My Cupboard is Bare…

Rain, rain, rain….wind, wind…rain, rain, rain.  Even I (with my love of rain) am bored now.  Saying that, the sun is trying really hard to come out, as I type, so perhaps we’re due a break?  At least my house has electricity and isn’t flooded.


As, theoretically, in shop terms we are now in ‘spring’ mode, I figured it is time to remove all my festive stock and see what I have hidden away.

Not a lot apparently.


Oh dear.  I really am short of spring/summer stock.  I’m not sure I’ll continue making egg cosies in the future, although the magazines love them (some of these have been in Country Living, Oh Comely….gosh quite a few mags actually) they don’t actually sell all that well, they tick over nicely, but I’m not sure they deserve the cupboard space, so I’ve listed the last few and we’ll see how it goes.


Lavender bags I am almost completely out of, which is rare, as I normally have loads in stock.  I have no monster purses, no cashmere bears….only one cashmere girl bunny left….I really have a lot to do.  I’ve been a bit distracted by working on things for next Christmas (don’t judge!) it feels really good to know that come next September, when I’ll be doing the reverse of today, I wont open a cupboard, only to feel like old Mrs Hubbard.  I would like to organise my time better this year, maybe on Fridays I sew ‘winter’ things, or similar, so I can really keep one step ahead.  Saying that, I’d also like to sew more for myself, get the garden sorted and make time for some local trips to National Trust properties that the rest of the family aren’t interested in (bit random this last one, but our yearly subscription just renewed and it was clear to me how rarely we use it, considering how many sites there are near here and I quite like the idea of pottering around a nice house or garden with no kids in tow…maybe with a nice cream tea afterwards).



I changed my board over for inspiration….


and bought another little gem from Miss Bumbles….who’s shop I may be a bit addicted to.


Finally, this arrived late yesterday.  Oh how I agonised over the decision to buy a second machine.   I love my manual Bernina (1001), it’s done me proud for 20 years and I have no intention of giving it up, but whilst I had some money, I made the decision to buy a second computerised machine, I figured it’d be a nice way to spend the cash, on something that’ll hopefully last me for years to come but that I wouldn’t otherwise have bought.  I’m looking forward to playing with the buttonhole and fancy stitches….I’m worried I’ll be disappointed and prefer my nice manual buttonhole system on my ‘other’ (I refuse to say old as that would make me ancient) machine, I’ll let you know how I get on, oh and just for the record, if I were buying a single machine, there is no doubt at all I’d have gone for the ‘new’ manual Bernina 1008, but as that’s just an updated version of my own machine, the whole point was to get something a little different.

I haven’t even turned it one yet, I have a blind to make, once that’s done my reward will be to play on this beauty and get to know it, I quite like the anticipation, plus I really need to get the blind finished 🙂  Yep, I’m weird like that.


46 thoughts on “My Cupboard is Bare…

  1. I think you should definitely plan to visit National Trust properties. I had a wee bit of child free time, before Katie was born, and a couple of times I visited local properties (and, yes, treated myself to a cream tea after!) and really loved it. It felt very indulgent and was lovely to look forward to.
    Have fun with your new machine too. Juliex

    • I don’t know why I’ve never done it before…I quite like pottering about these kind of places on my own, it’s only because I was ‘home alone’ this last weekend for the first time ever, no boys, no husband and I had a hankering to go somewhere, except I had no car, it was raining heavily and I had stinking cold – ha ha! But I agree, it’ll be nice and now both boys are firmly in school I guess I should make the most of it 🙂 Bethx

  2. Ow Beth, I am quite jealous of your new Bernina machine! I dream of getting the 1008 manual version, one day! Have fun using it, I bet it will really pay off with all the extras it can do. Plus it will be good to have another machine in case of emergencies 🙂 oh my god I LOVE your little goat in green, how sweet! I wish you lots of luck with your spring summer sewing, don’t worry you sound more organised then I am 🙂 enjoy your national trust visiting too, will be a lovely treat 🙂 Safxxx

