Roses and Moo Minis…

Glyndebourne was EXCELLENT!  I didn’t take any photos.  Sorry.


Since then, F has had another birthday (where does the time go!!).  It’s getting difficult to get gift ideas together for him, we’re reverting to Amazon vouchers so he can choose, later, what he wants; I’d rather that, than putting things on a list for the sake of it.  He is currently obsessed with Minecraft, Sonic and turning out bucket loads of drawings.  He has just started reading ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman as his school book, so at the moment we are all being given rings with our personal animal demons on, I got a cat, which is pretty spot on really.  Clever Boy.

I am not so clever and have just spent about a week wondering why I couldn’t upload any photos to my blog, then I realised my storage allowance is full – doh!  I couldn’t be bothered to upload images elsewhere and link back so I paid for extra storage (£14 per year), I stupidly didn’t take the ‘bundle offer’ thinking it wasn’t relevant, then remembered that I already pay for no ads (because they annoy me…but I may have to review that bit, having just realised how expensive it is!) so the bundle wouldn’t have cost much more and I could have done a lot of personalising to this page, which I would like to do in the future.


I also wrote an entire blog post yesterday and then it got sucked into a black hole when I hit the publish button, which on the back of a crappy day, left me deflated.  All was fixed in the evening with carbs, wine and my continued watching of movies I’ve missed over time (M used to watch a lot on planes, so I’ve complied a list of movies I’d like to finally see and I’m working through them whilst I’m a football/iron man widow).

In the daytime, I have been sewing lots, mostly autumn things so I can’t show then yet as they aren’t photographed, instead here are their tags, which come in the form of Moo Minis.  Look!  They have optional rounded corners now – hurrah!  That made me very happy.  The cards came back much darker than the images I’d uploaded, which I wasn’t ecstatic about but they are usable and I ordered loads, as they were on sale, so they should last me a while.


Forcing myself to get on with the half-finished autumn bits was great for my mojo.  I decided to spend a week doing nothing but sewing, during school hours, (I have to go into parent/cleaner/gardener/cook mode, when they get back) and the satisfaction of my half-finished project boxes emptying and my shop boxes filling is a joy, it has really got me back on track with renewed enthusiasm for The Linen Cat.  I’ve tried this method before, the you-will-not-leave-this-desk-until-the-box-of-things-you-are-avoiding-is-complete method and it works well for me.  I struggle to get going, sometimes, but once the tidy piles of completed work start to form, my enthusiasm returns.


This box of roses is typical of things I have sitting in sewing limbo.  They were cut out and half-stitched last summer, to be fair I cut many other flower brooches that did get finished, but these were abandoned, incomplete.  Since then, they’ve travelled to Yorkshire, Centre Parcs and goodness knows where else, in the hope I’d get stitching, but after a little push and a couple of days hand sewing they are finally done, packaged and ready for the shop, come September – yay!


It spurred me onto some purse making (I have been trying to finish acorns as well, they still need to be packaged).


I had to abandon them mid-way as I ran out of interlining, I get through loads on purses and have just opted to buy a 25m roll.  I took this forced break to draft new cardboard patterns.  I always work on brown paper, but for things that will need repeat cutting, I often move to laminated card so the edges wont get worn.  It was also a good opportunity to stick interfacing samples onto card and label them, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone to buy more and couldn’t remember what kind I’ve been using.


I had planned to put my feet up and enjoy the latest issue of selvedge magazine.  It’s the only subscription I still get, having cancelled all my others over the past year, but I think my mini tidy in the purse making box has spurred me on the sort out the studio in general.  I now find myself clambering over boxes and piles of fabric as I try (yet again!) to re-jig the space to work better.  We’ve just given up our spare room to F as he’s getting too old to share with C and it was always his room anyway, so the excess furniture has to go somewhere.  In typical me style, I then got upset about the state of the walls in here, for those who have been reading my blog for years, you might remember that this room once had the spare bed in half of it, then half became the kids play space, before I begged to be allowed it all in return for removing as much of my clutter as possible from the rest of the house.  As a result the walls are covered in sticky little handprints, pencil marks and scraped paint, so to add to the chaos I am now attempting to paint it patch by patch as I move furniture around.


