Heather Hues…

I started writing a very different post, all about big decisions (like where to live) and such, but quite frankly it all felt too serious so I deleted it and instead will just get straight to the subject.

barden fell

On of my favourite times of the year to visit the Yorkshire Dales is when the heather is out, it’s when I’m most keen to go walking and not just because the weather is often at it’s best but because I just love the colours. Β I took this photo back in August, when I last visited, it’s taken from Burnsall Fell looking back down on the village, I realise that G+ has done some nifty ‘Auto Awesome’ thing but the heather hues and greens are so pretty so it’s exactly what I imagine when I picture home.DSC_0207 It’s also why I tend to think of this purse as my ‘Yorkshire’ purse, the colours in the tweed reflecting my mind’s image of the colours of Yorkshire, of green rolling hills and Dales and heather moors (OK, I know this is totally romanticised and often it’s actually grey and pissing it down….which reminds me, I once saw a program about buying houses, it was for some Yorkshire lady who’d moved to Australia who was trying to make the big decision of whether to move her family back, apparently someone from ‘home’ had sent her a video of driving around in the rain for an hour to remind her how grim it really is, only she kept watching the video in repeat and feeling homesick as she actually missed the Northern rain – that would SO be me!!!).DSC_0200Sorry for those with good memories who have read about these purse colours from the first time I made this combination, but it proved so popular I wanted to make a second batch.DSC_0187I’m so in love with the brown tweed, with it’s lime green and purple shades running through, I think it’s my favourite so far and I’ve still got enough squirrelled away for a 1940’s suit.DSC_0205

As I’ve covered this subject before, there isn’t much more to say, simply that they are back in the shop.DSC_0121Whilst I was in purse making mode, I figured I’d add another acorn version. Β DSC_0120I liked the idea of sticking to brown tweeds for this one, although there is a hint of wine red in the herringboneDSC_0194and for a contrast pop of colour, I lined them in orange silk.
DSC_0200 The down side of using silk is it shows every little crease and bump and even though I’m super careful to push the bag evenly into the frame, it’s inevitable that there are some bumps that look worse for being in a shiny fabric….this really annoys me, as I’m sure those who know me can imagine.DSC_0221 DSC_0235I’m nearly there with all the shop posts, I know it’s been a bit ‘product’ heavy around here and I’m quite looking forward to working on new things, even possibly some sewing for myself which has become a rare thing around here these days. Β Watch this space πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “Heather Hues…

  1. I do love your Yorkshire purse Beth πŸ™‚ it’s my favourite colours! Also the acorn version is wonderful, I spotted it on your website and desperately want one, I wonder if Father Christmas is listening?!
    I love your picture of Yorkshire and can understand the call to return, I second V, do what makes you happy and follow your heart πŸ™‚ Safxxx

    1. Hello lovely Saf, you have been leaving some wonderful comments on both my blogs recently and I’ve been crap at replying! So sorry. Oh I do love Yorkshire, but I’m seeing the plus side of being here as well and it’s a tough one. I’m taking six months off to just settle before I make any major decisions. I hope all is well with you, I know the move must be looming large (if it hasn’t already happened?!) but I hope you’re enjoying the Autumn and can settle into what ever life throws at you. Bxx

    1. I’ve been promising the 1940’s suit for ever, but I have a goal weight to get to first, as I’d be totally annoyed at making something that costs so much in fabric and time and might not fit me for long! Roll on that extra half a stone πŸ˜‰ Bxx

  2. Oh dear! I already have 4 purses from The Linen Cat, all of which I love, and all I can think of is how much I ‘need’ a pink purse with the amazing tweed or the acorn purse with the stunning orange lining! I have said it before but I can’t emphasise enough how well made and beautiful these purses are.
    My reason for writing today, however, is the photo. About a year ago I went to a beautiful wedding near Skipton and the views were just like the one in this post AND I took a Linen Cat purse (tweed with red flowers) which went with my outfit; so to me the purses and view definitely go together.
    Don’t ever apologise for product posts – I’m sure I am just one of many who love them!
    Cat ^..^

    1. Hello Cat πŸ™‚ Oh how fabulous and Skipton is the nearest town to Burnsall so you must have been practically on the doorstep to the photo!!! It makes me smile to know one of my purses went back to my home town. Thanks for all your wonderful support and encouraging words for my work, I really do appreciate it and I’m especially pleased you think my things are well made, makes my day. All the best, Bethx

  3. Ah, I will totally picture this landscape whenever I use my tweed purse now! But of course it has to fight for an outing now with the spider purse which arrived yesterday and is everything I was hoping for πŸ™‚ I hope you find some clarity on your big decisions Beth – I think taking your time will be key – or if no one right answer presents itself, just take a leap of faith and make the most of it!

    1. I was about to email you Jane, as was in a panic that the lady at the post office sent the purse via ‘economy’ when I specifically asked for ‘regular’ (hence it’s being cheaper than I expected to send) and apparently economy can take up to 56 days!!!!!!!! Thank goodness it has arrived before that and really glad you like it πŸ™‚ Bx

  4. it is the perfect time to walk in Yorkshire at the moment. I am loving these purse colours too. Do you sell the acorns as a brooch Beth?

  5. I always love reading your product posts, Beth. And, you always take such beautiful photos to accompany them. Your new purses are delightful, and I’m loving that fabulous pop of orange silk – what a fabulous colour.
    Jill x

  6. Dear Beth,

    I am so happy you find time and energy to post about your creative process, I love reading these posts! And the finished items are fab this time too, lovely mix of beautiful tweeds and pretty acorns, and that lining… Must be a pain to put in place but gives these an extra touch of elegance&luxury – just your style!

    Happy creating!


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