    • I highly recommend the Bernina 1008 if you do buy, if it lasts as long as mine it’ll earn it’s price but it feels like such a lot of money to spend at the time…and there are other nice cheaper machines….I just find it hard to move away from the Bernina brand. Mr goat is so very cute isn’t he? I’m worried I might have a big collection come the end of the year as I fear I’ll fall in love with everything ‘Miss Bumbles’ makes! AS for the NT, I’m thinking Ightham Mote is my first port of call as I haven’t been for a very long time, and definitely a cream tea afterwards. Bx

  3. Hello Mrs Hubbard – I’m sure your cupboard won’t be empty for long, especially now that you’ve got your new all singing, all dancing sewing machine to lend you a hand. It looks very flash!! Hope it does everything you require it to do. And, I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun practising new stitches with it. Love the little felted Goat – what a little character he looks :0)
    Why don’t you give yourself one afternoon a week to visit those NT properties – you deserve an hour (or two) to blow cobwebs away and enjoying a tasty cream tea. xx

    • Oh I don’t know, my problem is I’d always rather sew new things but can’t put off re-stocking any longer! I’m hoping the machine works out as well, I’m sure it will, I just know it was soooooo expensive that I really want to feel it was worth it. Mind you, I felt like that when I bought my first one 20 years ago at the hefty price of £400 and that was ex-display, but it really has earned it’s keep. Bx

  4. I do that to myself too Beth….if I finish something boring then I can have a treat!! Your new machine does look amazing. 🙂
    Old houses, beautiful gardens and cream teas sound like a very good idea to me.
    I’m sure when you get your ‘new baby’ up and running your cupboard will be overflowing with goodies! 🙂
    V xxx

    • Hello V 🙂 Funny habit isn’t it? but I think a common one. I’m not great at sewing blinds, I only do them as a favour for my family, it’s what I call ‘straight line sewing’ which I generally get bored with very quickly. Still it’s always nice once it’s done and out of the way…like going to the dentist and coming back with clean shiny teeth – ha ha! Bx

  5. Happy New Year Beth, ooohh you have got a lot of stock to make and am not surprised you have run out of all your lovely creations. So glad I am not the only one to get into Christmas sewing mode after it has gone too …. I always get into things just after they pass 🙂 I suppose the pressure if off them lol. Have fun with your fab new toy x

  6. Happy New Year! I so hope that you are going to have some rabbit purses for sale as I have been wanting one for ages. I love the egg cosies too but I’m not sure I would use one! I love your blog and am looking forward to seeing what you will make with the new sewing machine.

    • Thanks Catherine – yes, I am planning new bunny purses, they are quite high on the list so I hope to have them sooner rather than later! I think your bang on with the cosies, they are cute but no-one really has a reason to use them – when I do sell them I tend to sell quite a few to the same person, I guess they make quite pretty gifts and decorations. I eat boiled eggs as well, but don’t tend to use a cosy….I’m clearly a bad example at using my own creations 😉 Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Hello dear Beth,

    I feel for you: I have no spring-stock what so ever, I am starting to feel that I am actually too slow for this business 😉 the seasons keep changing and once I’m in full speed, it’s already too late and time for something else… oh my. But wow! that machine, it looks divine! Please share your experiences, I am dreaming of a new machine too, and a computerized-ones interest me a lot (my Pfaff is a mechanical) – all is missing is money, surprisingly.

    Have a lovely and creative week!


    • Hello lovely lady (and one who has bought egg cosies in the past!!). I agree, I am always a step behind when working, but I’m do feel like I’m catching up, slowly anyhow. Machines can be so expensive, but I do think in the case of a Bernina you get what you pay for, not that there aren’t other wonderful machines out there. I hope you are having a lovely week. Bethx

  8. One of your egg cosies sits permanently on our kitchen window sill, along with some cute knitted bunny ones… They make adorable decorations 🙂 Enjoy your new machine, will be interested to hear how you get on.

    • Ah see, I also have one as a ‘decoration’ (a blossom one) which I think they are lovely for, and I really like the idea of serving breakfast in bed with eggs and a cosy etc, but I rarely actually use it…..I will post a machine update once I’ve had a good play 🙂

    • Hi Ruth – so sorry as you commented on the fairy recently and I haven’t replied yet. I have some half made and will be attempting to finish them up for next year, I’ll email you (and a couple of other people who have also asked) when they are finished, so you can get first pick (if you are still interested then). They are based on an antique one of my Gran’s….not sure if you’ve found the blog post about them 🙂 Happy New Year! Bethx

      • Thanks Beth – yes I did read the post about your gran’s one. Such a lovely inspiration for the fairies you make. Happy new year to you too!

