Panic Saturday..?

Not around here it’s not.  Here it’s more like ‘Smug Saturday’, as all my jobs are finished and I’ve just sat down with a nice glass of wine, ready to watch ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, as I feel like a bit of snowy, period drama.DSC_0138 DSC_0172 The tree has been up and twinkling for over a week now, DSC_0153DSC_0154I’m really pleased with the new mice and they fit in well with my existing decorations – bonus!


As always the house is peppered with things the boys have brought home from school…
DSC_0183Charlie has made a table decoration….clearly he doesn’t take after me! (JOKING!!)

DSC_0175I received a really wonderful gift in the post (thanks J!), some of my Gran’s cross stitch cards.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned these before, she used to stitch them constantly throughout the year in order to have enough to send to everyone.  It’s lovely to know that people have kept them all these years.

DSC_0176 I finished, and wrapped, my last gifts earlier today.  I’ve shown you the above felted goodness by Miss Bumbles/Ruth Rivers some years ago, Ruth makes the most amazing little animals that always make me think of the illustrations by Racey Helps or Molly Brett, I noticed a while back that she had some felting kits in her shop and was unable to resist.DSC_0178 I’d hoped to take lots of making photos for you, but the light wasn’t always great, plus I got rather carried away with the actual process and forgot to grab the camera.DSC_0180 The only thing not included in the kit is a felting block, I was too impatient to order one and used some polystyrene that I had hanging around instead – worked a treat!DSC_0163I really enjoyed my first foray into needle felting.  One of my early jobs in life was as a visual merchandiser for a company I hated, there was a total split between management and the floor staff, lots of people with big egos trying to lord it over the minions below them, something that I can’t stand, and when I got annoyed, I used to sneak into the back area where a friend of mine worked in the stockroom and stab his empty piles of collapsed cardboard boxes with a screwdriver (in a jokey manner, clearly, this does make me sound a bit psycho), the process of needle felting felt similarly therapeutic, I could happily get rid of all my frustrations stabbing away repeatedly at felt.

DSC_0187 F keep coming to watch and asked if he could have the finished deer for Christmas, as I don’t like to disappoint and I can’t give to one without the other, I bought a second kit to make another little critter for C.  I gave them extra scarves and a little pile of gifts to hold.DSC_0189Sorry about the crap photos, I was in a hurry to be done.  They are now wrapped and packed away ready for the big day.

So that’s me ready.  The house is clean(ish) I just polished my nails and tweezed my eyebrows. I’ve planned a nice outfit for the big day itself (I’m morphing into my Mother, who would always put on something nice) and I’m about to get back to Poirot and a large slab of Christmas cake with a slice of Wensleydale cheese.  I hope you’re all set and if not that it goes smoothly next week.

Merry Christmas and see you in 2015!!

25 thoughts on “Panic Saturday..?

  1. I’m having a smug saturday too 🙂 I love your tree it’s beautiful, your mice look so lovely on my tree too. I have a sort of garnet/pinky/purply colour scheme and they fit in beautifully, they won’t be going away after christmas though !
    The boys makes are lovely, I have 2 gorgeous table decorations that the girls brought home.
    I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing christmas.
    Emma x

    • I’m glad the mice look good on your tree, my sister bought some too and had them on her tree in France (were we’ve just been) and I have to say, they are a winner, so I do hope to make more for next year. I hope it has all gone well and you’ve enjoyed a special time with your family. Bx

  2. Hi Beth,
    It’s always so lovely to read your Christmas posts, I do love your Christmas tree. I saw the needle felting in miss bumbles shop but never bought one as wouldn’t have a clue what to do! Your needle felting is AMAZING, so gorgeous and your boys are very lucky to be getting them for Xmas 🙂 they honestly look very professionally made, I want one!!! Hehe!
    I’m glad your enjoying your Saturday, I have finished most christmas things, wrapping and so forth, the tree is up and am feeling festive. I wish you and your boys a wonderful Christmas and good New Years 🙂
    Love safxxx
    P.s. I could totally relate to your retail job from years ago, same thing for me at the shop, managers egos being nasty to the little people at the bottom and I hated it too, thank god were free now!xx