It’s proving to be hard work and I’ve rather abandoned the rest of the house in the process, but there is a sense of satisfactions as each little bit becomes clean and white and the accompanying furniture is put to good use and tidied.  I even brought some roses in from the garden to pop on the desk as that simple detail makes me smile (as long as I don’t turn around to look at the rest of the room!!).  Hopefully there will be some photos, when I’m done, but for now it’s back to the grind.

18 thoughts on “Roses and Moo Minis…

  1. Glad you had fun at Glyndebourne, I saw some of the floral preparations on Gardeners World, it looked amazing!
    Good to see your sewing mojo has returned, your little brooches are as always lovely. 🙂
    Love the new mini Moos, I actually need new ones too, the round corners are great. I’ll have to get my son onto that, he’s doing a revamp of my blog too, great having a graphic designer in the family, downside though is if your not paying you are bottom of the queue! 😉
    V x

    • The gardens are amazing V, so perfectly presented, I’m so glad we got to sit in them this year, with our picnic as it makes the day even more special. My cape went down well too, lots of admiring comments, can’t believe I didn’t take a photo, what a muppet!

      How handy to have a graphic designer for a son, I bet you end up with wonderful Moo Minis, even if there is a wait! Bxx

  2. have you checked to see if the post is further down the list? If it had a date in the past on it for some reason, it will have published it chronologically/

  3. Hi Beth,

    good luck with your painting, I’m sure it will feel good when its finished and a relief! I love Felix’s cat drawing, its brilliant! so pleased he is enjoying drawing, it’s the best 🙂 H loves that ‘Northern Lights’ and has re read it so many times, I haven’t ever read it but he keeps telling me to so it must be good.

    I LOVE your beautiful mini moo cards, well worth every penny as they look very professional and show off your work so well. I can’t wait to see your autumn sewing!!! I sort of semi hyperventilated at the acorn pictures (honestly) I just love them and may have to get some more this year. I’m so pleased for you that your sewing mojo has returned, half finished projects are the best as when you finish them it feels like so much has been done 🙂
    I’m currently doing loads of drawing and trying to enter lots of competitions this year, have entered 2 but aiming for 4 in total. Don’t know why but am aiming high this year but have neglected my shop in the process.

    It did make me smile to see the card I made you in the last pic so pleased you like it and still have it 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your autumn sewing, I can’t wait to see it 🙂 Safxxx

    • Hi Saf, both the boys LOVE drawing, they churn out page after page, especially Felix. He has got quite good, he tends to be a bit obsessive about one subject so it was sonic figures for a while, then minecraft ones, but he can draw sonic from all angles and in various poses which I know I would have struggled with at his age, despite having an obvious ‘art’ side from about 4.

      Your acorn comment made me laugh, they were very popular last time (2 years ago now, these ones were started for last winter but never got completed…can you see a theme with my making 😉 ) so I hope they prove to be so again. I tend to get about 2 runs out of each design before the interest slows, or that’s my finding anyway.

      I think it’s great about the drawing, you are clearly enjoying it so I wouldn’t worry about the shop, life is too short so do what makes you happy 🙂 Bxx

      PS, I love the pinecone card, it was so very lovely of you to send it.

  4. I loved the northern lights trilogy, the second book was my favourite.
    I am very impressed with your ability to get your head down and sew for the next season, I love your acorns…..must make a note to myself to buy one when you pop them in your shop…..
    Good luck with the painting and I love that old photo in your last photo, was it a special trip somewhere, they all look dressed up.

