Kitty Cats…

I don’t think I’ve been absent from my blog for so long before, I’m not quite sure what happened as I’ve been meaning to write a post for ages, but a bit like when replying to emails, I’m good when I’m on a roll, however, when I drop the ball for a while I really struggle to get going again and then I feel guilty for not replying and put it off further.  Stupid really.  I have a saying with the boys about eating the frog, ie getting the thing done first that you don’t want to do as then you can relax and do the fun stuff rather than worrying about munching amphibians.  Not that writing this blog is like eating a frog, but it can feel that way when you’re out of the groove.


I remember mentioning, last year, that the Easter holidays had been a bit crappy, one of the bad elements was that my lovely can Smilla died, and it wasn’t a quick death, it was drawn out and sad and in the end I had to have her put down.  She was 16 and ‘had, had a good life’ but I was gutted.  This was her favourite spot during the day, sitting under my desk, sunbathing as I worked.


I’ve always promised the boys we could have kittens, so over the summer I’ve been avidly stalking our local RSPCA website, as I know you need to be quick to get your name down to reserve kittens (in all honesty, I’d have been more than happy to have cats, but then I’ve had the pleasure of playing with kittens many times as a child, so it felt fair to offer the boys the same).  A few weeks back we were lucky enough to be approved to bring home two sisters, now named Birdie and Tuppence.  As with many rescued cats, they are a little timid but are getting braver daily and we are very excited to have them.


Granny Square Crochet Blanket by Driftingalong

I wanted the transition for coming home, to be as gentle as possible, so to emulate their beds in the cattery, I bought crochet blankets for lining the cat baskets.  DSC_0142

Retro Ripple Crochet Blanket by Woollie Treasures

They seem to use hand knitted and crochet bedding a lot at the RSPCA, they have a room with it all stacked up, neatly washed, it’s like Granny square heaven!

DSC_0141 2

Crochet Blanket by Grannyman Crochet

I like to think it made a difference (plus the blankets looks nice covering the spot on my sofa where they prefer to sit….in contrast to the foil wrapped around the arms to attempt to stop any scratching.  I can highly recommend all the sellers above, they are all beautifully made (you can click on the links below the photos to get to the shops and I hope they forgive me for using their lovely creations for cats and not babies).DSC_0151

One a last word on adopting a cat, I do recommend it, don’t be put off by the process or even the price, the cats all come spayed, micro-chipped, wormed and ready for re-homing, many are quite timid and will need help settling in, but it’s just so lovely to see them relax and show their true characters and you can give yourself a pat on the back for giving an animal a home that needs one.


What else?  World Book Day.  As usual, I was rather lazy and bought an incredibly cheap outfit on-line, then pimped it with some trim, a better top hat, leather gloves and my purple brogues for ‘Willy Wonka’ and C went as his namesake, complete with a Wonka bar (did it contain a golden ticket? – of course it did, I’m not that mean a Mum!).  My enthusiasm for providing costumes really is zero, I know this makes me a bah-humbug, as the kids love dressing up….do I still have to do this once they go into secondary school??DSC_0145

My top tip for buying cheap costumes on-line, especially when you have tall kids, is to buy the adults ones and adapt them, they are always far better made then the kids versions.  I did have to take a tuck in the shoulder of this one that ran down the front and back as for once, it really was an adult size (I find they nearly always come small), but I couldn’t have bought the fabric to make this for the price I paid and it didn’t take long to alter.

DSC_0145In the studio, I’m back sewing things for the shop.  We’ve had some beautiful sunny days, despite the cold mornings, and the heat on the glass wall gives a promise of spring.  I need to get photographs taken and the site updated and hopefully, as I appear to be on a roll, that will happen soon.

Roll on 2015, a bit late, but I am now ready 🙂

40 thoughts on “Kitty Cats…

  1. Oh, pretty kitties! And good on you for adopting. There’s something so heartwarming about knowing you’ve given them a loving home they might never have had, isn’t there?
    The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costumes are fabulous – all handmade is not always the best way to get through these things with sanity! Your Charlie looks fabulously urchin-ish.
    I hear you on the hard-to-get-back-into-blogging thing. I feel like I’ve had about five posts half-written in my head lately but they’ve never quite happened.

