Yorkshire and Love Ur Look…

My Yorkshire break was wonderful.  Relaxing, renewing and sadly, not long enough.

On the Friday, when I rushed from the train station to collect the kids, someone at school asked me where I’d been, they then mentioned that I must be excited to see the boys and asked if I’d missed them….humm….the honest truth is not really.  I mean, of course I missed them in a way but it’s not like we were apart for long and I didn’t realise just how much I’d relish this time out, it’s been a long (9 years) time coming. IMG_20140513_082924

Every day started with breakfast in bed.  Sadly, I woke at 6 am ish despite having no-one to wake me.  The luxury of coffee and a dippy egg (I’m mostly not eating bread at the moment, but carbs were one of the holiday highlights), followed by a book read (Longbourn – thanks Fran, for the tip-off!) then a bit of walk planning was heavenly.

IMG_20140513_104307Most of my walks looked like this, at some point.  Typical Yorkshire Dales view, old lanes, dry stone walls, lots and lots and LOTS of moss.
PANO_20140513_134206The weather was mixed.  I packed badly, originally thinking it’d be sunny, then realising not so reverting back to wet weather, cold walking gear, only to find that although it rained a little on the first day it was quite glorious between showers and on Wednesday I felt ill-dressed for the hot, summer sunshine.
IMG_20140513_134104I walked 12 miles on day one, from Burnsall (where I stay) to Grassington (to see my Nana and usually my Aunts, who sadly weren’t around on this visit).  From there I walked to Grass Woods, and what a beautiful little fairy wood it is!  I’d forgotten just how nice.  It was drizzling at this point but it made it all the more pretty, a kind of damp, green wonderland.  It’s the last known natural habitat of the Lady’s Slipper Orchid here in the UK, we went to look at it once, with my Dad, having to be lead there by an arranged guide and step over trip wires that keep it guarded.  I read it had a police guard last time it flowered and is appearing (in it’s cultivated form) at Chelsea Flower Show this year.
IMG_20140513_154311I walked back via Linton and Thorpe, I had hoped to take lots of nice photos, but I really struggle with using my phone verses my ‘proper’ camera, partly it’s just that I can’t see what I’m taking a photo of, due to the sun reflexion and also I have no idea what is being focused on so they tend to come out blurred.

This is ‘Manor House’ in Thorpe, it’s my new house crush and is where my Great Gran and her family lived.  I felt like a bit of a stalker trying to photograph it discreetly and had to attempt to avoid the blue wheelie bin that’s just out of shot on the left, hence the not best angle, I thought it might be pushing it a bit far if I wheeled the bin out of the way for a better photo!  Incidentally, if my Fairy Godmother is listening, I’d happily take the old family farmhouse at Beckermonds or better still, Gran’s house in Burnsall…any will do!IMG_20140514_141533

IMG_20140513_140632IMG_20140515_102057I mostly took photos of walls, moss and green things.  I was wondering what makes walking here so different to my local area of Kent, apart from the vastness of the landscape and the feeling of history you get from the geological formations.  I really do think moss plays a big part for me, it’s everywhere, especially in the woodland areas and it’s what makes the difference from walking in a bluebell wood here in Kent to one Up North.  That and the quietness, most days I didn’t meet anyone, especially when out on moorland.


Day two I was meeting a family friend for lunch,  so I walked afterwards, from the house I grew up in, where my brother now lives near Bolton Abbey (he brought me back and dropped me off after lunch…in fact he was my taxi service and dinner companion – along with my SIL –  most evenings for which I own him a huge thanks!) back to Burnsall.  It was hot and sunny and I was badly dressed in jeans, when I should have been in shorts.  I took photos but they are not great, so I’ll spare you.  A highlight was stuffing my face with a chocolate 99 from the ice cream van at Barden Tower bridge, for which my Bro had to lend me money in advance, after I realised I’d come out walking for a second day with no cash.  I took a selfie but I just look hot and sweaty so you don’t need to see that.IMG_20140515_111458IMG_20140515_112802

On my last day I walked up onto Burnsall Moor via Thorpe, I had hoped to make it to Barden Upper Reservoir but I mostly got lost and wandered around knee deep in mud whilst trying not to step on all the slugs.  It’s all peat and bog up there and I had visions of ‘Jamaica Inn’ style being sucked under, having recently read the book.  It didn’t help that it was grey and a bit wet and I met no-one on my few hours walking.  No drama going on in my brain then.  Still, I gave up and walked back down to Burnsall, thinking all the time that the people who do the yearly fell race there are nutters as it’s quite easy to step badly on your ankle just having a potter, let alone a competitive run!

Clearly, I’m back now, and mildly depressed about it.  I have a throat investigation this afternoon (due to years of acid reflux, I’ve been putting it off for 6 years, since I had the last one, as I know it’s horrid but I’ve agreed with the consultant that he’s going to give me ‘elephant’ doses of sedation this time).  Poor C has to have two grown up fillings (don’t feed your kids dried fruit, or those sticky snacks made from fruit only, as they are evil for little teeth) and despite M having done a great job whilst I’ve been away, I feel overwhelmed by everyday life and the endless lists of jobs.
I_0701806629708_00_20140508 I_0701806630315_00_20140430On a very positive note, I have both the above dresses on their way from the Love Ur Look pop-up shop in House of Fraser.  I had ordered just the top one but having seen how quickly things are selling out, added the second.  I’ll report back on fit and quality when they arrive but figured I’d best write about them whilst the shop is active, so you can go grab one, if you wish.

