Red Flower Lavender Birds…

Thanks for the response to yesterday’s post.  I should probably have been clearer, in that I do still intend to post process photos but I think I’ll be a bit more mindful of which ones I choose, I’d find it quite difficult to write an interesting blog if I didn’t talk about my work in full so I can’t see me stopping and I’m sorry to read (but sadly, not surprised) so many of you have also suffered from your work being copied.


At the beginning of the year, when I pulled out my summer stock to see where the gaps were, I was a bit shocked at how few lavender birds I had left.  These used to be one of my staple designs, always a best seller but in terms of selling a slight pain as they are stuffed to order, to keep the lavender smell fresh and ideally, I prefer things to be finished and labeled ready to go.  Interestingly, the sale of these has dropped off quite a bit in the past year, I think it’s partly down to my not introducing many new colour versions so I thought I had better correct that.


I’ve started with some ‘Pam Kitty Happy Dot’ by Holly Holderman for Lake House Dry Goods as the bright colours mix well with my summer stock.  I think I bought this with linen mice in mind and they would make cute dresses, so maybe if I have time I’ll run a few up later.

DSC_0171I’ve rather heavily processed this last image, it’s a bit grainy so would benefit from being taken again in better light, but I feel the need to get things listed, especially with Mother’s Day coming up (is it the day of the Mother, singular or the day of Mothers plural, I never can decided!).

Ah wonderful, after a very chilly start the sun has come out, time to set the tripod up and try to get some photos taken, best make hay and all that 🙂

Oh and they are here.


8 thoughts on “Red Flower Lavender Birds…

  1. They’re lovely Beth, the fabric is gorgeous. I’m not sure how long I have my lavender bird now but you know what, it still smells of lavender!!!
    Oh and don’t ask me about apostrophes ( should there be one there? 😉 ), most times they’re a mystery to me! Numbers were my thing!! 😉
    V xxx

  2. I love the bright red and the beautiful colours in this fabric Beth 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you will still be putting some process shots on your blog in future, sorry I think I got the wrong end of the stick yesterday! I find the making part interesting as I haven’t got a clue about sewing things really but hope in the future I could get better and attempt something, so it does give me inspiration 🙂 I do really like your new stock so far Beth, has made me determined to save some money so I can get something at some point! love safxxx

  3. Gorgeous fabric and I am so impressed that you buy fabric with a specific view to making something, unlike me who buys because I like it and spend weeks stroking it before I find a use for it 😉 Julie x

  4. With you on the apostrophe – I get very confused (I always blame it on being in Australia for the year I should have been taught about apostrophes back home!). Your new lavender birds are so very pretty and cheery, love them.

    I still find it shocking that people will downright copy the way that obviously happens with you – I know I shouldn’t be shocked, as it seems to happen all too often, but it is just so wrong. Take care with what you show. It is lovely to see your work in the making but not worth heartache for you. Juliex

  5. So pretty! Your little birds look great and cheerful! Am sorry to read about your issues with copying, such a horrid and upsetting thing to happen.

  6. Hello Beth,

    I’m with Vivienne – I have had your birds for years, and I just changed them into my new wardrope and the scent is still wonderful! But oh my these red ones are gorgeous, love the orange-ish beak too!

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend!


  7. Hi Beth, I LOVE this fabric. Charming for your lavender birds and other projects. Very tempted!!
    Also, enjoyed your post on the red arrow floral brooches. Spring is finally showing up here in my northern forest. Sending sunshine to you and your family,Have a lovely week…….
    Anne D.T. xxx
    PlumCreek Studio

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