I was unsure how to approach this post, or if I even intended to write about it all.  In this space, I try to balance being honest without getting into the details of my personal life, party because those details often involve other people, and I don’t think I have a right to mention them more than in passing, and also because I don’t think people want to read about the mundane or gloomy bits, I figure there are other blogs they might choose to for that, written by people who are more eloquent on the subject of ‘life’, it’s not why folk come here.  My space it simply a blog about my sewing with a bit of family and home life thrown in, but I don’t believe I can let this pass without a mention and as M himself wrote about it so brilliantly on Facebook (don’t judge, it was by far the easiest way to get the news out there and we both agreed beforehand), I’m going to quote him:

“Exactly 11 years ago Beth Foster and I got married at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire.  
While we had a great run, we have now decided to go our separate ways. We will remain friends and continue to have the highest respect for each other, but think it will be best for us and our wonderful children if we live our own lives going forward.

No tears were shed, no lawyers hired and we are both very excited about our respective futures. 
So I think congratulations are in order”
I had so much more to write on the subject, but when it actually comes down to it I feel the above says enough.  We’re good.  It wasn’t an easy decision but it’s the right one and I’m optimistic we will remain good friends.
The coming year will involve many decisions; where to live, how to support myself and the boys, and as a result this blog could go two ways, I’ll either be sewing like a crazy person to get The Linen Cat up to a full-time job, or I’ll be working elsewhere and the sewing will become just a hobby.  Certainly for now, I’ll be staying in this space and blogging as usual and simply seeing how it all goes.
wild flowers
Right now we’re enjoying our last family holiday together in my beloved Yorkshire and I’m finding comfort and peace in the landscape I love.

25 thoughts on “News…

  1. Well it’s quite obvious that you both have given your decision plenty of thought and have worked out what you both want.
    I wish you all well and I do hope Beth you won’t be a stranger!
    V x

  2. Wishing you both all the best in your futures whatever they may hold. It’s never an easy decision , at present I am helping two friends go through the same thing . I also hope you won’t be a stranger and that everything turns out fine. xx

  3. I have lots of respect for you both on how you are handling both your futures. I wish you both the best of luck in what ever way it goes and I do hope that this amicable split will continue and you can always remain friends. Love and best wishes, lyn xxxx

  4. Two very brave and lovely people making the best decision for you and you children, it’s commendable. Best of luck to both you and M, you deserve the best and to be happy. Will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best and a happy future, love safxxx

  5. Hi Beth, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. It sounds like you have both made the best decision for you all, it is so hard to break away from something that is comfortable but not quite working. Wishing you both and your boys contentment and happiness and please do stick around here no matter which way life takes you as we do love popping in and catching up on how you are doing. PS if you want me to promo you on my fb page scented sweetpeas at all just me me a shout and I will be very happy to help xxx

  6. Wishing you all the best your futures can bring. It must have been a difficult decision, but made so much easier if you remain as the friends you have always been to each other x

  7. Hi Beth….best of luck to you two! I love your modern twist of getting the word out! xo Yvonne

    p.s. Dan James is heading to Colorado late September and we are trying to meet up. Should be fun!


  8. Aw Beth, very sorry to hear your news, such a lot of change to come but as you say, it is all in the expectation of the best future for you all. A brave decision, wishing you the best of luck, Anne x

  9. Beth, blessing to you both and the dear children. You have so much heart and talents I am sure the future is bright. -Lillian

  10. Aww Beth I have only just seen this…life got in the way for me over the past few weeks. I am sovery sorry to hear this but you both have obviously given it very careful thought and can see this is the way forward for a better life for you both and for the boys. You are an incredibly strong woman and will forge a new life and I will be so proud to see the process. Blogging does bring joy to all our lives, I’m glad you shared this here, it’s very brave. Wishing you all the luck in the world in this new stage in your life. Hugs xxxxx

