Gold Tweed Bunny Purses

Forever ago, I started a new batch of tweed purses.  I get emails asking after them often, they are quite popular and sell well but I don’t enjoy making them as much as other things, there are simply too many areas that are difficult and there is always the possible outcome that the zips are so stiff I can’t sell them (it’s because of the curve that I’m forcing the invisible zip into, it doesn’t like it) so it’s taken me a ridiculously long time to finish this last batch.

DSC_0166Last February, I tweeted the above image as I couldn’t decide on bows, or flowers and the answer from lovely twitter peeps was flowers.

tweed bunniesAdvice I then totally ignored, as I’ve had this fixed idea in my head, since I made the first purse, many years ago, that I really wanted to do a gold and red bow version, like the Lindt chocolate treat they are based on.

DSC_0161I then fell out of love with making them, in a big way and they sat all lonely in a box for almost a year.  Poor bunnies.

DSC_0158The thing I was mainly avoiding making were the handles, which is mind numbing and challenges my machine with the thickness of tweed I have to sew through.

DSC_0180I also constructed these a bit differently, in an attempt to make sure the zips moved freely, and as a result had to hand stitch the red silk linings in, which I also kept avoiding.

DSC_0167But the realisation that Easter is nearly upon us, and the idea that another year might pass before these were actually photographed and listed spurred me to get my act together and get them out there.  As you can probably see, the light was less than perfect yesterday, but I knew we were in for some rain so I just did my best to take decent photos, in order to get the purses listed (here if you’re interested).  I hate doing this, I always intend to take updated images at a later date, but find I never do, which is very unprofessional, but it’s that or miss my target again.

DSC_0179On other things, life isn’t really letting up around here, I have a million things to do at once and to top it all off, poor F broke his arm at the end of last week.  On the plus side, I feel like I’m staying on top of it all (only just!) and I’m really enjoying having the kitties around for company during the day.  At least I can pretend I’m talking to them instead of myself, which makes me feel a little less like a crazy person 🙂

12 thoughts on “Gold Tweed Bunny Purses

  1. I admire your tenacity in finishing them Beth, I’m terrible for putting off tricky projects! They’re lovely, I’m sure they’ll be snapped up. And sadly, I have no excuse for talking to myself during the day, not even kittens! x

  2. Oh Beth,
    So sorry to hear about poor F’s broken arm, I hope it heals quickly and he’s ok. I love your golden version of the bunny purses, it sounds like a complex make but very worth it as they are very cute indeed! I love the bright red silk linings too, they look wonderful quality and I like the pics of them on your desk 🙂
    Sorry to hear life has been crazy busy for you at the mo, I do hope it calms down soon for you. Give yourself a pat on the back every now and then as I reckon you do a good job of balancing it all. Don’t worry I have been having a ‘wobbly moment’ lately (as I like to call them) but am trying to stay positive also. I love your kittens, am still so envious of them!!! There wonderful 🙂 hope your keeping well, love Safxxx

  3. Oh poor F with his broken arm – I hope it heals well and he isn’t too sore for too long. It is so awkward working round a broken arm and very time consuming with all the hospital trips (I’m hoping three broken arms will be enough for our family!).
    The bunnies are gorgeous but I’m not surprised they are tricky to make. I still love mine, which was one of your originals I think. Personally, I’d have picked ribbons over flowers so I think you made the right choice! Juliex

  4. Oh I do love your bunny purses Beth, really love the colour of your new ones.
    Poor F, hope he heals soon!
    As for the kitties, they are great for talking to aren’t they, I find myself doing it all the time!! 😉
    V x

  5. Such lovely bunny purses – they do look fiddly to make but they’re beautifully finished. I love the bows. Just sitting here looking at a chocolate Lindt bunny – half eaten – in Cornwall, by the sea, where I’m spending a week with my grown up children. Not too grown up for early Easter eggs and bunnies though!

  6. Ouch… that poor arm. Hope all is well soon. Those bunnies look so Easter-ey with their smart ribbons – great choice! They do look beautiful, so hopefully worth all your hard work. Gorgeous kit too!

  7. Hello Beth,

    Happy Easter-time to you all, and my special warm wishes to F, I wish his arm will heal really quickly! Poor little guy.

    I LOVE these bunny-purses, well done for getting the perfect batch finished! I just got my bunny-bag out today, it is somehow perfect for these Easter-days 🙂

    Wishing you sunny, bright and peaceful Easter!


  8. Hello Beth, I hope it was a very Happy Easter weekend for you. THinking of your son, F. Hoping his arm is much better soon. Beautiful purses; I much prefer this style. I’m just NOT a pink person. Hoping it feels like Spring for you all.
    Happy April!!
    Anne D.T. xx

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