Spider Purses…

Thanks for the fantastic response to the Victorian/Vampire purses, I was really pleased to see them go to people who often buy my work, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate anyone who comes back for more, it’s one of the biggest compliments I can imagine.  It can be a bit isolating working from home in the cocoon of my own little world, during the week I rarely get to bounce ideas off other creative people or, these days, rarely even get to talk to any grown-ups on a daily base, other than the school run (is that the sound of a violin I can hear in the background – ha ha!).  I’m not complaining, but it has got me thinking; if I held a kind of informal garden party next Spring, would any of you that read this blog be interested in coming along?  For context, I live less than an hour away from London, in Kent, and on the train line from Victoria.  For anyone slightly further afield, there are nice places to stay in the village (lots of B&B’s) and the garden is big enough for a few tents to be pitched.  I just thought it might be a good way to meet some of the people I’ve been talking to via the internet for years.  Just a thought.


Back to the post, which is oh so imaginatively titled.

So, when I was  buying the sequin and bead panels for the last purses, I spotted these spiders and couldn’t resist.  I knew exactly how I planned to use them and for once stuck with the original idea, creating a patchwork of black fabrics (in silk, velvet and linen) and over stitching with gold thread.


That really is it.  I did consider (for ages) how I wanted to do the spider’s web, I tried a more curved shape, but it looked best a little stylised and straight, so I stuck with that.


The spiders are very firmly stitched on, so I’m happy to know they wont be going anywhere in a hurry.


The lining is in gold silk and the clip frames are a smaller size (6 inches/15 cm) plus there is no inside pocket.

DSC_0220This was my only disaster really, as I just assumed I had 4 frames, but when I came to glue them, I could only find 2 and no-one in the UK stocked the original size, in fact even a worldwide search came up fruitless so I was getting a bit desperate when I finally found a Hong Kong Etsy seller who had a few in stock – phew, that would have been a lot of work wasted had it not turned out good.


As a result, I only got around to glueing the final two purses into their frames today (they’ve been stored away with all the other Halloween designs) and although I’d prefer to wait a while for the glue smell to disappear, I think I need to get them listed now.  So here they are.

Mice next!

14 thoughts on “Spider Purses…

  1. Another fantastic design.
    The garden party is such a lovely idea. I would love to be able to come but sadly think I am much too far away. I will just have to enjoy reading about it instead! Juliex

  2. Yes, I like the idea of a garden party too! Although I’m not sure how practical it would be for me – it would really need to be during our school holidays for a start, but don’t plan anything round that as it’s probably too far, realistically. Never say never though…

  3. Hi Beth, I love these!
    I especially like how the spiders are beaded with the different fabric textures going on, and the gold lining is gorgeous 🙂 your sewing is getting me in the mood for Halloween and October. I showed my mum your designs this morning and she said your ‘very clever to be able to make such lovely things’, her words and I definatly agree.
    The garden party is a lovely idea 🙂 I look very scruffy in ‘real life’ and swear far to much, but as long as no one minds it’s all good, haha! Don’t worry your not alone, I often feel that way, I work part time at the mo and the rest of the week am either cleaning or drawing at home with no one around so I understand. I can’t wait to see the mice next! Safxxx

  4. Just love the contrasting blacks used for the background fabrics. You are making me feel seasonally spooky and I think that’s OK for the first of October! How lovely a garden party sounds…

  5. Hello Beth,

    What a lovely-scary set of purses, and so perfect in every way. Vintage feel is strong – and they are so you.

    Oh, I would love to come but you know – if I do not find a moneypot somewhere. But fingers crossed – the garden party sounds wonderful

    Happy October!


  6. Hi Beth,
    Those purses look very nice indeed. A garden party sounds great. I would definitely come. Looking forward to hear more about it. I haven’t been in touch for a while because I have been through some unexpected health issues. After the first shock and dramatic measures now I am feeling positive. I am sorry to hear about your news too. Life is full of surprises…

  7. Love these purses esp. the contrast of fabrics. If a spider can be called elegant, then these certainly fit the bill. I wish I could come to a garden party.
    Happy October…. Anne D.T. xx

  8. A garden party sound tremendous fun and very civilised. It would be wonderful to meet you in the flesh, Beth. I sound like a stalker, I’m totally not a stalker!
    Loving your spider purses. Again, all your hard work and attention to detail shines through.
    Jill xx

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