    • Glad it’s not just me, Jane, I do see on my Feeder reader that many people are blogging a bit less at the moment, I think it’s the lull after all the festive stuff….or maybe even that a lot of the blogs I read are a similar age to mine and perhaps people just move onto another medium, I know loads of folk prefer Facebook or Instagram these days (I don’t do either for shop sewing).

      Funny you mentioned C’s outfit as all the clothes are his own, I laughed at the fact that we had so many options for him….lots of trousers a bit too short that he wont give-up, tweed coats and underneath he has a splendid shirt and bit-too-small-but-he-loves-it cardigan in mustard and orange that was just perfect.

      I hope all is well with you guys, your days must be shortening just as we’re finally seeing some sunshine! Bethx

  2. My heart goes out to you losing your lovely Smilla. We lost our beloved Toyas (of 18 years) a few days before Christmas, she too suffered and came to the same end as Smilla. Sometimes we have to put the animal before our feelings, even though it is awful to accept.
    Come new year we visited Cats Protection and collected a kitten, she is now trying hard to fill the hole left by Toyas. She is a little ray of sunshine. Enjoy your two kittens.

    The boys outfits look fantastic and it is good to see you are now back to making things in the studio. I don’t blog but i do follow your own blog so keep it going please.

    • Hello Freda (love that name, my Godmother is called Freda), thanks so much for your lovely comment, it’s horrible saying goodbye to a loved pet isn’t it? I am usually quite good at these things, maybe due to being brought up on a farm, but I found seeing Smilla so ill and not being able to help her really awful, I’m so sorry to read about your loosing Toyas too.

      I hope to be back for good, life has thrown a few nasties my way over recent months, but I’m full of renewed enthusiasm, along with the arrival of spring, so I feel back on form 🙂

  3. Hi Beth Grannyman here. More than happy the blanket to be used for those beautiful kittens.I mean they are BEAUTIFUL but with a bit of a glint in the eyes. Look as though they could pounce at any minute.

    • Ha – you are soooo right. My sister thinks quite a few of the cats at the RSPCA have an ‘evil’ glint, I think a load of Abyssinian cross breads came in at the same time, so they have quite distinct eyes that all look rather sneaky. LOVE the blanket, my fav, the colours are very ‘me’ and it really is so well made – thank you 🙂

  4. Hi Beth,

    Still think your lovely kittens are the cutest! Such a good idea to buy the crochet blankets for there journey home and to have about the house, must be making them very comfortable 🙂 So pleased for you, I’m still trying to work on H to get my way! 😉 Your boys look very dapper in there Willy Wonka outfits! They have grown so much, they look great for there world book day 🙂

    Like you I have been quietly sewing recently and still reading lots and am still avoiding my blog, how bad! Must try to get into the swing of it again but like you say it can feel difficult to, so please to read your blog again though, it will always be my favourite! Enjoy your sewing dear Beth and sunny days,

    Love Safxxx

    • Hello Saf

      The kitties are quite settled now, we have knee sitting any everything! We LOVE them.

      Yep, my boys are like beans, they shoot up and I can’t keep up with their clothing, which worked out perfectly for Charlie’s costume as many of his favourites are slightly too small.

      Glad to hear you’re sewing, I wouldn’t worry about blogging, but if you do want to get back into it my advice is to set a schedule and stick to it for a while, it’s hard at first, but I’m always amazed at how quickly you get back into a roll. I’m attempting once a week, for a while, I guess we’ll see how it goes.

      I hope the sunshine is brightening your days, I think of autumn and winter as my favourite months but forget the joy of spring when the garden comes alive and the days lengthen – bliss and well needed right now.

      Love Bethxx

  5. Such a sweet photograph of Smilla… I thought I wasn’t a cat person, and finally four years ago the other two of the household persuaded me. I am now that mad cat lady, and would happily welcome more than the one we have. Sadly in the few years as a cat lady we are already on to kit number three… I had no idea how sad it would be when they die. Your poor family. These two look sweeties! I made transition blankets for our first kit, Albert, which the next two have used. Gosh, should I feel mean that they didn’t have their own? Love the world book day costumes this year!

