Tudor Boy….6?

I am pretty sure I never published this post showing the (final?) outing of the Tudor Boy costume and as it’s the end of the school year, now seems a good time to finish it and press the button.  I’m afraid these entries are often more for my own record than anything else, so you might want to skip this one…oh and if you’re waiting for shop sewing there will be so many posts in a row in a few weeks time, you’ll be sick of them all!!

DSC_0253 DSC_0054DSC_0020DSC_0018Back in March The Tudor Boy costume came out again.  I think this is about the 6th time it has been worn by the boys, it really was a good make but is definitely getting a little too tight now (I originally made it for my oldest when he was in reception, as above), although it might get another outing yet.

DSC_0016See how happy C is about wearing it…again…he moaned sooooo much that I ended up getting quite cross.  He’s quite particular and couldn’t get past the fact that is was 1666 History Day and not actually Tudor Day so he figured the costume was wrong, I struggled to get him to understand that this outfit is fine to wear for both.  You can see the original post for the costume here…..I am sorry it’s doesn’t really offer any help in drafting your own pattern, I get endless emails on the back of it asking if I have one (a pattern, that is) and I feel terribly guilty explaining I just made one especially for my own kid but have no record of it and if I’m honest, it’s to complicated for me to attempt to explain how to draft one to share on-line.

DSC_0146Also early this year, F needed a costume for the school play, and knowing how well the Tudor one has done (and knowing a similar style will be needed again in the coming couple of years) I made a kind of generic ‘ye olden days’ tunic and shirt.  Annoyingly F has had a growth spurt and I’m afraid it might not even last for the next two years, despite my making it a  bit large.

DSC_0020 DSC_0022I’ve been sorting all my online photos and it’s been really good to have them nicely filed.  In the ‘school’ folder from this year I also have ‘bad hair day’.  Here is F rocking a mohican.  What a moody monster 🙂  I have no idea where he gets the grumpy attitude from *ahem*.

DSC_0016And nonchalantly strangling his brother.  Says it all really.

charlie australian dayIn case you are mistaken in thinking that I always make costumes for the boys, here’s a more recent one,  C for Australia Day – G’day Folks! – Hat with corks, boomerang and kangaroo in pocket and beach wear…no stereotyping there then!


Any my fav bought costume of this year, a cloak and tie for F for Harry Potter Day, along with chop stick wand.  Job done.  Actually this was a great buy, it’s an adult size (I have learnt to buy adult sizes for F in fancy dress costumes as he’s very tall and I find the cheap stuff comes up small) the cloak is actually quite well made.  It’s well cut and stitched, plus fully lined, there is no way I could have made one for the £15 it cost…there was a fear it might self-combust due to the synthetic fiber content but otherwise it was great.

That concludes my quick round-up of some of this year’s school costumes, I wonder what we’ll need for 2015?

13 thoughts on “Tudor Boy….6?

    • We often wonder why the school don’t take donated costumes as the parents tend to repeat buy the same ones for the various plays, nativities and themed day and I think often they end up in the bin in the long run, but I guess storage space is the problem. I think F would make a good punk or goth, he has the moody attitude off to a t 🙂 Bxx

  1. G’day! Of course that outfit is exactly what we’re all wearing right now here down under… haha 🙂 I particularly like the mohawk hair and attitude.

    • Ha ha, I was thinking of you, Jane, as I put that photo up, it made me laugh as C was adamant he wanted a hat with corks, this one came from Amazon and was so cheap I couldn’t understand how they even posted them out for the low price, clearly every other Mum must have had the same experience as pretty much every kid turned up in the same hat! They had fun though, Australia was the topic all term and C really enjoyed it 🙂 Bethxx

  2. Hi Beth,
    love F’s mohican, his face did make me laugh 🙂 Brilliant! C looks very sweet in his Australian outfit too and I like his fed up face in the tudor costume, I like that they’ve got character 🙂 My little sister Heidi when she was small always used to pull faces in pics and we’ve got some brilliant pictures of her! She was a right little madam! But very cute with it.
    Your boys look smashing in there outfits, I can see why the tudor one has been so popular as its very authentic looking (not that I know anything about period costume but to me it looks the part) and your new grey version its lovely. Even if F has already outgrown it, you’ll be able to keep them for your grand children and I’m sure they’d be a treasured item to wear in the future 🙂 Honestly Beth, your boys are so lucky you can make such wonderful things for them, Safxxx

    • There’s half a tonne of hair product in that mohican Saf, but it was still standing when I collected the boys from school, so it worked. C is such a sulker, he complained so much about the Tudor outfit. I never thought of keeping the costumes in the long run (M would have a fit, I think!) I imagine I’ll pass them along to a Mum with young boys so they can do the rounds again 🙂 Bxx

  3. Hello Beth,

    I take my hat off to you for getting all those fabulous costumes done and boys into them in right days (grumpy or not). I still have smile on my face for the Australian Day’s (where do they get these days? Who chooses what to celebrate and when, we have nothing similar here un/fortunately 😉 ) ” no stereotyping here then” buahhah! You’re the best, Beth!

    Happy weekend to you and those gorgeous boys of yours!


    • Hello lovely Mia,

      It must be the norm for primary schools to pick these themes as I see similar in friends posts all over facebook. The
      Australia Day’ was a term topic of ‘Katie Morag (famous Scottish fictional character…apparently….I’d never heard of her) goes to Australia’ so they studied the author and her books and the differences between Scotland and Australia etc. F’s fav topic ever was ‘The Vikings’ he LOVED that term but he’s rather enjoyed Harry Potter as a theme too – the class went to a local science school for the day, dressed in their costumes where they have Hogwarts style classes in spells etc. I have a love/hate relationship with the need for regular costumes for school, I love how engaged it gets the kids but often we get short notice to come up with something and it’s all a bit stressful. Bonus of two boys, I know what’s coming for Charlie and now have it ready!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, the storms hot here last night and it’s raining now – bliss – sadly it’s not cooling things down though.


  4. Fun to see them all together… Oh my, what a lot of effort you put into these costumes. The makes are truly magnificent. I do enjoy sending P in Mummy made costumes while he allows – some this year for us have been a rainforest explorer type,a donkey, Where’s Wally and a knight. The knight was the only one we had a costume already made. And of course P refused to wear it. Some very important fact about it not being quite right. Hmmm.

    • Thank you! Ah yes, the ‘not quite right’ thing, amazes me how much kids will fight a costume when it’s pretty spot on from a parents point of view. Nice to know they enjoy wearing something you’ve made though and sounds like you’ve been busy this year too 🙂 Bethx

  5. Funny. I love and loathe in equal measures all the costumes I have to make or assemble for Gwennan during the school year. Loved your boys’ expressions in these photos. From my experience girls are just as fussy but tend to enjoy the end result a bit more, ha ha!

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