Thank You and a Give Away…

Well, winter’s here then, I know, as I’m currently wearing thick wool tights that are wrinkled fetchingly at the knee and ankle, in the style of Nora Batty, and it must be cold if I’ve broken out my winter staple wardrobe of wool tights.  It’s also pissing it down and so dark that it appears like it might be the middle of the night, which makes me want to snuggle up in a corner and read all day, shame I have loads of work to do.

I’ve been meaning to do a quick give away for ages and say an overdue thanks or two.

DSC_0198To get right to it, ages ago I blogged about Royal Doulton Fable Tableware (I just noticed the hilarious typo in the title of the post, how is it I don’t see my mistakes whilst I’m writing, yet they are so obvious later?  I know you all forgive me, it’s clear to anyone who reads my blog that I wont be winning any prizes for my grammar and spelling) and shortly afterwards I received a package in the post containing a gift of one of the mugs and a lovely letter from the Royal Doulton team.  Made my day, which at the time was all a bit pants, I may even have cried a bit (yep, it was the kind of day when the John Lewis Christmas ad makes you weep).


The mug is lovely quality and as my current china is old and getting quite stained I figured I’d buy more as a replacement.  Weirdly, after my little moan in the post about not being allowed such colourful crockery, I ended up with a box set in the plain white version, the only pattern pieces I chose being some ‘Mixed Accents Mugs by Charlene Mullen.DSC_0142Basically, I need my everyday china to sit well with my vintage pieces, so white is the sensible option, but the lure of the little animals hiding inside the mugs was too much so they also jumped into my basket.


I will be sticking with Fable in the white (which you can buy via Ocado as well – bonus!….oh and there is 1/3 off at the moment – double bonus!!) but I can see the lure of Charlene Mullen’s ‘London Calling’ range, which is also rather lovely.


Now to the give away.  I haven’t done one in ages, which is a bit crap of me, so I have two little birds that need new homes, they have wonky ribbons in their tails but otherwise are in good order so I’ll send them both to one name picked out of the hat in two weeks time (Friday 28th November).  I’m happy to post anywhere in the world, just leave a comment on this post and please make sure it’s linked to an email address.  That’s all, nothing fancy, just a ‘hi’ will do.


Lastly, but by no means least, I was lucky to be asked to take part in Laura’s (of Bugs and Fishes) ‘Crafty Ladies’ series.  I’m amongst great company, so was thrilled Laura contacted me, you can read all the interviews, including mine, here.  For those who don’t know Laura’s work, she writes a wonderful blog and creates beautiful pieces in felt, so it’s well worth a visit to her shop.  She’s also a craft writer and I see has a couple of books out that are ‘starred’ nicely on Amazon.  Jealous, me? Noooooo.

It’s stopped raining so there are no excuses not to get to work, which is a shame as I was quite close to giving myself a rare day off to just read.  Ho-hum, well at least it’s Friday 🙂

39 thoughts on “Thank You and a Give Away…

  1. I love reading your blog, particularly as you create some lovely inspiring things like your birds. Still have no idea how you can turn a circle of cloth into the birds – it’s like magic!

  2. I love following you!… Your work is SO beautiful!!
    And thank you for sharing your interview at Bugs and Fishes!… I’m delighted to see that you have such a wonderful, light-filled sewing place in which to create!! Beautiful!
    (My daughter, also, is an artist, and collects and wears vintage clothing!!)
    Thank you, too, for sharing things that catch your artistic eye, like the Royal Doulton Fableware!
    I would SO love to give your stunning little birds a new home!!
    *Thank you*!!
    Pat T.

  3. I’d be more than happy with wonky ribbons……….they are fab whatever.
    Thanks for all your ‘visits’ today – lovely to hear from you. Hope the sewing ius going well but don’t work yourself too hard. light is awful here too – I’m about to sew for a tutorial for the second time, the photos first time were shocking, hoping that lighter voile will help!
    Love the china…..I really would like to replace mine but think it will be years before it happens! Juliex

  4. Hi Beth,
    your little birdies are lovely and I’d love to be included in your giveaway, would love to give them a home on my xmas tree! Just read your interview and really enjoyed it, I also listen to radio 4, its very comforting and I love the shipping forecast in the evening before bed, helps me unwind! I loved the pictures of your studio, books and lovely gothic mice 🙂 Your work really is beautiful and the quality does shine through, just lovely. I love as well that your work is influenced by your vintage costumes, it always inspires me 🙂
    You know, I too am guilty of buying too many books, just bought ‘Madam Bovary’ in the clothbound collection, its my one treat each month to get a book to read. I love their fancy covers and reading helps me ‘escape’ day to day stresses, I honestly think it helps me keep sane 😉 I love your beautiful china, I really want to get some christmas china but not sure I can justify it, oh well!
    Can’t wait to see the little mice you mentioned in your interview, I bet they’ll be wonderful. Its always so lovely to read your blog and long may it continue 🙂
    Love Safxxx

  5. I’m not supposed to be on the computer perusing Blogger. I’m supposed to be in bed recuperating after an operation, but I’m tearing my hair out – I need to visit friendly places and look at colourful, pretty things. Your blog never disappoints me Beth.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Jill x

  6. Hello, it’s been raining here too. Yuck. Your little birds are so pretty, I would love to keep them cozy and warm. Thanks for the ideas on crockery. I soooooo need new mugs…little ones, not the huge type.
    Liz x.