    • I think I probably am a ‘cat’ person, although I do like dogs as well, I’m just not ready for the full commitment of owning one just yet. I think the big hit with Smilla was her age, at 16 years I’d known her longer than the rest of my immediate family, which is a bit weird. Your blanket comment made me laugh, I only bought three as I’ve got a wicker basket in my sewing room for them to sit in and then a single plastic bed each in the ‘back’ where they sleep at night (they have cat flap but in an open plan house, coming downstairs each day to find a rabbits head on the sofa and it’s guts in the hallway was a bit of a struggle with Smilla so I section the house off at night to contain any little gifts they might bring in!), so three blankets. I was just being soft, I’ve never bought blankets before for cats, poor Smilla just got old towels and cushions! Bx

  6. Awe Beth they are gorgeous , good for you giving rescued kittens a home and of course they deserve baby blankets, they are babies! 😻
    I’m looking forward to hearing their stories.
    Love Charlie and Willy Wonka, dressed brilliantly as always!!
    V x

    • They are spoilt rotten, Vivienne, they make me laugh as despite having a nice basket here in the studio, they prefer to sit on an old witches hat that is left over from halloween….most typical of cats, I think they like the feathers stuck in it. I hope you’re enjoying pre-spring! (or is is spring proper now?!) Bethx

  7. Hi Beth your new kitties are just gorgeous. I’m like you I adore adult cats but I do think it’s good to get a kitten as you then have some influence on how they grow up. Our Billy is even more gorgeous as an adult cat than he was as a little kitten. The boys look great for book day and no you won’t need outfits like this for secondary school thank goodness. Good to see you didn’t go with the 50 shades theme one parent did ;0)….LOLOLOL Enjoy the spring, hugs xx

    • Ha ha – I laughed myself silly at the 50 shades kid, honestly what an idea. We’re loving the kitties, Jane, I do so enjoy having them in the house, they follow me around all day waiting for cuddles (which I’m happy to supply) and I chat to them like a crazy cat lady. Bx

  8. Your cats are beautiful !! That’s nice from you to rescue them from shelters and to prepare such blankets for them. In my town, I permanently collect old blankets, sheets, towels taht shelters need for cats and dogs because here the kennels are not heated up ! I knit some blankets for kittens too with yarn stash !! Well, give your kitten some cuddles …. have a lovely day !

    • How kind of you to collect blankets for the rescued animals, the kennels here are heated but I know they are always in need to old towels to wipe the dogs down with after walking in the rain. I have both cats for company today as I sew, they are so sweet and we are very happy to have them 🙂

  9. All my cats and dogs since I was a child have been rescues. They are so joyous! Miss Alice-who-is-a-cat is 18 now and looks like the cat from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. My head knows we don’t have her much longer…my heart not so much. You new fur babies are delightful.

    • Oh I feel for you, 18 is getting on a bit in cat years, but saying that I’ve heard so many stories of cats recently living quite a bit older. I love black cats, apparently the RSPCA have trouble rehoming them due to superstition, I would have been more than happy to have taken one of their black cats but the boys were set on kittens. I had forgotten how lovely it is to have animals about the place, we’re really enjoying them 🙂 Bxx

  10. Hello
    Lovely to see another post on your blog and excited to see some new creations.
    I agree it is so hard to lose a loved pet. The last cat I lost was probably about 10 years ago but I still occasionally go to trip over her in her favourite places; she was about 18 so had a long and good life. Your kittens are absolutely beautiful and look very comfortable in your house! Hopefully they will help with the garden pests from your Rock Cottage blog!
    Best wishes, Cat ^..^

    • Hi Cat. Yes, I’m hoping they will get the mice down to a reasonable number, and I hear we have rats about the place too!! I’ve never seen any in my garden but both neighbours have seen them. I just need to sun to come back so I can persuade them to go outdoors, they aren’t so keen on the rain. Hope all is well with you. Bethx

  11. Oh, so envious of your adorable kittens! I also lost a cat a year ago, at the age of nearly 18… So hard! I still have another cat and the dog though, which keep me busy. And yes, world book day… Totally ran out of enthusiasm for that one. Persuaded Rosie to go as Liesl from The Book Thief, so we could largely re-use her outfit from evacuee day 😉

    • Ah clever thinking in your costume. It’s not so bad now F is nearly out of primary school, as all the historical costumes needed I have ready for C as hand me downs. It’s my own fault, as I used to make a huge effort and now the boys expect it – doh!, lesson learnt there 😉 Bxx

  12. Hi Beth -so lovely to see a post from you. Your new kitties are gorgeous. I can completely understand how hard it must have been when Smilla died (I loved that book), it is especially hard when you have to make a decision in the end. All my cats, when I was wee and now, have come from rescues and they have all turned into wonderful loving friends – sometimes it just takes a little patience, like you say. But so worth it.
    Good luck with the blogging and sewing, I need to get myself back in the swing but it is hard after a pause isn’t it?! Hoping life settles down for you. Juliex

