A Bit of This…

This is going to be a quick catch-up post, just in case you think I’ve totally disappeared.


Big thanks to everyone who entered the birdie give away, the winner was picked randomly but my youngest son, closing his eyes and putting a highlighter pen down on the list I’d written – not very high-tech but it worked – oh, and if you can’t see your name above, I’ve zoomed in for the photo so that’s why, I promise, everyone was on there, I double checked.  So the birds flew off to Caroline Joynson, who writes a lovely blog so please do pop over and visit (http://carolinejoynson.blogspot.co.uk/), which reminds me, I found loads of lovely new blogs to read from the nice comments left, always one of the best things about doing a give away, but I’ve been rubbish at saying ‘hello’ and catching up generally with my blog reading, I blame the kids illness, my vertigo (again!) and a morning at the doctors trying to get the oldest seen for an infection.  Life is rather like that around here at the moment.

On a happier note, I have a few things to share.  DSC_0138

These lovely bibs are made my Jenny of A Crafty Hen, they are super soft and so very well made, I always go to Jenny for baby gifts.

DSC_0139I also wanted to show you this fabulous book containing vintage knitting and crochet patterns by Susan Crawford and Jane Waller, I’ve had it on pre-order forever as there were a few delays with its first run, being self-published, but it was soooo worth it.DSC_0141 It contains 60 original patterns that have been re-written and updated, the photographs and snippets of accompanying history are just lovely.DSC_0143This isn’t a book review, I cannot knit so I don’t know how easy the patterns are to follow, but for eye candy alone it’s a wonderful thing and I am planning to bully some friends into knitting something from it for me (for a fee, of course!).

DSC_0151 I also wanted to do a quick shout out for these cute vintage style cake decorations and frill from Cox and Cox, they really hit the mark for me as we had similar on the cake Mum always iced, they will be coming out every year in this house now.

DSC_0137In terms of Christmas, we are getting there (it must be soon, as it’s started snowing on both my blogs…which rather annoyingly tries to crash my laptop when I’m using Chrome), the kitchen table has turned into a card writing factory for the boys, who insist, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, on sending a card to very child they know.DSC_0148 I have put the tree up, all my gifts are ordered and today I started wrapping.  Luckily I had lots of bits left over from last year, for this, so the fabulous Meri Meri tags are back again.  I’ve taken photos of the nice things I’m giving but as so many family and friends read this blog, I’ll have to wait a few weeks to show you.

You’d think I’d enjoy wrapping gifts, I certainly used to, but with two boys it can rather take the fun out of it, especially as I live away from most of my family so in the past I’ve not only had to wrap all my gifts, but also things that other people have ordered to be delivered directly here.  I have to say, the boys stuff is pretty hastily done, I will just blame Santa 😉crapwrappedI did seriously try to buy some things from Firebox, just so I could get then ‘CrapWrapped’, which is a genius idea, but the bits I wanted were out of stock – boo!  They have some great things, though, if you’re looking for quirky but cool gifts.

Right that’s it, just a quick fly by visit before I dash off on school run 🙂

20 thoughts on “A Bit of This…

  1. The cake decorations and frill look oh so familiar to me too……..just like we used to have at home. I think they have become too tatty for use now though.
    I have bought a few things from Firebox in the past and they have always been good. I think the wrapping idea is fabulous – and sadly a little like mine! I’m like you, in that I usually receive lots of ordered gifts from family for the kids which I then have to wrap up for them….it does get very tedious.
    I hope you have a lovely time over the holidays. Juliex

  2. This time of year is just so hectic! I am very behind with my blog and reading other, those I do read are the ones I get straight into my inbox! And if I don’t get another chance, I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas xxx

  3. Hi Beth,
    I’m sorry to hear you and your boys have been unwell lately, I swear it’s this time of year when it gets cold, so annoying. I hope you all feel better soon. I like your Christmas cake decorations a lot and may buy them as I’m making a cake to take round to the family this year for Xmas, so they would be perfect. Hope your Xmas prep is going well, I am behind as ever! Oh well, still it’s lovely to get the decorations out, hope you have a lovely Christmas, Safxxx

    • Hello lovely Saf, it’s the curse of having small kids, they bring back every single bug via school, it must be worse to be a teacher. I think the decorations are a keeper, I plan to bring them out every year now and I do think they add a nice finishing touch to the cake. I am about to email you for your address. Bxx

  4. Just incase I get spammed I wanted to first of all thank you Beth for your sweet comments you left me. Matt adores his box card, I really wanted to do something special for him as he has had such a crap time and it’s his first Christmas alone. He has bought a gorgeous real tree for his bedroom, I was so impressed. He has been Christmas shopping and is really looking forward to some time off from work. He is off skiing in the new year which is well deserved. I love the book you bought, so vintage. It’s also good to see those vintage style cake decs too…happy memories from my childhood, my Nan always had them on her Christmas cake. Enjoy the run up to the big day.  Keep well, huge hugs Jxx

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    The Linen C

    • You’ll never be spammed again Jane!!! I was thinking about M when you made the box and hoping that he is doing OK? Must be hard this year but I’m glad he has you to take care of him. We’re off skiing, I’ve never done it before but am enthusiastic to learn, it’ll be good for the boys to try it young as well. I hope all your plans are going well? I’m going to catch up on blog reading tomorrow so will see all you’ve been up to. Bxx

    • It drives me crazy. I start off well then it ends up with sticky tape everywhere and some dodgy folding of paper, I once year bought loads of large paper bags and they were fabulous, I just popped some nice labels on them and it was soooooo much easier!

  5. I’m laughing out loud at the crap wrap… seriously have you had a sneak peak under our christmas tree lol 😀
    Hope you are all feeling well again soon xxx

    • Great isn’t it, genius idea. We seem to be back on form, for now anyway, I hear worse is going around school so I’m hoping we don’t get anything else. I sat on the train all the way back from London on Friday with a man sitting next to me who was really ill, I felt terribly sorry for him sniffing and coughing but also was desperate for him to pass it my way. Bxx

  6. Hoping you’re all feeling better soon!! Congrats to Caroline J. I’ll have to track down that book. I’m not a knitter but I’ll find someone who could make one of those fantastic woolens.
    Good luck with the cards and decorating. I have some of those doves, too.
    Thinking of all of you, Anne. xxx

  7. Good luck with the cards and wraps ! I got the book of vintage knitting and for a knitter it’s not difficult to follow…. The pattern are well written and so of them for some stuffs wearable but not all of them I think … I like vry much your vintage ornaments …. Have a lovely day and I wish you all to feel better very soon !

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