You Win Some…

And sadly, some you lose 😦DSC_0149

I buy a lot of my vintage clothing from the US and I’m lucky in that it mostly works out.  This 1950’s dress cost a pretty penny and was described as ‘excellent’ in its (vintage) condition but sadly it’s not.  I had already left positive feedback for the seller, one I’ve used many times, but when I came to give it a good iron and decided if it needs a dry clean, I noticed loads of badly mended holes, including some patched that actually rather ruin the dress.  Shame.  We’ll just have to chalk that one down to experience.


On a happier note, whilst perusing the net for Chie Mihara shoes (I do this often, I’m afraid) I found these beauties on one of those aggregated shopping sites, one last pair left, in my size for a silly low price (for Chie Mihara shoes) and I went for it.  They came from Saks NY and were bought using the Borderfree system where all taxes are pre-paid in advance.  It was  a thoroughly pleasant shopping experience and they arrived in record time.


Another lovely bit of shopping, these cosmetic bags using vintage tapestry bought from the Etsy shop EllaOsix.  I saw them on the fabulous blog modflowers and couldn’t resist buying a couple (one is for a gift and has been squirreled away).  How did I manage before internet shopping existed – ha ha!  I joke, but I pretty much never go clothes shopping for myself in actual shops, I have no patience for it and know what I like and tend to wait for bargains on-line. 

What else?  Oh World Book Day.  This year we had to provide a hat with an Alice in Wonderland theme, I’ll be honest and say we cobbled this together at the weekend, really very quickly using some cheap hats bought on Amazon.  Half the kids in school were wearing top hats with card decorations.


The addition of some Linen Cat bits was purely because they were to hand, F wanted some red roses on his and C needed a ‘doormouse’ for his teapot (which is a sneak peek of a design for next winter).   Job done.  Only ‘Tudor Day’ and school play costumes to go.

Lastly this little lady is giving me a run for my money.  She’s been back and forth to the vets due to weight loss and sickness.  So far they can’t find what’s wrong with her and as she finds going there traumatic there is a limit to what I’ll expose her to.  I can feel her time is coming an end, she’s 16 and I’m slightly dreading her leaving, for now she just follows me around all day sitting as closely as she can.


Since I wrote this (a couple of days ago) Smelly has perked right up!  I think it’s the sunshine, perhaps she was just suffering from SAD and needed to roll in dust baths and stalk around the garden in the long grass 🙂

35 thoughts on “You Win Some…

  1. Oh your lovely cat Smelly, I welled up just then, poor thing, I hope she’s ok now. I hope she’s feeling better and will be with you for a long time to come. It can be so heart breaking when beloved pets are ill, I was the same with our old dog Wolfie, he was a massive German Shepard dog, so lovely and part of the family, I will always have very fond memories of him. Your boys look very dapper in there top hats! I like the new linen cat mouse too! Can’t wait to see it fully! As ever Beth, your shopping buys are gorgeous, I love the shoes!!! And those purses are just gorgeous, especially the floral one 🙂 Such a shame about the dress, something like that has happened to me once with internet shopping but overall it is a brilliant way to shop even if occasional disasters happen! Maybe the dress material can be used in another way though, if wearing it is not practical? Overal though, very nice indeed 🙂 safxxx

    • She’s hanging on in there, but sadly I still don’t think she’s right, she is still very underweight. Poor Smelly. I feel like I’m always showing my shopping here on the blog – ha ha – I promise I’m not always buying new things, I just forget to blog them and then do so all at once. I was super lucky and got another new pair of Chie Mihara shoes for my B-Day from my sister, she totally spoils me, but I daren’t show them as I imagine people might think there is practically a shoe shop in my bedroom – ha ha! I’m going to keep the dress as is and take another look at it when I get over being cross about it not being listed correctly. Bxx

  2. Hope your wee cat keeps well for a good while longer – it is so hard when you know her time is running out. I found it dreadfully hard when our Nessie died, about 2 1/2 years ago now. It is all very well being logical and matter of fact but when they have been around for so long and are such a friend it is very hard. Good luck and I hope things don’t get too traumatic.
    My big boys avoid dressing up now which is such a shame, especially when Angus used to dress up almost every day not so long ago. I’m hopeful that Katie shows signs of being a ‘dresser-upper’. Your boys look fab in their hats.
    What a shame about your dress. But your shoes are very lovely! Juliex

    • Hi Julie. Yes, I’ve never had a cat die naturally before, they’ve always ended in road accidents or similar (and lots of cat flu in the cats we had on the farm, as there were so many sick feral cats around) so perhaps she is just old, but her slide down hill happened so quickly, I really do think it’s more than old age.

      I have a very funny photo waiting to be blogged of Charlie dressed up for another ‘Tudor Day’ at school, he was so unhappy about being in costume, his face says it all. Shame that they grow out of it. Bethx

  3. Hello Beth 🙂
    I really hope your lovely cat is ok and that you can re-use the dress in some way.
    That little mouse is adorable and I can’t wait to see the design next winter….I can wait for next winter though yuck!
    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma, and yes, please don’t think I’m wishing the summer away – ha ha – I just know I wont sew much over the long holiday, so I’m trying to get in there early, then I might also get some decent photos of the new things, whilst there is some good light. Bxx

  4. Great post. Love the shoes. When I saw the picture of your little cat (before I read your text) I thought she looked ill. I’m so glad she’s improving. They give so much to us – parting with them is not a good thing.

    • Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment, glad you like the post. Yes, I hate it when animals become sick as you can’t even explain to them what’s going on. She’s still not right, but is a bit better. I’m hoping it’s a quick end or, ideally, that she has a good few years yet! My shoe collection is getting out of hand 🙂

  5. Awe I’m so glad your little cat has perked up a bit, that is good news!
    Sorry to hear about your dress but the shoes are amazing!
    The boys look great as always and that little mouse looks cute! 🙂
    V xxx

  6. What fabulous hats! They both look wonderful. Rosie went as Hobbes, the cartoon cat from Calvin and Hobbes, wearing the outfit I wore to a fancy dress party at least fifteen years ago… How’s that for recycling?! Do hope your cat perks up, so hard coping with our pets.

  7. Lovely hats!
    Hope your smelly cat is ok, Lucy is nearly 18 and drives us crazy….I think she is a bit senile and I throw away half eaten packets of food and she wakes us up at least twice every night….but we wouldn’t be without her!

    • I heard from the vet that it’s common for cats to get dementia when they get older, it’s why they often start peeing indoors, apparently. I agree though, I wouldn’t want to be without Smelly, unless she is in pain, then I’d have to have a serious think about what to do. Bx

  8. Smelly! Is that really her name? I was just thinking how pretty she was and a little like our Elodie. I hope she has a good bit of life left in her yet. I love the boys in their hats, and those shoes are beauties!

    • Hi Jane. Well really her name is Smilla (named after the book ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow’ by Peter Hoeg, which was a favourite at the time I got her) BUT she very quickly became called Smelly and it’s always stuck. She’s a sweetie, but she’s not the brightest cat in the world and has a habit of getting herself into trouble, she used to pee on beds if given half a chance and likes to leave rabbit heads on the sofa (I know, they are gifts but I’d prefer chocolates 😉 ). We do love her though and I will be gutted when she goes, I too hope she has a few years left. Bxx

  9. Great hats! Hope your cat is ok. Thanks for your comment on mine. Re the veggie tart in the French mag – it seems to be new carrots sautéed in oil, then add the juice of an orange, a handful of parsley and seasoning / simmer for 15 mins. Put onto a pastry-lined flan tin and add 1 egg and 10 cl creme France. Cook 40 mins.180. Abby x

      • Ha ha – France on the brain 😉 Recipe sounds good, and one to make for the boys so thank you. I struggle with all the eating in this family, my husband doesn’t eat carbs (training for his triathlon and life diet choice) youngest is vegetarian, on principal, which I respect but luckily he will try any veg but oldest is a bit difficult with some vegetables….both eat carrots – hurrah! Carrots and orange – classic pairing. Bethx

  10. Here’s hoping your cat is ok, Beth. Shame about the dress as the fabric looks so lovely at a distance – I can see why it appealed to you. Maybe you can still use it somehow? xCathy

    • Thanks Cathy – she’s hanging on in there but I worry about how thing she is getting. The fabric is lovely on the dress, if I am honest, less so in real life than photos, it’s the price you pay for being able to edit images, I fear, especially when selling there is a need to show something at it’s best but to also be honest about it’s flaws and getting that balance right can be tricky. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    • Glad it’s not just me, I think I just find the thing I want quicker on-line…a quick type of ‘vintage wool dressing gown’ and they all appear, as if like magic, as opposed to my hunting forever through shops, trying to buy the same. Even for ‘modern’ clothing, I prefer buying on-line. Bxx

  11. Love, love love those hats! The Linen Cat bits definitely give them an edge. I really hope Smelly hangs on for you as well. Old age in pets can often look like illness – we’re just so used to them bouncing around that when they slow down it’s a real shock. Jx

  12. Oh bless Smelly – adorable name-my daughter has a beloved bear called Stinky. Re Shoes, thought of you the other day when I saw Orla is making Clarks Sandals this summer. Almost don’t want to say that out loud in case everyone buys them all before i get a chance now the sun has come out. Hope the sunshine is just what Smelly needs x

  13. Hope your sweet kit is well and enjoying the sunshine. Such a shame about the dress… lovely fabric though, so hopefully you can use to make something else delightful. I’m sure your other lovely buys helped to cheer you! And those hats!

  14. I hope Smelly is still on the mind. Our elderly cat died two years ago and we now have a two year old tabby, like many cats she is a free-loader! We love her and wait on her hand and foot and she doesn’t even attempt to hide her disdain for us, gotta love them cats! There might have been lots of top hats at school, but I bet yours were the best x

    • Ha ha – it’s kind of what I love about cats, they are so independent and you are right, often show total disdain for their owners. Smelly is alive but still not her old self, saying that she has brought in and eaten two rabbits today…and a mouse…so she certainly can’t be all that ill! Bx

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