As predicted, the weather has turned and we’ve moved into Autumn proper, complete with its overcast, rainy days and a definite chill in the air in the mornings.  On Facebook, there is even much talk amongst the Yorkshire folk of turning the heating on, of course if they are true Yorkshire people that wont happen until it reaches under 3 degrees (right A?! – hee hee).

DSC_0148With this in mind, I spent some of the weekend making use of the last clear skies to try to photograph anything black, with mixed results.  I’d prefer better shots, but I’m aware of time slipping away so here we go with (first up) the witch mice specials.

DSC_0145There isn’t a lot to say here as it’s all kind of obvious.  I had some green linen left over after sewing apple aprons and I couldn’t resist stitching up some little Elphaba style witches for Halloween, especially as I haven’t sewn a Linen Mouse Special for ages.  Again, I had quite elaborate plans that didn’t entirely come to pass.


The body is made from black silk with pleat details and black crochet edged bias binding.  I had thought about using some of my antique button stash for the embellishments, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so, I realised that the cost per button, verses the difference it would make to the finished mouse, instead of just using modern buttons wouldn’t scale, and I’d be sad to see the buttons go as I have been saving them for a special project for years.DSC_0196I was also a little bit worried about the fact that they are glass and might easily chip or break.  In the end I sourced some little shell-like buttons for the shoes and some nice metallic looking numbers for the front of the dress.

DSC_0193What else? Oh I had imagined this little mouse to have a proper witches hat on, covered in feathers and some beading, but despite trying over and over I couldn’t get a pattern to work that fitted over the ear in any way and looked correct, so I opted for a beaded brooch that can be pinned on the head.DSC_0161 DSC_0158I struggled quite a lot trying to get photos, I am no genius with the camera and really need to learn how to use it manually, for now I relay entirely on the editing tool in my iPhoto library or Photoshop, you can see from above how much difference it can make, DSC_0204and had really hoped to take some ‘life style’ shots but this is as far as I got.

DSC_0209I did take this last photo whilst I had some of my collected junk gathered together for use as possible props and it got me thinking that I might like to try some still life style set-ups in future, I just need to play around a bit more and see what works.

For now, though, the witches can be found here 🙂

11 thoughts on “Witches…

  1. Oww beth, these are brilliant! I love the miss witch mouse’s beautiful dress! With the green linen for the bodies there brilliant 🙂 I have to admit I got very excited by your collection of black victorian glass buttons 🙂 I have a mini collection, but yours are very pretty indeed and I can understand why you want to save them for a special project! There’s something about victorian buttons that very appealing isn’t there! Can you tell I’m slightly obsessed?!
    I really like the pictures of the mice with your Dracula book and your pretty vintage props too, they definatly set the spooky mood 🙂 loving your sewing at the moment and wish I could buy more (am saving up!) hope your enjoying the autumnal feeling at the mo and are having a lovely week so far, Safxxx

  2. So fun, especially their wee brooches. It would be lovely to have more time to play around with photos wouldn’t it?! I love the book lifestyle shot – and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with some good ones with perseverance. Juliex

  3. Hi Beth, I love the contrast of black and green. I don’t blame you for saving your Fave. buttons for other things. These are so original. Definitely in the spirit of spookiness. Sending some sunshine your way…. It will be very cold soon.
    Thinking of you….
    Anne D.T. xxx

  4. Amazing creativity – green Victorian mice!! I have bought quite a few things from The Linen Cat over the past few weeks and am always delighted with the quality; in fact I was wearing a felt flower brooch today. Really can’t think of an excuse to buy a mouse… but I’m working on it!
    Cat ^..^

  5. Oh, R is totally enamoured with this!! Her and I have been to see Wicked twice, she even has the sheet music and sings and plays it on the piano… What a fab idea.

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