Pretty Pink Lavender Birds…

This is going to have to be a quick post as I’m due on school run soon.


I have new lavender birds.  They are pretty.   They are pink.


They are still not photographed as well as they should be (curse you iPhoto for changing your editing tools grrrrr, why yes, I am a bad workman and will happily blame my tools in this case and not my shoddy camera skills), but they are listed here.


Incidentally, I have just reduced my SALE section by another 10%, partly because I need to make room for new stock.  It will break my heart slightly to see so much hard work go for such a low price, but that’s the way of the world and I’d rather they go off to new homes than sit in a box unloved.  I need to update all the photos and see what else I have to add, but for now it’s mainly linen cats and bunnies, with the odd squirrel.

That’s it, short and sweet as I need to dash 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Lavender Birds…

  1. The new birds are very sweet – you have found such a pretty fabric.

    Thanks for all the lovely kind words on my blog today. It sounds as if the boys have been having very special birthdays! And I bet you and they will love spending time home in glorious Yorkshire over the summer. After my moaning about the weather we have had the most beautiful day today. Long may it continue – warmth and scenery is a good mix. I hope you get some when you’re ‘up north’!. Juliex

  2. Love the pink birdies dear Beth, the gorgeous 🙂 am admiring many pink things this month so these are added to the list of pretty things! Hope your having a good week in the sunshine, love safxxx

  3. Your birds are as always lovely Beth, my original bird which hangs in my craftroom still has the most lovely scent of lavender and I have it quite a while now and I love my pretty Christmas tree bird too!
    The one thing I didn’t have which was odd for a bunny lover was one of your rabbits but I’ve just rectified that now!!!! 😉
    V x
    P.S. Thanks for all your lovely comments this week!

  4. Sweet summery birds! And well done you for squeezing something useful in before the school run… I often dither about for up to an hour before school ends, thinking no point starting that as it won’t get finished but I could actually achieve a fair bit…

  5. Hello dear Beth,

    I am sorry I have been away from the blogland for a while, and oh boy have I missed many things! Guinea pigs? Pink birdies? New brooches? You seem to be having a busy but happily so-life going, loved looking all the posts I have missed. I wish you all are enjoying some pretty June-days, it rains and storms here as I type (a typical Finnish “summer”day)…

    Sending you all many happy greetings, and wishing to see you here more often now!


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