Crochet Birds…

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A long, long time ago, I was asked if I would provide a bird for a charity event (you can see the details here), the size needed was very specific and I didn’t want to send along one of my regular birds so I got creative with some linen and a large crochet snowflake I had hanging around.  I’ve always liked the result and earlier this year decided to attempt to make something similar for the shop.

Part of the delay was in simply finding some crochet snowflakes that scaled with the price of selling the finished bird (BTW, there is a GREAT Folksy piece here about how your customer sets the price for your work and not a calculation of materials and time, it’s absolutely spot on, although I also think you do need to track your time, but only in terms of if what you are making will ever be profitable to sell, I also hand clapped at the bit that talks about the reality of selling wholesale, well worth a read), I think I thought I would learnt to crochet myself, clearly that is not going to happen, but luckily after the festive season last year, I managed to pick up some lovely bits of crochet on Etsy at very reasonable prices.DSC_0154This photo was taken last February (hence the crappy light, sorry!), I remember loving all the colours on my desk together.  The mug was Mum’s, bought for her by my SIL who kindly let me have it when we cleared through the house (thanks A) I really like using it, in a good way.  The hat is a vintage one that’s covered in pheasant feathers that I was trying to stretch out, something I still haven’t finished doing.DSC_0161I was really keen to get at least a bunch of samples made so I could get good photographs of them over summer (big fail on this, as you’ll see later). DSC_0048Size wise, they are in-between the little birds and the lavender ones, I did consider putting lavender in them but then I’d have so stuff them to order (as I do with anything containing lavender) which is very time consuming plus I consider them more of a decorative thing than a ‘lavender bag’.
They each have a tag attached with a ribbon, as I think it presents them nicely.DSC_0159And now for why I haven’t listed them sooner, as I’d planned to get them in the shop in early autumn as part of the whole pink phase, it’s simply that I’m not entirely ecstatic with the photo, I somehow forgot to actually get pictures of them over summer and now the days are not getting any lighter so I’m not sure I can do any better until I get a chance to set up all the lights in the studio.  I never like using photos I’m not happy with, but I also don’t want things sitting in a box and missing their ‘slot’ so for now, with not the very best image, here they are 🙂

15 thoughts on “Crochet Birds…

  1. They are delightful! And crochet has been on my ‘learn to do’ list forever. I cannot get my head around it all. So frustrating.

    1. Hi Ceri. I can crochet a flower (or I could, I’ve probably forgotten now!) but that’s about it. These snowflakes came from Latvia (I think) and I could NEVER have made them myself so neatly. Too many things and too little time, I’ll stick to buying my crochet and knitting for now 🙂 Bethx

  2. Oh my goodness! I have seen these in the background of photos and really hoped they might appear soon. So excited, they look amazing.
    I am aware I may seem to be a bit of a stalker (waiting for the restraining order) but I don’t even care – I LOVE this site!!
    Cat ^..^

  3. That article is spot on, thanks for sharing the link. I love your new wee birds, the crochet is a lovely feature but I love that it is pretty subtle too. I can just imagine how lovely it must be to use your mum’s mug. Juliex

    1. Good isn’t it! I am quite sentimental so do enjoy little rituals and using Mum’s mug makes me smile in a melancholy kind of way (if that makes sense). I have a lot of Gran’s things and enjoy using them in the same way, especially the Christmas crockery and glass bits that she would always have on the table. Hope all is well with you, I have loads of your blog posts to catch up with! Bethxx

  4. Your crochet birdies are lovely Beth 🙂 I think they will look wonderful on the Christmas tree and as a decoration at home. The colours are so pretty and perfect for this time of year. Your mums mug is gorgeous and perfect to be passed down to you, to enjoy and remember her. I have been remembering someone dear to me today, always mixes up emotions but there’s always hope at the end of it all. I hope your week is going well dear Beth, your making such pretty things at the moment 🙂 love Safxxx

    1. Thanks Saf, the birds are a more subtle colour combination than I usually go for but I do like them. As you know, I am a hoarder, I LOVE owning things that remind me of people, M always considered it clutter but I feel quite strongly about it as I grew up surrounded by things from the past and I think it helps keep the memory of those who’re now gone alive, in a good way. Let’s hope I can pass some of that feeling onto the boys. Bxx

  5. Hello dear Beth,

    Lovely birds! And with the snowflake very festive too but not too much, just beautiful. I know how you feel about crocheting, I can knit with my toes even but the hook gets me confused every time. I actually have stopped trying – but I really wish you’ll end up mastering it!

    Happy November!


  6. These are so beautiful in their gentle colours… I think it helps to find a willing Granny to help master crochet – though it was a dear friend who taught me who is most un-Granny like! I love having everyday bits from my grandparents houses in our home – have just eaten my steaming porridge out of the bowls my Dad had breakfast in when he was young!

  7. I love these birds, Beth. Don’t worry, I’m afraid I don’t knit or crochet. I’m glad you have your mother’s mug. It is good to keep using things with special memories.
    from almost snowy America )-: Anne D.T. xx

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