  3. Oh, good to see you’ve started your Christmas cake! Was just wondering if I could do the same… Those deer are amazing! Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas time xx

    • I started the cake very early, simply because I know the minute Christmas is over I tend to feel like a stuffed potato and no longer want to eat any more sweet things and I can’t see it wasted, so we’ve gone for it early this year. Eat and be Merry 🙂 Bxx

  4. I love your posts full of bits and pieces like this Beth! Looks like you have taken to needle felting like an expert – must have been that screwdriver in cardboard practice 😀 Have a beautiful Christmas. We are definitely in Christmas-cake-and-movie mode here too of an evening. No panic buying but I do have a bit of last-minute sewing to do….

  5. Everything looks just lovely and happy all ready for Christmas. I miss having children young enough to make sweet things at school, the handmade decorations are always extra special. Love the reindeer by the way. x

    • I must admit, I do love the handmade things, I have a friend with so many little ones (she has 5 children at home, 4 in primary or under) that she has an entire separate tree for their creation to go on and it looks great! Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Bethx

  6. Hey Beth,
    I am so jealous about your Panic Saturday? post – I truly with be having a Panic Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as my other half and I realised that we definitely will NOT have the house ready for Xmas and the ensuing guests who will be arriving on Christmas Eve. Err…. we are in Plan B mode right now and trying to figure out how we can host friends and family with an only-just functioning kitchen, no heating, one working toilet and dust everywhere!
    I wanted to say a very big THANKS for my lovely birds they are hanging in my bedroom which is currently the only space that is 95% finished (and relatively dust free).
    I wish you and the boys a fabulous Christmas and restful New Year x
    Caroline, CJ Made.
    Absolutely love Christmas cake with cheese too!

    • Hello Caroline. Oh dear – I totally feel for you and I really do hope it has all gone well?! Glad you like the birds 🙂 We have just returned from France where we have stayed with all the Fosters (my family) at my sister’s chalet and we had my brother bring some Wensleydale cheese with him especially to have with the cake – yum, and a must! Hope you are finding some time to relax in amongst the mayhem. Beth

  7. Hello Beth, Just finishing up some loose ends here. Love all of your creatures esp. the deer. I didn’t know Miss Bumbles had kits this year. Enjoy your Gran’s cross stitch. Merry Christmas to you and your boys! Making new memories/traditions in the new place….
    Anne xxx

  8. Gosh, those deeds are so beautiful. Special presents. And lovely Christmassy images! Whilst no overwhelming panic here, I do think I should finish my Christmas knitting! So an evening with knitting and television… lovely

  9. Dear Beth,

    I wish your Holidays have been all wonderful (read: just enough wine and some more period drama), and maybe a bit white outside, not too much? Your little deer are so beautiful, I bet boys just loved them!

    Enjoy the very last days of 2014 – and here’s to even more happier and brighter 2015!


  10. How wonderful ( I love the story of you taking out your frustration with a screwdriver!, as it happens I was a VM at John Lewis many moons ago!) I love doing needle felting….when I get the chance, you are right it is very therapeutic. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog again in 2015.
    Happy New Year Beth, to you and your family.

  11. Late to the party but Happy New Year Beth! Hope you had a great Christmas. Your festive house looks amazing and those felted deer are incredible! I had to laugh at your psycho stabbing story. I used to work at a company where the boss was universally hated for his permanent bad temper and general nastiness. One bored lunch time I fashioned the silver foil my sandwiches had been wrapped in into an effigy of him and we all took turns giving him a good going over. Eventually one of his legs fell off — to general applause all round. A few weeks later the boss was off sick and we later found out it was because he had a bad case of gout! Spooky … oh how we laughed as we took full advantage of his absence in the office.

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