Guinea Pigs…

I keep starting to write blog posts, but then never get around to finishing them or I don’t get the photos together to support the writing (and goodness knows, my writing does need supporting 😉 ).  In fact, I spent some of yesterday writing a bullet point post just to get my news together, but it sounded so moany and depressing I’ve scrapped it (I must have seen the new moon through glass again as I’ve never had such a crappy run of bad luck).  Let’s forget all that and talk cute fluffy animals instead.

boysguineapigsThe boys got a guinea pig each for their Birthday.


Oh my goodness, how have I missed knowing how adorable little piggies are?!  I had hamsters growing up but these little critters top them by far.

(I had planned to take nice arty photos for the post, but I’ll never get this published if I try that, plus iPhoto has totally changed and I can no longer edit the way I could, that’s going to be a problem, I might even have to learn Photoshop properly!).


Sadly, Nuzzle died after only one week 😦  No idea why, by the time I took him to the vets (I noticed he wasn’t quite as perky as he had been on the Saturday, but it was clear by Sunday that he really wasn’t well and I managed to get an appointment  in the store we bought him from) he was dehydrated and they advised me he was in pain and it was kindest to have him put to sleep.


Big shout out here for our local Pets at Home now, they paid for the vets bill, and allowed C to choose another piggie.  They were also amazing with advice and help when we went to originally choose a pet.  Incidentally, considering the reason we chose guinea pigs was partly because C couldn’t stand the idea of a pet dying on him after only a couple of years, and piggies live for about 8, he wasn’t nearly as upset as I was at the demise of Nuzzle.  Oh and the new guinea pig is named ‘Cuddles’…..I might have to intervene in future pet naming!!


I can’t think of guinea pigs without thinking of Miss Bumbles and her needle felted creatures.


I’ve shown all of these photos before, but Ruth’s work is spot on and well worth another mention.DSC_0043 DSC_0029

Guinea pigs also make me think of Racey Helps, who I know I also mention a lot on this blog,

DSC_0161mainly because of ‘Guinea Pig Podge’….oh how I wanted to call one of the new little furries Podge.


This is one of the few of his illustrated books where the animals don’t wear clothing, but it’s the one I remember best from when I was a child and Gran used to read his stories to us.

I am busy sewing, things for this summer, and also for next winter (trying to get ahead before my first long holiday as a single parent) I really need the shop to pay, it has to bridge the gap between part-time work plus the resulting cost of childcare and remaining flexible for the boys and at home and sewing, but I’m finding it a hard balance plus between that and all the other jobs that need my attention there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I think that might deserve a blog post all of its own.

Right, off to do a quick animal cuddle before cracking on with the day 🙂

26 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs…

  1. Oh, sweet little piggies! When I was growing up we kept quite a succession of them, and had a few litters of babies along the way. But at some point I developed a bad allergy to them which was very sad. Our neighbours keep some now and I love hearing that excited squeak they make. Hmm I totally sympathise with the ‘not enough hours’ and ‘not enough money’ things. When in doubt, pat a furry animal.

    • I am a little bit allergic to cats (it came up when I was once tested, but was thought to be ‘minimal’) which has become very apparent now I have cats back in the house and I suspect the same is said of the GP’s as my eyes itch like crazy if I snuggle them but then don’t wash my hands. I love them all though AND we now have chickens – hurrah!! Bethx

  2. Hey lovey Beth,
    the boys new guinea pigs are so very sweet indeed, what a lovely birthday present for them! I love your miss bumbles piggies too, they are so cute 🙂 The Racey Helps paintings are wonderful, I can see why they inspire you. Keep peddling (as my dad always says to me), I do feel for you at the mo with all the different stresses going on. I have the lack of funds also but I can imagine it must be so tough being a single parent too so my hat goes off to you. Keep remembering you are doing a brilliant job and are extremely talented and I reckon it will all work out in the end, sending many hugs to you, love Safxxx.

    • Hello lovely Saf, I have just seen your recent blog post and need to email you/reply (stupid internet was playing up so I read it on my phone that I cannot reply on as I’m crap). We are well, just paddling away (I like that saying, it’s so true as well). Bxx

  3. I love guinea pigs… we had two as children called bubble and squeak.
    Sorry things are so stressful for you. Unfortunately it is a sign of the times that there are not enough hours in the day – I can’t believe it’s May already, where is this year going. Don’t forget to look after yourself in amongst everything else that you do xx

    • Bubble and Squeak!!! They are awesome names. The year is flying by, which is slightly frightening me, my neighbour was talking about how soon the days will start to get shorter again, which I am definitely not ready for. I need that thing Hermione has in Harry Potter to allow me to be in two places at once…or was it to control time….either way, I need it! Bx

  4. Hello!
    So sorry that things are difficult for you at the moment. I would like to say, however that on a purely (and shockingly) selfish note, I’m glad you’re continuing with the shop. Your work is exceptional and I can’t wait to see what you have next in line.
    I also love your blog. Guinea pigs are magnificent. I had one called Barney who was a rescue guinea pig and he was wonderful (except when he ate leeks and smelled rank!)
    I hope that spring and summer will bring you good things.

