Too many ideas…

I have never hopped between so many projects before.  As I promised myself, I have been trying to finish some open projects for next winter as well as start some well needed re-stocking and some new bits, but I can’t seem to work on just one thing.


My desk shows just how out of control things are getting.


I’m also still using both machines as I want to get to know the new one, but sometimes it’s easier to use what’s familiar, plus I have an insanely large stock of pre-wound bobbins in all colours for the old machine and I’m a bit lazy about winding on new ones (even if the new fancy-pants Bernina makes is sooooo much easier).


New patterns have arrived.  A nice vintage dressing gown as I’ve been hankering for some time for a more glamorous but also still comfortable version than my existing one.  I think I might try to make it in brushed cotton, so it’s structured but cosy.  There’s also a ‘new’ vintage Vogue pattern and guess who forgot that even in these re-prints, the sizing is similarly small to the originals, so I should have sized up – doh – still, I’m slowly shrinking (in a good way) so maybe it will be my size, soon.


Finally, look at this FABULOUS hand knitted sweater and corsage.  Both are based on vintage patterns and were bought from the Etsy shop 1940s Style For You.  I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this shop, I was probably looking for original vintage jumpers….anyhow, I couldn’t resist this lovely little number.  Oh how I wish I could knit.

The brooch is a typical situation where I think it shouts out to buy hand made.  It really is rather special, I make felt flower brooches and I’m sure many in my position might think they would just make something similar for themselves, but I know that a. I wont ever get around to it and b. it’s just a personal thing, I will copy commercial things (like mass made clothing) but I never copy other handmade artist’s work (please don’t think I’m judging anyone else here, it’s just my personal mantra I attempt to stick to) and c. I’m happy to pay for something so beautifully made and reasonably priced; so it’s a win, win for me 🙂

The rain stopped today, for a moment and then the sun came out – happy days!

39 thoughts on “Too many ideas…

  1. Your creative juices are obviously flowing Beth….I sometimes find I have so many ideas I wake up early in the morning dying to get going, especially on my day’s off work. I love the sound of your hand made dressing gown, how luxurious. Gorgeous handmade jumper and brooch too. Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope it continues to be super productive for you xx

  2. Keep up the momentum Beth, brilliant to be so busy and feel full of creative energy. I wish I was feeling as inspired! Love the pictures of your work space, your studio looks full of ideas and I love the pic of your sewing machines 🙂 I really love the look of your beautiful handmade knitted jumper and lovely brooch, so gorgeous and perfect for the chiller days at the mo. I too was very happy at the suns rays this morning, such relief after the dismal weather – lets hope it keeps going till the spring 🙂 wishing you lots of happy days whilst enjoying your sewing 🙂 Safxxx

    1. I LOVE my studio Saf, it’s my fav place to sit, even with all the wind and rain I like looking out into the garden at the trees (which were threatening to snap in half today!). I’m hoping we get a good summer to off balance this weather. I hope all is well with you. Bethxx

  3. We has sun today too, which was wonderful! 🙂
    I love your knitted sweater and brooch…gorgeous!!
    Don’t be too hard on yourself about having too many things on the go at once, sometimes that’s how it needs to be!!
    V xxx

    1. It didn’t last – boo to rain, I’ve had enough! The sweater is lovely, isn’t it? I do need to settle my idea overload down a bit, I’d really like to finish something, but then I’d need some sunshine to photograph it and there’s not a lot of chance of that! Bxx

  4. Hello dear Beth,

    I am so happy to see your over-floating desk – those ideas will produce some wonderful creations! I am sure the energy to create goes hand to hand with sun – more bright hours we have, more ideas seem to surface.

    And that sweater&brooch – they look perfect! And I am with you with no-copying-handmade – even you do could make those yourself. There’s a special pleasure getting something someone else has made for you with love too.

    Have a wonderful week, and wow, it’ll be February soon!