  9. Ooh well done on treating yourself to a new machine! I have to say since you told me you sew on a Bernina I’ve been a bit obsessed with the idea of one. I’d love to hear how you get on with this new one. Also, poking about in National Trust gardens at entirely your own pace sounds like a gorgeous thing to do 🙂

    • Seriously, I would never buy any other brand, I asked the guy on the phone (I bought it from a UK on-line shop seller who I really like, they are great with advice and follow-up help) if I’m just being daft and if I should be looking at other brands and he said no, Bernina is the best and they rarely ever have any problems with machines they’ve sold. I figure the price is worth it of it’s still going strong in 20 years, as my current machine is! As for the NT gardens, I am definitely going to make time for it 🙂 Bethxx

  10. I cant believe you are planning for next Christmas already!! I’ll be surprised at how quickly it has arrived when it comes next year as usual. Your items are absolutely gorgeous. I can see why egg cosies don’t really do well as I love the idea of them but really, if I’m having a soft boiled egg I generally eat it rather than swaddling it as it would cook a bit more. I’m not surprised that the lavender bags fly out as I love these too.

    • Hi 🙂 It started as ‘designs’ I never completed for this year, I figured if I got the final sample made and put all the fabrics aside, but then continued and actually made them all up….no idea where I’ll store them, that’s the big problem…but it’ll be so nice to be that far ahead. I’m with you on the timing of the egg, I try quite hard to get them ‘just right’ so I figure putting a cosy on would cook them further, saying that my German in-laws serve their eggs in a plastic egg cosy things and they are still good, so perhaps it’s all in the timing. Glad you like my designs 🙂

  11. Happy New Year! Glad to hear you didn’t have any flooding etc. I can empathise with your feelings of wanting to do what you want to do. I feel like that when too much is going on. It sounds like a good idea to space work out throughout the year, little and often will keep things ticking over.
    We just gave up our National Trust membership, as we too didn’t visit much in the year, but I really miss being able to visit our local houses on a nice day.
    Lastly your machine looks fab, how exciting! I have a basic Bernina and swear by it, my mum had a Bernina too. A great investment. Flissx

    • I’m rubbish at sewing that I don’t enjoy, it’s why I haven’t gone down the wholesale route as I fear I’d loose my interest if I had to churn out repeat work to a deadline. I’m not a very canny business women really! Glad it’s not just us with the NT membership, we pay every year but the places we often go are Landmark Trust or even private (like Leeds Castle or Hever Castle) so we end up with membership to them as well. I think I’ll enjoy pottering on my own though and there are so many places around here. LOVE my Bernina machines 🙂

  12. I know exactly what you mean! Enough already on the rain but lovely new needlefelted friend and sewing machine is just the tonic for the January blues i think! I completely empathise with the plan to really relish in the new sewing machine! I just looked at my new Bernie for a week until my room was tidy enough to get her out of the box!

    • It’s enough isn’t it? Mind you it’s cold and frosty today, so perhaps a cooler spell is due, which I don’t really mind, just so long as it doesn’t rain and the ground gets a chance to dry out a bit. Funny that you too held out on using your new machine, I plan to tidy the studio today them maybe I’ll finally switch it on at the weekend 🙂

  13. Happy New Year Beth! Oh I’ll come with you to National Trust Properties! We are exactly the same, we renew our subscriptions every year and apart from the property about 10 minutes walk away, we never go anywhere else. And I’ll walk miles for a National Trust cream tea … 🙂

    • Happy New Year to you as well Ceri! I fear after all my Christmas eating, I will have to walk miles to earn the cream tea – ha ha! But funny isn’t it how the typical nature is to keep doing something out of habit (like repeat paying a subscription) even if we’re not really using it? I do like the NT though, so it’s one I would keep paying for, but perhaps I should look at other, similar things (do landmark trust have a yearly membership? I’m guessing so….). Bxx

      • I love the Landmark Trust! Have no idea if they have a subscription scheme though. A group of us stayed in some really quaint stocking-knitters’ cottages in Tewkesbury once. I’d love another mini-holiday in a Landmark Trust property one day.

