I Hear Thunder…

Today I’m sweating in the studio (nice image huh?!) as I do all the time in this crazy heat, whilst waiting for the thunder storms to come.  I do hope they arrive, I woke at 2am last night and could hear lots of  rumbling in the distance, the sky was flashing like crazy and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I watched and waited in eager anticipation for the storms to reach us and total bummer, they never did!  They just passed by in the distance, hence another hot and sticky start to the day.


Lack of sleep and complete boredom of the weather means I’m taking it easy today.  I have been ploughing slowly through work, it’s been quite therapeutic to empty the project boxes as each one is completed, some of these have been on the go for years now.  I have new things ready to show but I need to photograph and list them first, and for that I definitely need cooler weather, ideally with a little light cloud to soften the shadows; although my Lightcase has arrived, so I could try that out for some of the smaller items.

DSC_0059 I’ve just bought two large pencil bundles from Ebay.  They are the old design Derwent Studio ones as I much prefer them to the newer style.  I received my first big tin of these when I was in sixth form, I clearly remember them being a main Christmas present, they were super expensive at the time.  What’s left of my stash (added to over the years) sits in a jar in my studio, but F keeps ‘borrowing’ them for his drawing as he prefers the selection to his own collection (I’ve no idea why as the boys have so many pencils and crayons between them), my aim is to get a set together for each of the boys, so they leave mine alone!  I also like the idea of using them in product photos, so I’ll naturally be keeping a set back for myself.  I love seeing them all lined up in a row.DSC_0066I’m gathering together gifts for the teachers, all a bit late this year as I’m not very organised.  One of the teachers is due to have a baby soon and as the most common thing I sell for little ones is the linen mice, C has written a message on this one’s bum that I’ve machine embroidered over.  I’m not very inspired, otherwise, and it might be the remaining flower brooch cards….or lavender birds….or recurrent jelly made by the boys for the others.  I need to decided this weekend as school’s nearly out for summer.


I was pleased to find an excuse to finish these linen boys up though, they’ve been half made for a good year or so.  I’m not sure why all the others were completed at the time I started them and these three were abandoned at the leg attaching stage but it’s another project box I can empty and it keeps my stock topped up.DSC_0040Now it’s time to just wait for that gentle pitter patter or rain, or ideally a torrential downpour!


18 thoughts on “I Hear Thunder…

    • It’s not nice hot, V, it’s sticky and it’s gone on too long – such a Brit, never happy with the weather – ha ha! I love thunderstorms as well and luckily we’ve passed this along to the boys, so they’ve never been afraid. Thanks for the mice love 🙂 Bxx

  1. Phew! I can’t seem to cool off either even though we did have rain last night, it doesn’t seem to have cooled down.I can also empathise with the sleepless night. The pencils bought back memories. I was given Caren Dache (if that’s how you spell it!) they were a big deal,and I still have some very small stubs left.

    • Heck yes, I still have my caran ‘ache crayons too! They were the in thing when I was on Art Foundation, probably about the same time coloured pencils went out of fashion. It was all mixed media, gouache and ripped paper. Let’s hope it gets cooler this next week 🙂 Bxx

  2. Hi Beth,
    I do commiserate, we have the same hot/humid weather here and are totally fed up of it now. H woke with the storm last night but I totally slept through it, which is odd as I’m a light sleeper usually. I do hope a good storm happens tmw, it is forecast here and we desperately need it to clear the air.
    Owww! I love the box of stock at the end of this post, lovely to see so many of your creations together 🙂 I especially love the rabbits in there red coats 🙂 Also loving your colouring pencil collection. I have a small tin of them but more lead pencils generally, but they are so handy for everything and I love the Derwent brand. My favourite to draw with. Also loving the pic of your beautiful projects getting finished at the top, such pretty colours going on, the fairies and bunnies look lovely 🙂 Great to hear you got your Lightcase, will no doubt be very handy for the little items too. Your studio pics always inspire me Beth, I’ve got all excited now! Have fun making today and I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family, Safxxx

