Vampire Purses, Take Two

One of the most popular things I made last year, were the Spider and Victorian Mourning Purses (click on the links to read all about them!).  DSC_0202

I knew I wanted to make more this year but I really struggled to source some of the materials.  I just cannot find more of the appliqued spiders I originally used (there are other options, which I intend to look into next year) and the heavy silk I used for the Victorian purses has been nearly impossible to find.  DSC_0192

In the end, I bought some heavy twill silk from Beckfords and hand dyed it.  The silk was eye-wateringly expensive, but then I do only need a small amount for each purse.  I did, however, totally avoid dyeing it until the last possible moment.  I initially hand dyed it using Dylon black, but it came out with a very blue tinge, not at all as I’d hoped, so I dyed it again to get a better tone, same dye only in the washing machine.  It worked and it’s almost identical to the silk that I originally used, which incidentally was given to me by a lady running a period millinery course I did years ago at the London College of Fashion.


I couldn’t find the same beaded applique panels either, so these have changed.  I bought plain ones then beaded them myself, which I prefer as I had to re-stitch on all the originals anyway as I was so paranoid they would fall off.

DSC_0170I really LOVE making these purses, they pretty much sum up my work and my taste.  I love the beading, the old feel and what’s not to like about silk and velvet.  Velvet is really rocking my boat at the moment.


I don’t love glueing on the frames, I tend to put that off as well, but I’ve become a pro, I’m like the ninja purse frame gluing champion and hardly any acetone was needed in the making of these purses, which is good as I was already quite giddy on the smell of fabric glue.


I’ve changed the name to ‘Vampire’ purses this year, simply as it is what I’ve always called them when I’m talking to myself.  It’s those red linings against the black.


I’ve already promised some of them to friends, but the remainder are here in the shop.


My shop generally needs updating.  I started a re-brand a while ago, but the craziness that is finding the right secondary school for F, blind making and trying to get the house decorated is taking its toll, there just isn’t time to do everything, so for now I’ve opted for a quick change of the front page and trying to get my stock levels back up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.21.10

For Christmas, I’d like a time machine please 🙂

6 thoughts on “Vampire Purses, Take Two

  1. As ever I’m a big fan of your vampire purses Beth, I love anything Victorian inspired and these hit the mark in every way, just beautiful 🙂 I’m always so impressed as well with the level of work/ detail you put into your beautiful purses, they defiantly remind me of victorian mourning dresses, there just gorgeous! Safxxx

  2. I have bought many things from The Linen Cat over the past couple of years, all beautifully made and hand-finished. Last year I bought both the spider and Victorian mourning (vampire) pursed and i think they are my favourite!!
    Best wishes, Cat

  3. I wasn’t quick off the mark last time and they sold out before I could get my hands on one. Not this time though, hoorah! Can’t wait for it to arrive, thanks Beth! xx

  4. Your work is as always beautiful Beth, the purses are amazing and so very ‘you’!!
    ” The ninja purse frame gluing champion” not easy to say after a glass of wine or a few sniffs of fabric glue!! 😉
    V x

  5. Hi! So lovely to see you back. I have wondered a few times recently how you are doing and if all is okay.
    The Vampire Purses are completely perfect, I’m not at all surprised at how quickly they sell.
    Good luck with the school business for F (can’t believe he is ready for Secondary!)….I met up with a good friend recently who moved south to Hampshire when we moved north and couldn’t believe the shenanigans that goes on with schooling in England. Up here you go to the local school – which is the one that your address falls into – and rarely do anything different. It sounds like a nightmare to deal with south of the border! Juliex

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