    • I loved the set too and I was sad they only made one film and I thought it was OK. I feel so much better to have some boxed finished products for the cooler season, almost like a ‘proper’ designer 😉 I’ve even got the patterns and fabric cut for things for next spring/summer so I can sew them up over winter, I figure if I can get an entire year ahead, in the long run, it would be wonderful, in ideas and finished samples at least. Oh the photo…I have no idea who the ladies are, Mum gave it to me years ago, so not even sure if it’s relations of not, she used to save anything with old clothing on for me as I was obsessed as a teenager onwards by antuque things, especially textiles. They are clearly on holiday, somewhere hot by the look of the clothing, I plan to scan it and re-print a copy so the original can go behind in the frame, that way it wont get faded as my studio gets so much sun. Bxx

  5. So glad your mojo has returned, your work is fantastic! I had a quick look at my Moo Minis and I much prefer the rounded corners on yours (I have quite a stack of square ones to get through unfortunately- and I realised they all now have a non existent website address!)
    Just remember you only have one pair of hands, and it’s wonderful to use them creatively. Flissx

    • Hi Fliss. Oh I hate that, when something new comes along it makes you see your older version in a slightly negative way, the same happened with some postcards I had printed via Moo in the early shop days, the images just weren’t all that good as I hadn’t got to grips with photographing products yet, I was pleased at the time, but they so quickly became ‘crappy looking’….in the end I kept a few as samples but threw the rest in the recycle bin! Good advice on the hands, I know I set myself high targets, I do try to be realistic and break things into chunks, that does help a bit. Bxx

    • Great books aren’t they? I practically did and air punch of happiness when I saw it was F’s next school reading book. He got a very old Enid Blyton, that wasn’t even a Secret Seven, last time as there was ‘nothing else left’ in the library so the teacher picked it for him. My husband (who F reads to) got a bit cross as it had a Down Syndrome man who was frequently referred to in totally inappropriate ways (ie ‘the one that was dropped on his head’ etc) we had to keep explaining that it was written in a different time, it was a bit shocking really just how bad it was. We’ve been trying to get F to understand how exciting it is to get sucked into the world of a book, and how much fun it is to imagine it unfolding in your head, over watching the same in TV, this trilogy is perfect for that and to add to the excitement, F’s new teacher is using Harry Potter as a teaching topic – wonderful! Let’s hope he continues to enjoy it 🙂 Bxx

      • Oh, that is bad 😦 I think R mainly skipped Secret Seven, but read the whole Famous five series. I’ll have a chat with her and make sure she didn’t pick up on any unhelpful attitudes.

  6. Glad you had a fabulous time at Glynebourne! That cat drawing is just brilliant… after much interest in mark making when a little one it has taken until the past few months for P to show an interest in drawing again. Now it is army(?) drawings everywhere! Oh, the satisfaction of completing some half abandoned projects – I have a (large) basket full of such things, though mine look far more mundane than your lovely projects. And good luck with your room!

    • Both my boys are crazy for drawing, I wonder they, too, will ‘grow out if’ for a bit. I’m glad P is showing an interest again, I love how a pad of blank paper and some pencils can give hours of fun to kids, especially as the flip side of my two is a serious electronics and minecraft addiction! I’m still forcing myself to work through those projects, it does feel good as each one is completed 🙂

  7. Hello Beth,

    Those mini moos with round corners are adorable, and the colors look pretty to me (not too dark at all), you’ll soon have such pretty piles of autumn things ready… Those beautiful autumnal-shades (and this endless rain here) males me want to get my wool out too…

    Have a lovely day!


  8. Catching up with your blog Beth, and had to giggle that we are fellow IronMan widows. Dave did the Tenby one last year and is angling to do another. He has done one half size version in Bala this year and will do another next month in Fishguard. It is such a commitment isn’t it? I love that he is so keen and fit, but the training definitely takes its toll on family time. As you can gather, I’m not exactly cheering him on to sign up for another one! Sorry to hear you’ve been having tech challenges. They are the worst! But yay for the trip to London. I just got back last night (Hampton Court Flower Show — absolute bliss).

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