    1. Hello lovely Mia, it’s always great receiving something handmade, even if I could attempt a version myself, it’s so much nicer to buy the original from the person who thought up the idea. I just struggle with the whole copying thing, it feels very wrong to me. I hope you have some sunny days, for us it’s all rain, rain, rain 😦 Bethxx

    1. Hi Jo, glad to hear the pirate mouse is going strong, I love to know how things I made are doing 🙂 I do have more planned, not sure how ‘baby’ friendly they are (vampires, so a bit od silk is involved), but I might re-make the super hero mice (or similar), I quite like the idea of knight mice as well. Bx

  5. Lovely to see your workspace so full of ideas, but it still looks like ordered chaos, unlike mine! Love the jumper and corsage, and would agree that it is so nice to receive something that somebody else has made with love. Have a good week, weather is foul here and I’m desperate to get out in the garden! Julie x

    1. Oh the weather, we’ve been wearing wellies for school run as the front of the boys school turned into a river and the kids have had to wade a bit to get in – luckily now sorted – but it would be wonderful if it stopped raining, all those poor people and their homes. I keep a firm eye on the stream at the bottom of our garden but I’d be more worried about the drains backing-up. Hope you’re staying dry and role on Spring! Bxx

  6. Thank you for your kind comments about the jumper and corsage! I hope you get lots of use out of both. Very best wishes, Lucy x

  7. All I see on your desk is a whole pile of loveliness in neat little stacks…lovely, the sun came out for us too today hooray 🙂
    Emma x

  8. as usual, everything looks great! I’m organising a charity craft clear out a friend of mine has a whole stack of almost mint condition vogue sewing patterns (some still have the label you get to sew into the finished item) i told her they were too good for the clear out that i’d help her put them on ebay…is that where you yours from? I’ve no idea what they are worth but i just have a feeling there worth more than what we’d get at the craft clear out!

    1. Hi Bex, I hope the email helped and you managed to find a good place to sell the patterns, I just ordered more from the US, I’m praying I don’t get stung with charges, I don’t mind paying customs, but I hate the £8 RM handling fee. Bethx

  9. I’m new to your blog and I’m so glad I found it! I’m having idea overload myself – that’s not such bad thing! Love those dressing gowns . . . Take care, Byrd

    1. Hello and thanks so much for dropping by 🙂 I’d rather idea overload than blankness, but I could really do with settling down and finishing something. Although in all our terrible UK weather I wouldn’t be able to photograph it anyway 😉 Beth (at least our house is not underwater, I do keep counting our blessings on that).

  10. How interesting about the new vintage vogue patterns – I wouldn’t have thought to check whether the sizing had been modernised. Hope you get to make and wear the dress soon – I’m sure it will be worth the shrinking!
    I’m never sure if I like it when I get all overcome with ideas and enthusiasm and want to work on lots of things at once. In some ways it is very good and in others it is such a pest!
    hope you have a lovely weekend. Juliex

    1. I should know better, as I’ve often made the pattern sizing mistake before, in proper ‘vintage’ patterns I’m a size 18 (in real modern life and 14, sometimes even a 12). A lot of the vintage clothing I buy is labeled XL!!!

      I’m still all over the place with ideas, it’s OK, but I could do with finishing something really.

      Hope your week is off to a good start – is it snowing?


    2. I just wrote a reply that disappeared….

      I often make the mistake when buying new ‘vintage’ patterns – in proper old vintage ones I’m a size 18 (in real life a 14, even occasionally a 12 – but not right now as I have biscuits in for some builders and keep eating them – oops!). Hope your week is off to a good start. Bxx

  11. Great to see your busy desk/work area. New year, new ideas. Good luck with a new dressing gown; curious to see what fabric you’ll pick out. I love the new felt brooch and sweater. Will have to check out that shop. Happy weekend, Beth.

    Anne D.T.xx
    PlumCreek Studio

  12. Ohh I do love a good ‘desk shot’! I’d happily just look at pictures of peoples work areas on blogs you know! Are those little tweed mice? Ohh love them! Happy creative days x

    1. They are little tweed mice, well spotted – one for next Christmas (I know, get me ‘Mrs Organised’!). I love my workspace, I had a chat with someone today about the great light in there, if we do finally build a studio in the garden, it is one thing I’ll miss. Bethx

  13. I always seem to chop and change between projects. Although I don’t sometimes build up a flow, it seems to keep the ideas evolving. Love your purchases, I still have two vintage patterns I want to try,as well as one of the Japanese simple sewing books. I always stop when I can’t find the fabric I want, e.g. not the right weight,colour, cost! I’d like to show Eleanor how to sew, so that may get me going!

    1. I’m with you on not finding the right fabric, I think I often get an image of how something should look when made up, but then can’t fulfil that ‘dream’ with reality. Saying that it’s sooooo much easier then it used to be, what with all these wonderful on-line sewing supply shops these days, I remember being student and driving with the tutor for miles to a fabric shop for a play I worked on, otherwise I often spend hours dyeing silk and wool to get colours I wanted. Bxx

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