Tree Fairies…

I packed up the last of the acorn brooches today, thanks to Folksy, for linking through from Facebook, which was rather nice of them.  I was really lucky and got positive comments, because, I tell you, I couldn’t help noticing recently a Folksy featured photo on FB (of a piece of work that I thought was fabulous) got some quite mean and critical comments….why?  What happened to ‘if you can’t say something nice, shut up!’, I just don’t get it, but then I’m totally soft like that and generally hate the idea of hurting anyone’s feelings so I’d just keep my mouth shut if I didn’t like something, I’d certainly not go out of my way to write a negative or snide comment.  People are weird.

2.fairies+miceStill, back to the post.  It’s all very pink around here, as part of my effort to work through all the half-finished boxes, I finally came around to the fairies.  I’ve been avoiding them, they were started so long ago (2009, as you can read here) and part of the problem is I’ve learnt a lot in those intervening years so I would probably make them quite differently now,
DSC_0036but I couldn’t leave the poor bodies, already with faces embroidered on (if they hadn’t been sewn to this stage, I’m pretty sure I’d have binned them as it’s the mainly body making method that I would change) sitting any longer in their box, looking lonely, so I figured I should get them finished.  I had fun (not really) trying to find a ribbon match as the original one I used is no longer made, I tried out quite a few but they just didn’t look right.

DSC_0038Hair was plaited from a huge bag of wool I once bought specifically for this project.DSC_0200They were hanging out on the bed, in my studio, on one of my Gran’s old eiderdowns whilst at the bald, alien looking stage.  I love all the pretty pink colours together. DSC_0192 And finally, after a few days hand sewing, they are done.  Phew, and ‘tick’ to the ever-decreasing list.DSC_0193 So what would I change if I were starting from scratch?  Well mainly how the body is constructed, back then was in the pre big bag making/sewing boom that allows easy buying of pelmet weight interfacings etc, plus there weren’t nearly so many on-line fabric shops back in 2009 and if I remember correctly, these were constructed with multi layers of standard dressmaking interfacing to try and get the bodies as stiff as possible, which wasn’t all that stiff!  Don’t get me wrong, they work (mine is still put on the top of the tree yearly and will be until is disintegrates!) but it bothered me so I cut holes in the body areas of these and shoved wire as far as I could into the legs and arms.  It’s better and definitely makes me happier but I would just approach the construction differently now.DSC_0197 For those who are new to the blog, you can click the link at the start of this post to go back and read how they originally came about, but basically they are a fabric copy of my Gran’s tree fairy, which I grew up with as a child.  My Mum kindly brought it down one Christmas to put on the tree when the boys were born, after which she came to us so often that she told me to just keep her.  The card and paper fairy is quite fragile now and mostly lives in a box, out of direct sunlight to try to keep her in one piece, but re-visiting the sewn version prompted me to get her put into a box frame (which I was always planning to do) so she can be propped in the mantle piece, come December.DSC_0202As with the original batch, they look quite different from each other once they get hair, some are a tad grumpy or cross-eyed looking but I do think it’s part of the charm.

DSC_0186They are listed in the shop and I’m happy to see a nice tidy box, with just my remaining sample left 🙂

24 thoughts on “Tree Fairies…

  1. Hi Beth,
    these tree fairies are gorgeous! I have been trying to get started on Xmas present making recently, to get ahead and these are very festive, they’ve definatly got me in the Christmas mood ☺️ I love the pinks going on in this post. I bet you must be feeling good with so much sewing stock getting finished and your list slowly dwindling!
    They are beautiful fairies and a lovely tribute to your grans original. I love all the details and there embroidered faces, just lovely ☺️ Hope your weeks going well, Safxxx

    • Hello lovely Saf, I need to crack on with X-mas gifts as well, it tends to arrive very quickly when you have kids and it all becomes a rush if I don’t start early. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend (I’m at my Sister’s drinking wine as the boys are in London this weekend). Bxx

  2. They are wonderful, I remember when you first blogged about them! Putting your gran’s original in a box frame is a great idea, she’ll look lovely on the mantle piece each Christmas.
    I’m intrigued by the wee mice I spot in the first photo….something new? Juliex

  3. Hello dear Beth,

    Sorry I am all behind my reading&commenting, this month has been crazy busy… And my Christmas items are not even ready yet… But your fairies (and the acorn-purses on the previous post) are so beautiful, and what a satisfying feeling it must bee to see a box after box empty!

    Happy creating, and lovely last days of October (really?!) too!


  4. ..must bee 😉 Well a busy bee you have been so not too bad typo after all, right?! But somehow that sentence seem so wrong in other ways too, but you got my point, I hope dear, it is simply my bedtime now 🙂


  5. Just catching up with your blog. Wondered how you’ve been since your news in August posting. See that you’ve kept your creative side flourishing. Take care, Beth.
    Regards, Janette

  6. These are rather glamorous… love their individual expressions and find the idea of a slightly grumpy fairy on the Christmas tree most amusing! Such a lovely interpretation of your Gran’s original…and love your Gran’s eiderdown! I inherited a pile from my Grandma but sadly they are in a very sorry state. I just pile them on top of a wardrobe to look pretty

    • I like the grumpy fairies, I must confess. I’m lucky, I have a few eiderdowns and they are in great condition, it’s a dihlemma though, to use them or not as I’d be gutted if they got ruined but it’s silly for them to sit in a box and never be seen. Bxx

  7. Sorry for late commenting, Beth. Very lovely and so classic from head to toe. I love the silvery rid-rac. Belated Happy Halloween to your sons!
    Happy Sunday…..
    Anne D.T. xx

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