Little Birds and Pesky Packaging…

I’ve always been very conscious of the dilemma of packaging and pricing when working on things for the shop; I’ve written about how important I think it is to deliver parcels in such a way that it feels like you’re opening something special, personally I love to receive things that are prettily wrapped, even if it’s just brown paper and string

DSC_0130 DSC_0146I’ve seen this done really well recently in many of the vintage clothing parcels that come my way (the above were from simplicityisbliss and 1940sThrowback…..I think….so sorry if I’ve got either wrong!).  Packaging I think I have nailed, but I find the postage bit a total nightmare, especially since Royal Mail put up their prices, it’s become even harder to make sure that I can get items into the ‘large letter’ category (costing 93p), as they HAVE to be under 25mm in depth, otherwise they slip into the pricing band classed as ‘small parcel’ and the price leaps up to a whopping £3.20, so you can see why it’s important.


Which brings me to some new Little Birds that have been waiting in the wings for quite a while, simply because I couldn’t decide how to packaged them so their tails would survive intact and they wouldn’t cost more to post than their individual price, which would be silly.

I’d originally (the first blue/red ones were made up a couple of winters ago) imagined them to feature on a folded card, so they could be given at Christmas, as I really like the idea of sending cards that also double as a small gift, but as the rose brooch cards never went down that well (people always opted for the same brooch alone), I abandoned that plan.DSC_0178Instead I decided to keep it simple and just mount the individual birds on my regular card stock.


The cards were cut down (they come A5 size) and the corners rounded.

DSC_0186As you can see, the little birds are quite plump, and along with the acorns do pose the problem of width when it comes to that pesky 25mm restriction.


So out came all my existing card envelopes and I finally settled on white DVD envelopes.  They allow enough space for the tails and they keep the birds squished enough in girth.DSC_0189The birds have been mounted with a bow above each as I think it looks pretty.

DSC_0188They come in turquoise, cerise and the original cool blue and red.

DSC_0149 I’m not sure how well they will sell, but I’m glad to finally empty the box they have been living in for months and get them listed.DSC_0151

You can find them here…although I’m away right now and I’ve turned the shopping bag feature off…but the shop will be open again soon, I promise.DSC_0176


I was unsure how to approach this post, or if I even intended to write about it all.  In this space, I try to balance being honest without getting into the details of my personal life, party because those details often involve other people, and I don’t think I have a right to mention them more than in passing, and also because I don’t think people want to read about the mundane or gloomy bits, I figure there are other blogs they might choose to for that, written by people who are more eloquent on the subject of ‘life’, it’s not why folk come here.  My space it simply a blog about my sewing with a bit of family and home life thrown in, but I don’t believe I can let this pass without a mention and as M himself wrote about it so brilliantly on Facebook (don’t judge, it was by far the easiest way to get the news out there and we both agreed beforehand), I’m going to quote him:

“Exactly 11 years ago Beth Foster and I got married at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire.  
While we had a great run, we have now decided to go our separate ways. We will remain friends and continue to have the highest respect for each other, but think it will be best for us and our wonderful children if we live our own lives going forward.

No tears were shed, no lawyers hired and we are both very excited about our respective futures. 
So I think congratulations are in order”
I had so much more to write on the subject, but when it actually comes down to it I feel the above says enough.  We’re good.  It wasn’t an easy decision but it’s the right one and I’m optimistic we will remain good friends.
The coming year will involve many decisions; where to live, how to support myself and the boys, and as a result this blog could go two ways, I’ll either be sewing like a crazy person to get The Linen Cat up to a full-time job, or I’ll be working elsewhere and the sewing will become just a hobby.  Certainly for now, I’ll be staying in this space and blogging as usual and simply seeing how it all goes.
wild flowers
Right now we’re enjoying our last family holiday together in my beloved Yorkshire and I’m finding comfort and peace in the landscape I love.

Royal Doulton Fable Tableware…

Super quick post to share my new crush…


Royal Doulton Fable Tableware.  As discovered whilst trying to find some new white crockery (oh how I wish M would like these…but I know he wont, so I’ll stick with white as I always do…besides it goes with everything that way I suppose) on the John Lewis website.

232723237 232723223 232723228232723239

That’s all.  Back to hanging out with the kiddies 🙂