Royal Doulton Fable Tableware…

Super quick post to share my new crush…


Royal Doulton Fable Tableware.  As discovered whilst trying to find some new white crockery (oh how I wish M would like these…but I know he wont, so I’ll stick with white as I always do…besides it goes with everything that way I suppose) on the John Lewis website.

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That’s all.  Back to hanging out with the kiddies 🙂

16 thoughts on “Royal Doulton Fable Tableware…

  1. OOO I do like the red one.. Thank you for commenting on my Blog. I always have a problem replying to you , not sure why so I always tend to reply on the blog itself xx

  2. Hello Beth,

    Lovely finds! And somewhat very scandinavian-looking to me? And I know it’s the heat messing my head but all I can think now is Hyacinth Bucket and her Royal Doulton with hand painted periwinkles. Sorry dear.

    Happy weekend!


    1. The cup with the bird, I mean. But I’ve also noticed a plate with the same design. If I can’t do any decorating today, maybe I should pop down to Meadowhall and have a look in John Lewis.

  3. These are lovely Beth, I especially love the second pic with the vine leaf pattern 🙂 I do sympathise, H often doesn’t like the things i do (Emma Bridgewater flowery mugs usually!) so your not alone. Hope you and your boys have a lovely holidays, safxxx

  4. I agree they are lovely (I use to work at John Lewis and now I’m glad I don’t any more as I would never have any money!) xxx

  5. Wow, I love the blue trees and the bird. I totally understand, we have white plates at our house too. ( though I do have 2 sets of colorful dessert plates)!! Thinking of all of you….. Anne xx

  6. Oooo, it is gorgeous. I do wish I could justify buying some! I’m going to miss John Lewis up here. I made a very rare trip into Inverness a couple of weeks ago (all by myself, yay!) and had a wee look in Debenhams, which is all there is, and it really isn’t the same. Juliex

  7. How come these have escaped my notice? Love them! We also have all white crockery for anything other than everyday (where anything goes). But I can see these fitting in quite well with the white stuff. Must investigate further …

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