    • Ha – I love the book too, it’s in my top 10. Poor Smilla was mostly know as ‘Smelly’ as she was a bit of a mumpty cat, always causing trouble because she was a bit daft, so the Smelly was fondly meant, but I felt a bit mean calling her that on-line so have stuck to her ‘proper’ name. I’m still struggling to get going but as the weather brightens my enthusiasm returns. Bxx

  13. Lovely cats. We used to have sisters, it was nice. Now we’ve just one but that’s nice too!

    Not much time for blogging these days here! I still visit my fave blogs regularly though. Yours is definitely included.

  14. We are so loving that our crocheted blanket is keeping those gorgeous kittens snug and cosy! – Suz & Jen at Woollie Treasures

  15. Lovely to read your blog again – welcome back! What an adorable pair of kittens – so pretty. They look really happen and settled – lucky kitties to have such a lovely home. The sunshine makes all the difference. I’ve abandoned my sewing room in favour of the ‘reclaimed’ garden. Am so loving doing a bit of planting – it’s been years since I grew anything.

    • Thank you, I’m happy to be back blogging, I’ve missed it, I just need to keep going now and make sure I catch up on all my reading as well. I need to get out in the garden too, I’ve started some seeds off indoors but the rain has arrived today so it’ll have to wait. Bethx

  16. Hi Beth, You made my day….so happy to have some news from you. Lucky kittens, I’m happy you’ve given them a home. I’m afraid I’ve always had a dog but there are many cats in my new neighborhood. WOnderful costumes for your boys—-Charlie and the CHocolate Factory was one of my fave. stories when I was growing up. I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day weekend.
    Thinking of you,
    Anne D.T. xx

    • Oh you are lovely Anne, glad I brightened your day. I’d love a dog, I just don’t feel ready yet for the commitment, but one day we will most definitely add a dog to the mix. I had a lovely weekend, thank you, it was also my Birthday as well as Mother’s Day so I had friends come to stay which was just perfect 🙂 I hope the days are getting warmer for you. Bethx

  17. Hello Beth,

    Welcome back – it seems that we suffer the same symptoms this year, it has been a slow blogging-year so far here too – and wow! what a post you gave us! Birdie&Tuppence are the sweetest, I am so happy for them to have you and you to have them! I know it is hard to loose a pet (a family member really), and when you are a cat-person…you just have to have one (two ideally!). I wish you happy days getting to know each others!

    I am once again taking my hat off for you making all those all-possible-day outfits for your boys, they are always such impressive – these W. Wonka-ones are simply great!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  18. I know exactly what you mean with e.mails and blogging,as my blog demonstrates too.I have loads of ideas,even photos etc but boring jobs seem to take over.
    It’s so sad to loose a pet. We always had cats when I was younger, and the original two cats had two litters. Those kittens make up some wonderful memories of my childhood. The mother ‘Bubble’ had one litter in the airing cupboard and I can remember the excitement of finding them. I love the names you’ve chosen. They look like they’re full of mischief!
    Amazing costumes for the boys!
    Glad to see you’re on a roll with work too, does that mean your internet problems were sorted?
    Hope you’re well, best wishes Fliss x

    • Oh I used to LOVE finding kitten litters, we had so many cats as the farm had feral ones that used to live in the outbuildings, not nice really, but back then that was common. We spent many, many hours taming them and then bringing them indoors as pets. My internet is fixed for now, thanks, but I’m still on a temporary line as the main one is not (and never well be) fixed. As long as the rabbits don’t chew through it again, I’ll be fine! Bxx

  19. So lovely to have been able to sit and catch up with your lovely blog 🙂 I am glad you are well and those kittens are just adorable! Those costumes are fab too, I am the same as you, I love sewing but a random costume for one day seems such a waste to me 😦 When they get to secondary school they don’t dress up as much thank goodness 🙂 xxx

    • Hello Zoe, glad to hear from you 🙂 Glad to hear that I wont still be making costumes once the boys move up into secondary school. I don’t mind the odd costume, but it just seems to be one after another at the moment. I hope all is well with you, I have a lot of blog reading to do but hope to catch up on all your news soon. Bethx

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