This year I decided to make my own crackers as I get sick of buying quite expensive ones (to be fair, I often buy them in the sale then stuff them in the ‘Christmas’ box for the next year) that contain tat that no-one really wants, even when I think I’ve chosen really nice crackers with good gifts inside.  It slightly takes the thrill out of hoping to be the one to get the mini screw driver set (always my favourite and the most useful filler) but at least the boys wont be disappointed by getting the lipstick holder, again.


I went for this ready to fill set, by Meri Meri as I fell in love with the brightly coloured ‘Nutcracker’ theme.  They come with all you need, except gifts, to make up some very festive looking crackers.  There are some things that I wasn’t happy with, but I’ll get to that bit in a mo.


The boys actually get three crackers each (the box contains ten, so three for each of them and two for me and M, we are on our own, at home, this Christmas and the boys LOVE crackers so they can have one a day to spread them out).  I bought suitable gifts (not all pictured, for the day itself the boys get not-entirely-cheap Hexbugs) – the Batman is a USB memory stick for M.


For myself, as I was paying for it, I bought a little bronze deer….I was buying it anyway, but decided to pop it in my cracker for fun, the idea was not to open the box when it arrived so at least I’d see it for the first time when the cracker was opened but whoops, I forgot.  At least you get a photo this way.  (The deer is from the UK based Etsy seller Romantic Eccentric, who has the most amazing snow globe necklaces, amongst other things, that I’d love to own).


They are going to look great on our Christmas table!


So, those problems I mentioned.  All the contents of the kit are great quality, but this actually makes it quite difficult to get the back of the card to joint together (it’s quite stiff and shiny), there is not nearly enough gold ribbon and the lovely gold glitter stickers that you add to make the buttons, lapels etc do not stay on, so I had to glue them into place in the end.  They do stick initially, but as they are also quite stiff and as the card has a gloss finish, they keep peeling off.  Would I buy this kit again…you know I would, despite the problems, all are easily fixed and the finished crackers really do look very nice.DSC_0027

It was a new introduction, for me, to the brand Meri Meri but I really love their designs and bought this year’s tags from there as well.


On a separate note, I said I’d show photos of our tree.


I’m really thrilled with it this year, just buying the few new decorations has made it feel fresh and different, even though all my old favourites are in there as well.  Sadly, I can’t get a decent photo of it, not even when I’m using the tripod, but you get the idea.


I’m closing up shop soon, so I can concentrate on the family and so I don’t have to stand in line for hours at the post office, which I confess, I hate.  Business this year has been much quieter than usual, but I think this reflects my lack of new designs and general crap-ness at blogging etc.  On the plus side, I have never felt so ready or relaxed about Christmas, which feels great as it’s going to be a tough one this year, without Mum.


Right, I’m off to make sausage rolls and mince pies for the freezer, after I’ve put our newly decorated kitchen back together…it’s so pretty, and clean, and tidy, I’ve waited YEARS for this and just in time for Christmas 🙂

10 thoughts on “Crackers..!

  1. After we lose a loved one there is a whole year of first’s and Christmas is one of the harder ones (I know from experience), you are right to have given yourself some space to prepare, no point being stressed on top of everything else.
    Your crackers are lovely, as is your little deer. Why is it everyone wants the screwdrivers?? 🙂 Beautiful tree too, trees are extremely difficult to photograph, I’m still not happy with my photos!
    Happy weekend Beth,
    V xxx

    • You are right, I’m sure, I tend to think the boys make it easier as they leave so little time to feel gloomy. The screwdrivers are great, I remember trying to beg my younger cousin to lend me his many years ago so I could fix my walkman – the tiny heads were perfect for the job! Trees just never looks as nice in photographs as in real life, they seem emptier, somehow and less pretty. Bxx

  2. I think next year I am going to copy your crackers. This year will be the normal ones… I had an unexpected operation and to be honest I don’t feel like doing anything.Christmas at your place must be wonderful. Lola x

    • I’m really sorry to read about your operation, I do hope you are on the mend and manage to have a lovely Christmas in the end. Our house is never as nice as it looks on this blog, I think, as I tend not to photograph the bad bits, I’m not trying to fool anyone, I just don’t think it’s that much fun to look at the piles of boys toys and laundry etc! Our house is quite messy, but I kind of like it that way, it feels more relaxed. Bethxx

  3. The crackers are lovely. I think I remember having similar problems when I made then a few years ago. We don’t normally get to stay home tho – John’s mum goes for cheap and cheerful and my mum makes hers.
    Your tree does look very pretty, I like that it isn’t overloaded. I’m hoping we’ll get ours up later today…..but it has been so hectic so far that the bottle of spiced cider is definitely going to be opened at the same time (never tried it but more than willing to be open minded!)! Julie

    • Glad it’s not just me with the crackers, they look so lovely but were a bit of a pain to put together. I have a bottle of spiced cider…think it’s by Heston Blumenthal…been in my fridge a year (why in the fridge!!) – ha ha – maybe I’ll open it next bonfire night. No idea where it came from, was probably on offer – hope you get a chance to relax soon, it must be nearly I’s big day, I hope she has a lovely time. Bethx

  4. Oh Beth, I really love your Christmas tree, love the gold and red tones going on there 🙂 I think its such a good idea with the crackers, so nice to have the things that please you and make your own instead of tat that no ones really wants. I have to admit, I have bought an expensive chocolate one for H and I to open on the day, but since its just us two and only one cracker I don’t feel too guilty about it! I love your little deer necklace, how beautiful 🙂 I have really enjoyed reading about your preparations this year, your a lot more organised then I am! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with all your family, I bet it’ll be a supper one 🙂 safxxx

  5. Hi Beth I’m delighted to see you made your own crackers, nothing beats them as the gifts can be so personal. In the run up to Christmas I keep a piece of the kitchen roll interior in my handbag to see which gifts will fit inside. The fill your own are a really good substitute to doing the whole process yourself but my family would shoot me if I dared to take a short cut ;0) x

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