Over A Month…

Since my last post, which is odd as I have been sewing LOADS.  Mostly things for later in the year, including…

DSC_0156 DSC_0151 DSC_0152

I’ve also been buying on-line again, resulting in some pretty parcels wrapped up in paper and string…



a lovely vintage beaded bag from 1940s Throwback (the beads on the left are another of my winter projects….and this photo has reminded me what a bi*ch the planned black silk and bead items will be to photograph!).


and another fab bib set from Jenny of a crafty hen (this is Jenny’s photo below as I forgot to take one myself).


I’ve also been hanging out with the boys over half term and making the most of the sunshine by working in the garden.  C came out one day having dressed himself, as a spy, apparently.  007 1/2 – ha ha!


Ah and the adorable older brother in the background being funny for the photo, which always involved pretending to attack Charlie.  Sums it all up really.

DSC_0158 DSC_0161

We ate some yummy goodies from Bettys, thanks to my SIL sending them as a thank you for the recent blind making.  The box below contains Fat Rascals, one of my very favourite things.


Not only have I been making winter things, but I’ve also been working on spring designs which are just about ready to list and blog, I just need to take the final photos.  About time too, really 🙂