Over A Month…

Since my last post, which is odd as I have been sewing LOADS.  Mostly things for later in the year, including…

DSC_0156 DSC_0151 DSC_0152

I’ve also been buying on-line again, resulting in some pretty parcels wrapped up in paper and string…



a lovely vintage beaded bag from 1940s Throwback (the beads on the left are another of my winter projects….and this photo has reminded me what a bi*ch the planned black silk and bead items will be to photograph!).


and another fab bib set from Jenny of a crafty hen (this is Jenny’s photo below as I forgot to take one myself).


I’ve also been hanging out with the boys over half term and making the most of the sunshine by working in the garden.  C came out one day having dressed himself, as a spy, apparently.  007 1/2 – ha ha!


Ah and the adorable older brother in the background being funny for the photo, which always involved pretending to attack Charlie.  Sums it all up really.

DSC_0158 DSC_0161

We ate some yummy goodies from Bettys, thanks to my SIL sending them as a thank you for the recent blind making.  The box below contains Fat Rascals, one of my very favourite things.


Not only have I been making winter things, but I’ve also been working on spring designs which are just about ready to list and blog, I just need to take the final photos.  About time too, really 🙂

14 thoughts on “Over A Month…

  1. Hi Beth, great to hear that you have been beavering away….the acorns. look fab. I love my brooch and get lots of compliments when I wear it in the autumn. Glad you enjoyed the half term, your boys are growing so quickly…bless. Take care xx

  2. Lovely to see some photos of the boys – they look like a cheeky pair, just like mine! I bet you enjoyed those yummy slices of home. I’d really like to try some Betty’s goodies some day as they always sound so tasty.
    Will look forward to seeing your new spring designs once they’re ready. Juliex

  3. Hello Beth,

    Happy to see your back – and wow, sounds like you’ve been a busy bee! Lovely sewings, and I can’t wait to see your spring-things too. And what finds you’ve made via net, that bag is so adorable! And speaking of adorable: those boys of yours are so cute!

    Have a lovely day, and we’ll see here soon again!


  4. OMG Beth, I love your beaded purse! So beautiful 🙂 and your gorgeous acorns, I know when they go back in your shop next winter ill be obsessed with them again! Also can’t wait to see what the black beads will be 🙂 your boys look like they are having fun, it’s a funny pic with F! Good to see olive been enjoying treats to, we have been having brownies every week to brighten our spirits at the mo 🙂 good for you on the sewing front, it’s always a good feeling to be productive and enjoying it 🙂 safxxx

  5. How funny are your boys?! Great photos, Beth.
    I see you’ve been ordering yourself some amazing things again – the beaded black bag is gorgeous.
    I must have some of those acorns you’ve been making – they’re fab. Are they in your shop now? I’ll go and have a little look.
    Happy weekend xx

  6. Love the acorns – really lovely. Your boys are just like my grandsons! – almost every photo we have shows one being (pretend) attacked by another! Have a good weekend. We’re still in Cornwall at the moment. Back tomorrow :(. X

  7. Hi Beth, many thanks for the mention and of course the order in the first place!
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve been sewing for spring.
    And as for your boys, the photos really show off their characters. I love Charlie’s dress sense. Funny but my second boy likes to dress a lot smarter than his older brother who is just obsessed with comfort and freedom of movement in his clothes!
    Jenny x

  8. Hi Beth, Sorry to be so late in commenting!! It’s great to hear you’ve been busy, maybe with your new sewing machine. Love seeing your boys playing outside. They would still need heavy coats, hats and gloves with all our snow. Happy creating and enjoying your treats from Betty’s. Would like to try something from there and some of that tea. Thanks for posting about “A crafty hen”. I’ve looked in that shop several times. We had a new nephew born in August and another is due soon.
    Anne xx
    PlumCreek Studio

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