  7. Yep, walked the dog in the pouring rain this morning, including being soaked by a car driving through an enormous puddle 😦 What lovely crockery! Don’t enter me for the giveaway though, I already have a gorgeous handbag from you x

  8. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous giveaway, wonky ribbons give extra charm. I love the Bugs and Fishes blog too and have all of Laura’s books.

  9. Gorgeous china Beth, aren’t those London plates amazing!!
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, I do own one of your little birds but there will always be room for some more! 😉
    Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by my place!
    V x

  10. Coming here from Laura’s blog where I read your interview. You make beautiful things. I’d love to take part in the giveaway if you don’t mind a Greek reader. I loved the birdies! ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com

  11. Hello dear Beth,

    Lovely post! I love your new china, and your day really starts better when you sip your tea/coffee from mug with a little tweet (or rooster!) lurking inside! And oh my, please count me in to your lovely giveaway, I love your birdies, thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Happy November days!


  12. I would so love to win one of your exquisite birds. You are a generous person, both in your thinking and writing. I do hope life is kinder to you than it has been. Summer’s on it’s way here in “down under”

  13. Oh goodness, a day off to read – I think you should do it if you haven’t already! Read and drink copious amounts of tea! Sometimes doing ‘nothing productive’ is actually the most productive thing you can do (in my opinion), since you feel so rejuvenated afterwards.

  14. Hi, again, Beth!
    I just want to add a thank you for introducing me to stumpwork embroidery!… I was curious about the two books you mentioned on Laura’s blog, in your interview, so I had a fun afternoon today learning about something new to me!! (love to learn!)
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.

  15. Hi Beth,
    As a fellow Yorkshire lass living down south I love the colour palettes in all your work and think the professional details and quality of your makes are beautiful!
    Pop ma name in’tat for me lass ; ) he, he
    ett at oddpost dot co dot uk

  16. Hi, I just made a crochet mouse for the top of my tree, she could do with some company, 2 little birds will make her feel less lonely at the top x

  17. This is my first day coming across your site. It is indeed just lovely! I have so enjoyed admiring all your creativity and fresh ideas of fun things! I would love to have one or your wee birdies find it’s way to Canada!

  18. I’d be very happy to give those lovely birds a home, so please enter me in the hat! Thanks for your blog, I always enjoy reading xx

  19. I’m having so many days when the John Lewis advert makes me cry. I’m crying my own river atm – the weather is so appropiate – it’s like the end of the world out there. Thank goodness for children, collie dogs, Flora Puddleduck and one day – maybe one day soon – some crochet again.

  20. Hi!
    I’ve just discovered you after your Bugs & Fishes item – definitely found a fellow nutter!! Loving your work & following in Bloglovin now too.
    Keep up the great work (& just think of the lovely weather we keep being promised will come soon, despite the ickyness we have at the moment!!)
    Lolah xxx

  21. I found you this morning. The internet is amazing, hit some links in an article and next you know you’re all over the world. Oh, my grammar andspelling at times aren’t great either. Lol. Makes us human. I enjoyed reading your posts this a.m. as my house is still and no one is up yet. Being retired my husband tends to sleep in, my words. To him, 11a.m. is an early rise. I guess the musician/composer/arranger in him he keeps late nights. When all is quiet he works best.

    Anyway I love your creations , those birds are beautiful, and reading your blog. Looking forward to the next one. Maybe I should start a blog…after all these years, 9 children(combined family),11 grandchildren and 1.5 great grands…I might have some pearls of wisdom somewhere. Hahaha…please do include me in your drawing.

  22. Hello Beth, Please drop my name in the hat! Thanks for sharing your new china pics with us. I have a lot of white pieces; it’s good to have something more decorative.
    Time is flying….hoping you’re having a good November.
    Anne D.T. xx ((fingers crossed))

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  24. Did you manage a day given in to just reading? Certainly the weather for such activity – complete with snug blanket, hot drink and cake. And you get to use your rather delightful china. Now that sounds like a dream of a day – hoping you manage it soon! And your birds look just beautiful with not a hint of wonkiness!

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