Red Arrow Auricula Brooches…

As the title suggests, I’ve made another batch of auricula brooches, this time based on the lovely Red Arrow variety.  I’d like to show a photo of the blooms but I can’t find one that is copyright free and for some reason, when you google it the page is littered with images of open surgery, amongst the flowers, it’s putting me off my coffee so I’ve stopped hunting.  Trust me, Red Arrow looks a bit like this:


Bright red and white with a sunny yellow spot in the middle.


I’m trying to improve my photography and not just take temporary shots that I hope to replace later, as I never do, but my knowledge is limited and I relay on the decent camera I once ‘borrowed’ from my husband to do most of the work for me.


I know I mentioned it a while back, but Create now allow Pro users to have three images (it used to be just one) and they are high res, I am sooooooo excited about this and am in the process of updating my site.  I had found a fix for the single image problem by adding extra ones in the text area of the product description, but the new solution is so much better and makes me feel happier to stay with Create as a hosting company as they get so many other things right, including their customer service (this is all just my opinion, clearly, I don’t get anything back for saying nice things!).  As I’ve been slowly going through all my images in iPhoto, seeing which ones really need to be re-taken, I can clearly see how much my editing has improved, which is great but there are big gaps in my knowledge so on-line tutorial or two wouldn’t go amiss.


I wanted to get these listed before Mother’s Day, just in case anyone is interested….I’d be very happy to get a nice handmade brooch, or a lavender bag, or better still an apron!  As it is, M is away so I’ve pre-ordered myself a box of edible goodies as a treat and hope to persuade the boys to allow me to sit in bed and drink coffee.  You never know.  I suspect they will join me with laptops and endless watching of ‘Stampy’ Minecraft YouTube videos – I bet half those with young kids reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.DSC_0191

I’m considering changing how I stage my photos, I need to have a play but I’m edging towards using my Great Aunt Florence’s books or maybe some of my Gran’s sewing things (like bright wooden cotton reels) as props.  I need to present a coherent collection of images though, so more thought is needed.

The new brooches are listed here and soon to be on Folksy (when I get my act together and update my shop there).

13 thoughts on “Red Arrow Auricula Brooches…

  1. These red arrow brooches are lovely Beth 🙂 I really like the pics with the vinatge books and I can imagine pictures of them with vinatge cotton reels in coodinating colours would look lovely too. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day, safxxx

  2. Love them Beth, auriculas are beautiful flowers and you have captured this variety well. Isn’t Google weird, you can never be quite sure what you’re going to get when you push the button.
    I love the photo with the book it compliments your brooch well and as always I love the line-up! 🙂
    V xxx

  3. I’m quite torn with the photo staging – I love beautifully shots taken against white but props can really help to bring an item to life. And your great aunt’s books would make such lovely props. Juliex

  4. Hello Beth,

    your pictures are always pretty, but vintage background really suits your items ad YOU! The brooches are lovely, and I just had to google that flower (never seen it in real life i’m afraid) and wow – yours are just!

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. Lovely brooches as ever! I always think your photos are brilliant. No shadows nice and clear and bright. I spent yesterday trying to photograph my new makes but it is very difficult at this time of year. I’m not happy with most of them, problem is I often think if I wait for the perfect picture, I’d never list anything in my shop!!
    As for ‘Stampy’ and ‘iBallasticSquid’ I feel like they live in our house I hear there voices so often!! Jenny x

  6. These are so beautiful… I can’t believe you published them just one day too late for me – I am going to a ball next week, where the dress code involves a hint of St Albans. Spent most of yesterday creating a large red fabric rose, to look like the rose window in the cathedral here! And to think, I almost contacted you to see if you could make me a red rose… No idea how you do it at this price though, I spent hours on mine!

    • oh no! and to make it worse, I have rose brooches, but I just keep them back fro winter so there is some variation. I bet what you made was wonderful though and even nicer to wear having made it yourself. yes the honest truth is they take more time to make than I get paid for and I’ve considered putting the price up but having taken a good look at other sellers selling a similar level item it is about right as it is (unless I made one-off’s and then I could move it up quite a lot). they will have to go up at some point, sadly.

      I hope you have a fabulous time at the ball, I do LOVE a bit of dressing up 🙂 Bx

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