string etc dangling down, I like the imperfections, it’s what makes these beauties so special.


One of my favourites to open, was an old plastic Jacob’s crackers box that contained a very eclectic mix of trinkets folded in old bubble wrap.  I remember bidding for this but it arrived after Mum became quite ill and was shoved away untouched,  so opening it today was the first time I’d see the contents.  It was quite a large lot of decorations that went reasonably cheaply (oh my goodness, I’ve noticed the Ebay prices this year are through the roof for these things!!) perhaps because it contained some ‘tat’ and wasn’t as perfectly presented as some items.


It has to be said, I do like a bit of tat and it’s usually here that the real gems lay.  Take the fairy, she is quite knackered, but was sitting at the very top of the box and I was so pleased to remember I’d managed to get a tree fairy in the mix.  Check out her dodgy eye!


The same box contained tree more clip on birds (I’d already collected a few) which I really do love as Gran had similar on her tree, when we were kids.DSC_0026

and bunnies…so cute!


I remembered that a main attraction of this Ebay lot, apart from the fairy, was that it contained a load of clip-on candles, which really did make me a happy bunny.  Our primary school tree had these and they used to light them on the last day of school and we’d each get a present from underneath.  I’m obviously not planning to light these, that would be a bad idea.DSC_0059I also treated myself to a new set of lights, in the form of these little coloured lanterns.  The cable is a bit clunky but the colours are so nice and I think it really works with the old decorations.  I’d love to have an original set, but would be afraid of burning the house down, plus the idea of a bulb blowing and spending hours trying to work out which one doesn’t really appeal.

Even the scary clown made it up there.


I found it really difficult to get decent photos, especially of the whole tree so you get one minus the top.  It’s sitting by my work bench, in the middle of the window area, I’m quite nervous of the boys (or cat) knocking it and the misery of a pile of broken glass, I’m sure there’ll be at least one casualty but that’s life.

DSC_0026As it is, I’m happy to take the risk, on order to have something that makes me smile each time I see it.

Back to work, I have the bathrooms and hallway to clean today.  I’m going to put a festive movie on whilst I work, oh yes folks, I really am getting in the mood!

21 thoughts on “Vintage Tree…

  1. Goodness some of those decorations take me back, they are so similar to the ones we had on our tree when I was young. I wonder where they went to, I suppose something new and trendy came along and they got thrown out. If only we knew then what we know now! I do have some though and I gave my daughter one this year to put on her first tree, we reckon it must be about 60 years old now, around even before me!! Really vintage! 🙂
    Your tree is lovely Beth, no wonder it’s making you happy!
    V xxx

    1. I think there are many that would be similar to ones people remember, I’ve noticed that fishes, clip on birds and any kind of glass instrument are the ones hardest to win a bid on Ebay. I’m very thankful I bought mine before the prices rocketed. How lovely to have an original one, I’m sure your daughter treasures it. Bethx

  2. Apart from the angry clown, I’m loving your vintage tree, Beth. I’ve got a few, which are similar to yours. Unfortunately, they’re so delicate, I daren’t take them out of their bubble wrap for fear some little lady would injure herself if one got broken. Perhaps when she’s a little bit older, I’ll allocate them a spot on our xmas tree. For the first time since Violet was born, I’ve actually been brave enough to hang 3 of my Raspberry glass Liberty baubles this year.
    I love decorating our Christmas Tree – always brings back very happy memories of times past.
    Jill x

    1. Don’t you like my angry clown? – ha ha! (makes me think of Stephen King novels, does’t one of his have an evil clown?). I totally understand why you worry about V getting glass in her feet from broken baubles (as well as losing the bauble itself!), I’m not sure I’d have put these on the tree downstairs, we’ve already had two broken there, but the boys have been great about knowing not to touch the one in my studio, but I LOVED how excited F was to see it and to take time to look at all the little glass decorations. I worry more about the cat, I think she might take a liking to one of the birds! Bethx

  3. Oh Beth this is my kind of tree. Our tree was delivered on Monday but is in the garage until I get a chance to get out our decs..some of mine date back to my grandparents. It’s wonderful to have such precious things, I have so many memories of Christmas past..I love it ;0) Enjoy everything you are doing…not long now ;0) xx

    1. It does, I am surprised just how much, but it could also be having a ‘room of my own’ not full of boys toys and my husband’s socks (which I think might breed and spread themselves over the living room floor). Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  4. Oh Beth, your vintage tree is gorgeous! I am very jealous! It must feel wonderful to come into your studio and see your pretty tree 🙂 It has defiantly got me in the Christmas mood 🙂 I am going to a Christmas market this weekend in Winchester, hopefully it will be lovely. I do hope you have a lovely weekend, its lovely to read about your Christmas preparations 🙂 safxxx

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous, made me feel very nostalgic, reminds me so much of the trees of my youth! I haven’t even started on our christmas yet, still trying to finish orders! Julie x

  6. Lovely decorations Beth. You’ll be able to keep them in tact by careful packing. my packing is a bit rubbish .The little umbrellas look quite old,but have kept their colour well. I do like the birds and the candle clips too.

  7. Oh, such a pretty tree of vintage treasures! I do look forward each December to carefully unwrapping baubles and a Christmas fairy which belonged to my Granny… they get placed around the house rather than the tree to try to minimise breakages, mainly from Miss Ethel who has been looking rather longingly at the Christmas tree. I think she dreams of being a climbing kit, though she may have to lose a few more pounds first! I love the clip on candle holders!

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