      • We’ve stayed with them a few times as well – such amazing properties! I think I was thinking of English Heritage when I wrote Landmark Trust as they are the other ones who have places to visit…looks like they do have yearly membership as well! Bx

  14. happy new year, and congratulations on your new machinebaby!
    i did laugh – they fact that we both have 1000 series berninas from the… er… olden days, and now we both have SNAP! new machines too.
    i love my new one – but i tend to use it for “straight” sewing, making up finished items & for stuff for me – there are a couple of features i really make the most of for that. but for serious 6 hours a day stuff or free machining, old is best. you’ll see 🙂

    have you considered marketing your egg cosies as webcam hiders? my rabbit sits on my desktop monitor making sure They can’t see me

    • How funny as I thought of you when I bought the machine (will F think I’m a traitor after all our ‘it’s the best, our old machine’ banter) but I’m pretty sure you’re right, certainly for free-motion embroidery anyway. I plan to keep both set up, the biggest pain was realising they take different bobbins, so I also ordered a bunch of those as I’m super lazy about winding on new thread. As for the egg cosy idea, not a bad one, my webcam is built in so I’d not really thought of that…..Happy New Year to you! Bxx

  15. I’m always making a bargain with myself….if you do this…you get to do this…… If you do an awful lot of sewing I guess that all singing, all dancing will be great. Have fun. xxx

    • Right now, I’m supposed to be tidying the middle floor, so I can have a ‘play’ with the new machine afterwards but I keep getting distracted (like right now!). I always do the ‘pay-off’ thing, even for housework as it gets me motivated to do it….can’t imagine the state of our house if I didn’t! Bethxx

  16. You lucky thing having such a wonderful machine!! I am sure it will be put to lots of use too. I think it is a great idea to do some winter sewing once a week, it will stop the Christmas panic that so many of us have. The egg cosies do look cute.

    • I am lucky and rather excited about it! I do hope I can keep the ‘Christmas’ sewing idea going, I tend to get into seasonal mode then I find it hard to work on other things, I’d be rubbish at magazine or true design work where it’s all done a season ahead, but I dream of being that organised. One day, when there are more hours 😉

  17. Good morning Beth its a cold and frosty one today, it makes a change from the rain. Good luck with restocking your shop, but it’s a good thing the shelves are empty as that means you have sold lots of your gorgeous creations. I am sure the new machine will have you making things in the blink of an looks a great machine..I’m sure I’d lose a limb using it ;0) Happy Sunday xx

  18. Oh wow a new toy to play with, always a scary moment moving from trusted friend to brand spanking new, I’m sure both your machines will be well used and you’ll have a spare in case one needs a service.
    I think winter sewing once a week is a wonderful idea, I made all my christmas gifts this year and I didn’t leave it till last minute but oh my goodness I have totally burnt myself out, I haven’t touched my sewing machine for at least a month and don’t want to either !
    If I were to start planning now and just do a little a week…..I may avoid burn out in the future Lol.
    Happy new year
    Emma xxxx

  19. I’ve just discovered your lovely blog, how did I not find it until now?! Wonderful makes, and the goat’s great too. Lucky you having a new sewing machine to play with. And a spare, just in case. It never hurts.

  20. I don’t know if you can help me, but I am trying to find out how much I should sell my Bernina 1001 for. I bought it brand new and have only used 3 times. Someone would like to know how much it is for sale for and I haven’t a clue. It is truly like brand new. Any suggestions?
    thank you for your help.

    • Hi Cynthia, I’m so sorry but I really haven’t a clue as I have never bought or sold a second hand machine. I would think you should look on ebay for similar age machines for a guide price (I figure you’ve probably already done this though). Mine cost around 500 new, over 20 years ago and then it was ex-display. I can see a few for sale on-line now for between 180-200 pounds if that helps? Hope you can find a price you’re happy with. Beth

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