Right, off to have my last glass of water before I’m no longer allowed to eat or drink anything until after my procedure.  What joy.


20 thoughts on “Yorkshire and Love Ur Look…

  1. The photos of your break look so lovely – I am a sucker for moss, too! There was so much of it in New Zealand, as well as lichen of all sorts. Sorry that life is feeling a bit overwhelming for you still. I had a big baking session today that made me feel better than just the usual Monday washing and cleaning. xx

    • Life has settled down a bit, we’re off the Centre Parcs soon (do you have something similar over with you? I’m guessing unlikely as you don’t need a holiday village with a bloomin’ big dome to cover a huge tropical swimming zone because you’re weather is so consistantly crap!!) so it’ll be nice to have that short family holiday. Baking makes me feel better too!

  2. Hi Beth,
    your trip to the Dales looks wonderful, such beautiful views. No wonder you often pine for home, I would if it looked like that! I love the picture of the woodland with the bluebells 🙂 I think post holiday blues is very common and I tend to get the same way afterwards, I hope you feel better soon. Good luck to C with his fillings, I do sympathise as have many and recently been told I need all my wisdom teeth removed via operation, scary. I do hope your throat investigation goes ok for you Beth, I’m sure it will be well worth doing to put your mind at rest and you’ll defiantly feel better about it afterwards I’m sure. Your dresses are gorgeous, especially the blue one 🙂 Take care, Safxxx
    p.s. I’m always asking my fairy godmother for beautiful houses too in many locations 😉 xx

    • Hi Saff, I think it’s a Yorkshire(wo)man’s trait to always think ‘back home’ is the best, it drives my and my sister’s partners bonkers, as no matter how lovely a view elsewhere in the UK, we are both bound to pause and say, “it’s nice….but it’s not Yorkshire!” we were equally annoying with our love of home. Of course, it’s subjective, the Dales has lots of faults and is far from perfect but I have clouded vision on this front. Poor you with the wisdom teeth, I’m lucky in that only two of mine ever came through and there seems to be room for them. M took C for his appointment, but he was fine, I thought he’d be traumatised by the injections as he hates that kind of thing. Let’s hope our fairy godmothers are listening 🙂 Bxx

  3. I can tell you would still like to be in Yorkshire Beth, you’ll have to move back again! 😉
    I can see why you would want to live in that beautiful cottage!
    Best wishes to you and C for your appointments.
    V xxx
    P.S. This is my 2nd attempt at commenting, WordPress is a big mess in the UK at the moment!

    • I would, V, but it’s not possible with M for work at the moment and he has no vested interest, being German and really a city boy, but his love of cycling helps as Yorkshire would be a good place for that so I’m hoping it’ll help my cause!! Bxx

  4. Hi Beth, beautiful pictures! I do hope your procedure went well (for want of a better word) I’m not good with things like that. I keep lavender oil for regular sniffing! Manor House looks very idylic, a bit like a french chateau.
    We have plenty of moss in cornwall too. When we lived in Kent I used to love walking past the orchards and walking through the hop fields. I love the feeling of timelessness of a walk through the landscape when you don’t meet anyone.
    Best Wishes Fliss x

    • It went very well, thank you Fliss, I was trying to squeeze it in whilst we’re privately covered from M’s work as it’s then done under sedation, on the NHS they freeze your throat and it’s not so nice. Weirdly I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with lavender oil, I use it so much for lavender bags that I kind of don’t smell it easily any more plus no longer like the smell so much, which is a total shame as it has so many good uses and I used to love it.

      You’re right about the orchard walking in Kent, I am trying to remind myself how lovely that side is, and the lanes with the hedges which are very pretty. I think it also depends on which area of Kent you live in, whenever we visit Hever Castle, M knows I will keep muttering, “why don’t we live in THIS bit of Kent, this bit is so pretty!” our bit has it’s merits but it’s flatter and has too many motorways. Bxx

    • I used to work with lots of US students and Aussies when I was younger (lots of shop and waitressing work when I was trying to be a theater designer) and I used to bang on about their need to head north, and that the UK wasn’t just about London. Scotland and Cornwall also need to be on the list, in fact so many places, you’ll need to come over for a long holiday 🙂

  5. Now I feel even more drawn to Yorkshire, I’m from Suffolk and although we’ve lived up and down the country over the last 15 years, we’ve never been. I really need to go, just one of those feelings 🙂
    Mum had to have the same procedure as you and I really hope it went ok x
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I love my new/old mirror 😀

    • Oh you must visit! I am clearly biased though, I’m also a fan of the more obvious Lake District and Northumberland quite rocks my boat so it’s not as if the Dales is top dog….just in my eyes 😉 Procedure went very well this second time, thank you, I was sedated like an elephant and that really helped. Bethxx

  6. Do hope all procedures have been ok… Sounds like you did have a relaxing Yorkshire holiday, confusing seasonally appropriate clothing aside! Gorgeous dresses…

    • It went well, thank you and with good results, so I can relax that my medication does it’s job (as I’ll be on it for life). The dresses also turned out well, I’ve just worn the blue one over ane over for half-term, it’s so comfy and pretty 🙂

  7. Hello Beth,

    I can’t understand why I haven’t left a comment, I remember reading this post earlier and having something to say but… Sorry! But Here it comes now: I am so happy you got to spend some time by yourself, it is much needed sometimes and hey, boys (all three!) managed by themselves so maybe you should book an another date with yourself to calendar already? Autumn maybe?! Glad you had great time! And oh those dresses…Wishing you a sunny June so you can wear them all!


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