    • It must have been a big storm your way, I could see it in the distance flashing up the sky, I think it just missed my little corner of the south east 😦 I like the rabbits too, Saf, they are one of my favourite things, I like the girl version as well, but I need to re-stock those. Glad you felt inspired by the pics, I am quite excited about getting all my photos taken over the summer hols and finally blogging all the finished things. Bxx

  3. Beth you should have been here last night…wow it was a firework display. It woke us up…..and the rain was unbelievable I thought the roof was coming in! I have pencil envy….,love them so much and I can quite understand just lining them up. How quickly the end of term has come around? I love to see your WIP, looking great as always. Keep cool xx

    • The storm looked amazing in the distance, I was glued (much to M’s annoyance!) to staring out of our velux for ages, waiting for it to arrive with us. Hasn’t made much difference to the temp though, has it? Yes, this term has flown by, I’m ready for the holidays though, as are the boys. I’ve just sneakily booked myself in for a 2 day break, on my own, in Yorkshire, before we all go up together for our holidays, utter bliss 🙂 Bethx

  4. Here in Hertfordshire we are enduring the heat and humidity, and the full on thunderstorms! Last night’s effort made no difference to the temperature today… Thank you for visiting the blog today, fingers crossed I am doing my first sale tomorrow! If it pours with rain, i will just open an online shop instead 🙂

    • The storms finally reached us last night – hurrah! – but it’s not cooling things much here either 😦 Very best of luck with the sale, I do hope it goes well, there’s nothing as nice as knowing people like what you make and are prepared to pay. Don’t underprice yourself, make sure you get money back for your skills and time as well as the materials! Bethxx

  5. Hello Beth,

    Lovely piles of ready/in progress creations, do I see pink rabbit pouches there too, oh… All those boxes getting emptied (and future shop shelves full) must be ever so satisfying. And I adore your new pens, I love my Faber-Castells (definitely “vintage”, bought in 1989 or so goodness me) as they turn into watercolor with just a little water&brush. Thank you for the inspiration, I should draw more, I used to do it all the time.

    It is hot&humid here too, but no storm either. I wish it get to you and then us (but during the night hopefully) and clears the air a bit. I love the heat though. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Mia,

      Oh yes, there are pink bunnies hiding in there! Well spotted Mrs Pink 😉

      I’ll admit, I don’t draw much and if I did I, too, would use watercolour pencils or Caran D’Ache crayons, I do use the pencils for colouring in my ideas book though, just to note colour combinations I’m thinking of.

      We had storms last night – loud and flashy – but sadly it’s still hot today. I love sun if I’m on holiday, relaxing, I’m just rubbish at working it heat, I get bothered and stressed. Typical Brit, never happy with the weather 😉


  6. Oo I love your mice, they are very cute!
    We had a big thunderstorm at 4 am. Huge flashes and lots of booms. I woke up and fell back to sleep almost immediately 🙂
    Have a great day!

  7. Hello Beth, Love your boys Mohawks and orange hair (in the last post). Do we ever outgrow our love for pens/ pencil sets??!! Hoping your weather improves. It’s been hot and humid here too.
    Anne xx

    • Felix wears crazy hair a bit too well, he was in his element! I am a sucker for any kind of ‘collection’, be it books, vintage cigarette cards, let’s face it pretty much anything that I can stack or lay out together and admire. We’re still in hot sticky land here still, I just sat and waited by the side of a swimming pool for over an hour, in ridiculous heat only to find that Charlie’s teacher wasn’t teaching and they’d forgotten to replace her – nightmare as he started crying (they just play for the last session of the school year and he was really looking forward to it) luckily they tacked him onto another group of kids at the same level with a different teacher. I was ready to blow though, so hot and bothered as I felt. Might need to be a wine night tonight 😉 Bethx

  8. Hey I must have the same stash of Derwent pencil crayons that my parents also bought me for Christmas back in the late 1980’s I still have them and love them – some colours are very small now though ; (

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