  11. It is always sad to hear of a marriage break up (I’ve been through one myself and know that it’s not an easy decision to make).
    I wish you all the very best for your future Beth. I’m sure you know that you have made some genuine friends via your wonderful blog, who care about you and your wonderful boys.
    Whatever happens in this new chapter in your life, I wish you every happiness and success.
    Jill xxx

  12. Dear Beth, This was hard to read and please know, I’ve been thinking of you all. Please take care of yourself and sending all my best wishes for your future days. Anne D.T. xxxx

  13. Dear Beth… sad to read your news. Sending you the bestest wishes that the next weeks and months sort themselves so that you can be doing the things you love and want to do to support your family. Take good care, Claire

  14. Oh Beth, wishing you the very best for your new future. I do hope that you all got the most from your time at home in Yorkshire. I’m sure this must have been a very hard decision but am equally sure that you will have reached the right one for you all. I do hope that your new start isn’t too stressful and that things fall into place for you and the boys. I remember how often you have mentioned, here and when commenting on my blog, that you like your time to yourself and sorting things out your own way (and I have always nodded my head as I do too)…….so I have no doubt that you’ll pull through and create a wonderful life for you and the boys. Love, Juliexx

  15. Dear Beth,

    I am sending you all the best of everything for the future to come – it will all be good after a while, once you start finding those new paths. You are one strong woman – and we all are here for you!

    Happy thoughts from here,

  16. Ah Beth, I’m sorry to hear such sad news, though glad that it is as amiable as can be. I hope that the path forward is painless, and wish you lots of happiness to discover around the next corner.
    Big hugs, xxx

  17. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and really enjoy your posts, photos and work. Because of this I wanted to wish you and your family all the best going forward. I don’t normally comment on blogs but I’ve recently been supporting my lovely sister in law through a very similar situation and I know how tough this all can be but through it all she held on to the belief that it was the right decision. There are good days and bad days but gradually the good days are getting more frequent and their 3 children have all coped brilliantly, knowing that their mum and dad are still good friends. Best wishes x

  18. I was new to your lovely blog earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed reading the past posts as well as the new ones! I think you are an incredibly talented lady and admire your work tremendously! So being a bit behind myself with reading my own emails and “stuff” on internet of late (I lost my best friend to cancer just a month ago and I’m also going through divorce right now), I finally read your last few posts and just had to comment! I truly wish you all the very best with your new lives and hope you manage to carry on with your sewing Beth and your blog too! Be strong both for your boys and yourself and thank you for sharing everything! Sending you lots of good wishes xx

  19. Having a major catch up on some of my favourite blogs – I was so sorry to read this post, but I admire your strength and bravery in sharing here. I hope things work out for the best for all concerned, and that you find a way to continue doing what you love. Wishing you happiness and success xx

  20. Oh Beth, just catching up with your blog! Sending you huge hugs and lots of love to your family. I hope that the weeks and months ahead won’t be too disruptive or stressful and that you can all settle down to your new (and I’m sure very happy) lives. You sound as though you are both making every effort to do this as amicably and pain free as possible for the boys and yourselves — hats off to you. And I hope that Yorkshire was good. Take care of yourself lovely lady x

  21. Ah Beth, sorry I didn’t comment when I first read this, I always intended to come back when I found ‘the right thing’ to say and … well there’s never the right thing, is there? However, it sounds as amicable as possible and I do understand, more so as I get older, sometimes these things are for the best. I wish you and M and the boys every happiness and satisfaction in life as you get on with ‘the new normal’. xx

  22. Hi Beth – For some while I have had problems reading your blog on my iPad and so have missed catching up with you . Today I thought I would try my iPhone and hurray it worked ( you can tell I’m a technophobe ) . I’m so sorry to hear your news – I’m glad it’s on amicable terms especially for your boys sake . I wish you well for your new exciting future and will follow with interest . Your work is exquisite and it’s a joy to read and follow your blog – with best wishes Nikki (aka Mrs H)

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