Pink Auriculas

Spring is the time for new auricula brooches…..and as we are now very much in Summer, I thought it was time I finished them!8811757633566As always, it starts with me trawling through photos in the internet, looking for inspiration.  I was sure I wanted to make a pink version and originally, I was very keen on the idea of a nice pale pink, like the middle blooms above (I have NO idea where this photo came from, I’m pretty sure it was a seed catalogue so I don’t feel shockingly bad about posting it here, but if not, and it belongs to someone I’m really, really sorry, just let me know and I’ll credit/remove it, as you wish).


But, I am very picky about the felt I use, it’s always 100% wool and I’ve tried many suppliers but some are a bit too thick to be easily manipulated into the petals, so I’m sticking with my original source, the only problem there being that I’ve used most colours available and all the pale pink options just didn’t look right, so I changed plan and went for the brighter pink in the bottom left corner.

I’m really pleased with the results, they are quite zingy, without being too bright.  Annoyingly, they are really difficult to photograph and get the colour to show, so like the trooper I am, I just gave up and decided to use the photos I have 😉

I’m also struggling, generally, to take process shots as I changed my lovely Victorian trestle table some time back for a more modern glass worktop, it is very practical and looks good, but it’s not nice to take photos on (I have just re-arranged my entire studio, which took me FOREVER, although I am now the Queen of solo furniture moving, photos to follow at some stage).DSC_0155

I’ve been resorting to taking photos on my wooden work tray and also my old desk, that now houses all my packing supplies.  My Mum bought me this.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it was back in the mid 80’s and I was disappointed about being told I would be getting a second-hand bike for Christmas (long story, I wasn’t allowed a new one as apparently us kids ‘didn’t look after them properly’) and Mum knew I was upset so she used her own money to buy me a desk as a trade-off.  I wanted a melamine thing in bright colours (but of course) and luckily, Mum having clearly much better taste then me, bought this beauty instead.  Thank goodness my 80’s early teen style didn’t win, the melamine would have long since been binned.

(Oh, quick mention, the two lovely drawings on top of the desk are by the fabulous Saffa, who has a new website – Saffa Barkhorder – for her beautiful drawing work).DSC_0162

See, grainy, dark photos.  Poor show Beth.  If you can’t take the time to photograph things properly how do you expect them to be shown at their best! (I talk to myself all day long, I may as well do it in my blog too, thank goodness for cats and guinea pigs, at least if they are in the room I appear less mad).pinkariculacutout

Better, but still not great.

Oh, and whilst I was making a new colour batch I re-stocked some of the green ones, as they tend to be quite popular.  They are both to be found here.
DSC_0138Right, I’m off to read a book about taking product photographs as that seems like a good plan.  Toodle pip for now.

5 thoughts on “Pink Auriculas

  1. Hi Beth,
    As ever your pink auricular brooches are beautiful, I like this pop of colour, as you say bright but not to much, perfect! I planted some flower seeds in the garden (the landlord hasn’t detected them yet) but nothing has happened, so am enjoying your floral post 🙂
    Good to hear as well about your studio furniture sort out, I need to spring clean and move stuff around at our place (so much ‘stuff’ to dump) but it does feel better to get things sorted and organised doesn’t it.
    You really are too kind, thank you for the mention 🙂 I was chuffed to see you have the cards on your beautiful mums furniture gift (she had wonderful taste, I love it, beautiful carved wood work) and then when I saw what you wrote was even more chuffed so thank you so much!
    Hope your enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having on the south coast, makes a change doesn’t it! Love Safxxx

  2. I always love to see your lovely products all lined up Beth!!
    Your desk is stunning Beth, such a beautiful peice of furniture!
    I often think my neighbours probably think I’m mad as they most likely can’t see the cats I’m talking to! 🙂
    V x

  3. I find that the best part of talking to yourself is that you’re both on the same wavelength. It saves time and misunderstandings! Love your brooches…the pink is just gorgeous. And your mum is a very wise lady with exquisite taste. Your desk is wonderful.

  4. Always lovely to see your line-ups of your beautiful makes… they look just gorgeous in these photographs. Being no expert, so my words hold no great weight, your photographs always look great! Look forward to seeing your newly arranged work space. Now off to talk to Miss Ethel (no elderly resident, but the kit)

  5. I love the bright pink colour……to me, it is a classic auricula colour. I love the story about your desk, it must be very special to you now. Good luck with the product photography……I think it is probably a never-ending challenge for most people! Juliex

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