They came…they went!

I feel quite bad as I know some people have been waiting ages for some new Tweed Bunny Purses and as I was updating the shop site, I added some pink ones that I have been sewing since….um…2011…..and they almost all sold in the last couple of days, directly after I popped them online.  Sorry.  I promise there are more coming, but for now the last one is here.


6 thoughts on “They came…they went!

  1. Hi Beth, I love the bunny purses, mine only comes out on very special occasions. I am also in love with the acorns 🙂
    I hope you and the boys are ok and coping alright with the massive upheavals in your lives at the moment.
    I also hope you get a work desk soon…reminds me of the time amazon sent me a car seat cover instead of a pair of trainers ?????
    Take care xxx

  2. Hello Beth,

    No wonder these hopped out of you shop in a minute, they are adorable!! That pink tweed is to dye for, just so me 🙂

    Happy autumn-days to you and the boys, may the days be sunny and bright!


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