    • Hello Cat, don’t worry, I am going no-where, I’ve just spent last week re-arranging my studio to get my mojo back into gear. Thanks for you support, your comments are really very kind and I totally appreciate them. Barney is a great name of a GP, I definitely need to help the boys next time they name a pet. Bxx

  5. Hi Beth, I’m thrilled that you have chosen GPs for your boys. I adore these gorgeous creatures and as I child I bred them. They are such fun and so sociable, I always say that even their poos are sweet…they look like liquorice comforts…LOL. I’m sorry to hear that Nuzzle died but good on Pets at Home for their support. I hope you luck improves now. Keep well and enjoy the sunshine. Hugs Jane xx

  6. I tip my hat to you, I really do. I’m a “part-time” single mum but the husband is home at the weekends and every day I say a little prayer for the mums that don’t have the cavalry charging over the hill at the weekend. I don’t have enough words to say how much I admire you.

    Guinea pigs are the most adorable creatures. I love the way they chatter to each other like little old men.

    And the new iPhoto is awful. My new Photoshop has just been downloaded and back to that I go.

    • Hello 🙂 I used to do a lot of part time single Mum weeks, it’s not always a lot of fun is it? And then the poor one who has been away comes home and they are (often) tired and jet lagged but you need them to pick up the baton from you and it can all be a bit of a stress. Weirdly, I find doing it all myself easier, on many levels, as I know ultimately that I will be doing everything, I just get on with it quicker…..I just need more hours. Thank you for the kind words of support, they are much appreciated. Bethx

      • More hours would always be a good thing! Hubby is always shattered by the weekend, and not always up to baton carrying. It’s tough, but needs must. The change of pace of having him home then gone, even thought its a regular routine, still unsettles the kids. But, it’s how things are so no use grumbling. I do admire you, though. Have a great weekend.

  7. Your little piggies are gorgeous – they are delightful animals aren’t they? I must admit I had forgotten quite how lovely until reading your post, we had some when I was wee and I think I enjoyed their noises as much as anything! I have been impressed with Pets at Home too – having not necessarily expected to be I have found the staff very knowledgeable and caring.

    I’m so sorry things are continuing to be hard. You have so much on your plate. But the very fact that the boys handled a guinea pig dying so well suggests that they aren’t feeling too stressed – I think you must be doing a wonderful job with them…..but I hope that things can begin to ease up for you soon. Juliex

    • They are super cute, the boys have totally lost interest, which I knew would happen (not quite so soon though, I am a bit disappointed in them both!) so I kind of consider them mine and they get taken out all the time for cuddles, which Scratch, in particular, loves, he gets all snuggled up and likes having his nose rubbed.

      We’re good, I feel bad for obviously sounding a bit stressed in the last post, as in all honestly I’m happier than I’ve ever been and the boys are very settled, it’s just the time factor, too many things, too few hours! We live in an 11+ area which is adding a lot of stress as decisions have to be made for F in the coming weeks. It’ll all come good in the end 🙂 Bethx

  8. I’m a great believer in women helping women..just say no, if you hate it – but I’ve taken the liberty of adding a new section to my sidebar on the Blog titled ‘Shops I love’..yours is top of the list with a link through..every little bit helps hey. Love the guinneas! xxxx

  9. Those guinea pigs are very sweet! My daughters old teacher had lots and said they would all squeal with delight when she came home.
    Sorry to hear about the run of crappy luck. I can only begin to imagine what’s on your plate.You are a talented lady, and you deserve to have the time to make your work pay.I’m sure you have thought about this but-
    do you do Facebook? I have sold a bit on there too and a couple of people on there seem to sell very well,or at least put links to what they are selling.It is however very time consuming.
    I hope you can take one day at a time. Fliss x

    • Hello Fliss, I admit I don’t do FB, I just struggle to keep up with blogging, I pretty much never tweet any more and my poor Instagram account has never been used! It really is a time thing, I find that keeping the writing/reading/blogging/shop listing/photographing side of things takes up so many hours, I’d rather just make, but that’s not how it works. We really are good, otherwise, I confess to quite enjoying being a ‘single’ parent in many ways, I can raise the kids as I feel is best and it’s quite freeing being solely responsible for the big decisions, you just have to make them instead of procrastinating, which works better for me. I just need to win the lottery so we can afford to live in our lovely house a bit longer 🙂 Bethxx

  10. Awe I’m so sorry about poor little Nuzzle, poor little thing but well done Pets at Home, its good to know that they do care. Enjoy your new little friends Beth and I hope things in general begin to look up for you.
    V x

    • I’m sure it’s policy, V, as I guess it could have reflected on their supplier that it died so quickly (I don’t think that was the case, although Nuzzle’s brother, Scratch, has since had a respiratory infection that cost me a small mortgage in antibiotics to treat so perhaps there was something lurking in that patch or little critters – I do hope not!). Bx

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