Teachers Gifts Winter 2013…

My plan to have a relaxed morning organising the kitchen and baking didn’t really happen.  There is so much for the boys to do this weekend, we have topic homework due on Monday, the usual weekend homework, cards to write for the class kids and then teachers gifts.  Poor F is tired after a sleepless night (nightmares, sadly) and it’s been a bit of a battle to get him to sit down to start his many jobs, even with the bribe of promised Minecraft time afterwards (anyone else’s kids addicted?).


The thing he did do willingly was quickly write and parcel his teachers gifts.  They are quick and easy this year.  A nice card, some chocolates and one of my little red robins.


Job done!

(PS, to make up for the very stressful morning, I am now eating my body weight in Bettys Christmas Cake with Port, with some Wensleydale cheese whilst watching Elf, I figured the rest can wait for an hour or so).

36 thoughts on “Teachers Gifts Winter 2013…

  1. I can just hear the teachers in that school all shouting at the beginning of term, ” we want Beth’s children in our class ” ! 😉 Beautiful as always Beth!!
    Well it’s sounds as if you’ve got the afternoon sorted, if anything can put a smile on your face, Elf can! 🙂
    V xxx

  2. Those robins are gorgeous – lucky teachers! We have a Minecraft-addicted grandson – it’s made present buying easy! (The Annual). Enjoy the Christmas cake!

    • When we were last at the teachers meetings at school, ALL the kids waiting in the hallway were playing minecraft on various electronic devises! I’m good with it though, mine play the creative only version and spend the entire time building things.
      They haven’t realised they can destroy each others houses yet, I’m a bit worried how that will go when they find it out. Glad to see you back 🙂

  3. Coincidence! me and youngest boy have just started watching elf, he is a big minecraft fan too. We are snuggled up with mince pies and chocolates. My teachers presents are lavender bags made according to handmade janes instructions.

  4. I am doing exactly the same thing Beth! Teacher presents made, packed, tags done, and a special card for our leaving headmaster. And yes, Gwen is also addicted to Minecraft. :/

  5. Lovely teacher presents. Very festive. My mother and I always made something homemade when I was in school. Ahhh Minecraft. My littlest nephew and 2 nieces are addicted.
    Happy Weekend,
    Anne and family
    PlumCreek22 STudio

    • I don’t think there are many who make gifts any more, most do joint gifts of vouchers, which I understand as many have 3 kids at primary school and with an average of 3 teachers/assistants per class it really adds up. If we have time, I do like the boys to get involved in putting something together though. Bx

  6. Very lucky teachers! I had grand plans but time has got the better of me yet again. One teacher is getting a jumbo pack of sharpies (got a good deal at Rymans) and the other a jumbo box of chocolates (terribly stereotypical!)

    We bought Elf on DVD last weekend as I heard that Sky outbid channel 4 for the viewing rights this year! Just trying to convince my (nearly) three year old that she will love it!

    • Elf is excellent, so perfect for getting in the spirit of things. I don’t blame you on teachers gifts, I had everything in to do ours but there was a mum organising a pool for buying vouchers and
      I nearly did that as there are so many teachers and assistants in the boys classes (and in such a tiny school as well!). Enjoy elf!

    • That’s very kind of you Lyn, I just figure they can at least hang the bird on their tree! I think, as we keep getting the same staff, that many must have a little collection by now (as we also attach them to jam the boys make for summer gifts etc). Bx

  7. End of year stress can be a bit crazy, can’t it? I was trying to keep track of about 3 different gift things happening for two of the boys’ teachers, while for the other (fortunately) one of the mums remembered to organise a last-minute group gift. I did make simple linen scarves for the two female teachers. Your F did a lovely job of parcelling up the teacher gifts – he must learn from his mum 🙂 Oh and Minecraft addicts here too – we resisted for a while but then Jasper’s teacher started using it as a classroom teaching tool for maths & stuff! We only have the ‘offline’ version which seems safe enough to me.

    • Yes, I really appreciate those Mums that are so well organised to get a group gift together, I join in if we don’t have time and I completely understand for those who are not very creative or are too busy it’s so much easier to do joint gifts. Linen scarves sound lovely! I’m with J’s teacher, I think that Minecraft is quite educational…..or am I wish full thinking as my boys would spend every waking moment on there….if I allowed them to! Bethx

  8. These teachers gifts look great Beth, as ever I love the little birdy’s! They are my favourite at the mo on the tree 🙂 Don’t worry I have eaten more then my body weight yesterday, I had two roasts in one day! First in a pub with Henry in torquay then when I got back home my mum insisted I have one of hers too, so now I am feeling bad! I shall have forgo Xmas dinner 😉 Hope F has a better nights sleep soon, at least he will be off on xmas school holidays soon! safxxx

    • Glad you like the birds so much, they are one of my favourite things to make as there are a few different processes involved, but they come together reasonably quickly. I always love seeing them lined up, before they get packed. I’m trying to be good on the eating, so I can relax a bit over Christmas (I’m desperate to get the weight I put on when I had to boys off and it’s finally happening!). I hope you are enjoying your own space, it really is nice when you get used to it…..you’ll never want to share again – ha ha! Bx

  9. Beautiful gifts, really special.Your house looks lovely too. I don’t blame you for indulging at stressful times. My weakness is chocolate, I love Lindt chocolate balls!!! In fact any chocolate really..

    • I am a dark chocolate fan (my advent calendar is Lindt dark, we made a ‘nuts’ one for Marcus as he doesn’t eat sugar – how dull!) the exception for me is also Lindt balls, which I am just a teeny weeny bit addicted to! In fact, I even like Lindt milk chocolate, which is quite rare for me (to like any milk choc) and I’ve nibbled a coupe of the Lindt bears from the tree – shhhh, don’t tell;) Bxx

  10. Lucky teachers!! I used to be a primary school teacher and I would have loved these. I always appreciated something different and handmade presents are always the best.

    • I’m glad you wrote that, as I do wonder what teachers would really like to receive. I hope the mix of some vouchers from the collective group and a few individual gifts makes it OK, that I included chocolates….I always imagine there is a lot of chocolate given!

  11. Hi Beth, as always fab teacher’s presents, they must fight each year to be teachers for your boys. I loved your crackers too, the pressies are so much better than the tack in shop bought ones. If I don’t get a chance to pop back can I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and my very best wishes for 2014. I love visiting you here and really appreciate you popping over to mine. Hugs xx

  12. Dear Beth,

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Enjoy this special time with your loved ones, some great chocolate and time off everything else… And then it’s time to start creating new wonderful things: here’s to happy New Year 2014!

    Warm wishes,

  13. My robins look lovely on my tree (which I have put on my blog). If you ever decide to make those beautiful Christmas fairies on the postcard in the packaging please let me know. I would love a pink one!
    Ruth X

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