Mothers Day and Flower Brooches

It appears I had forgotten about Mothers Day.  To be honest, in the past I’d have been lucky to get a lie in, let alone a present (I took to buying my own, in the end!) and as my lovely Mum is no longer here, it tends to just get forgotten about.  To give the boys credit, they have realised as it must have been mentioned at school and they are planning a day of Star Wars stuff !!!!??? (I think that means us all running around the house like loons playing with lightsabers….I was thinking more training them to be able to make nice coffee and a lie-in, but I don’t have to heart to tell them that).

DSC_0001It’s something I need to be better at, in the future (with the exception of Valentines Day, which I have always hated, if I’m honest), recognising special days and holidays and promoting my work accordingly.  I do make a lot of things aimed toward Christmas but the rest of the year tends to be forgotten about.DSC_0005I’m sewing in the kitchen today, party because I’m attending to a sick hen (Audrey) who’s hanging out on the kitchen table in a guinea pig house (she’s actually no longer sick, but needs one more day of antibiotics before I put her back with the others) so it’s all about hand sewing, which as usual means Flower Brooches, which really would have been a good thing to shout about with Mums in mind.DSC_0050The very first one of these was made for my own Mother, way back when (I just tried to find the post to link it, but I have no idea what year it was).  I’d totally forgotten that the original brooches were mounted on cards, I really liked the idea of giving a card that also has a gift on it….no-one else was that bothered though and most people opted to buy the brooches on their own.DSC_0028The first one was a nice pretty pink, as above, shortly followed by the buttercup (which I should make more of as I haven’t done them for a while!!).DSC_0051There have been many versions over the years,DSC_0001and they featured (as they still do) on my tweed bags (above the original ones with zips).DSC_0016They’ve also made it into quite a few magazines, including Country Living, which was a bit of a highlight!DSC_0031DSC_0039Flower Brooch Auricula Green in HandFlower Brooch Auricula Green BackDSC_0059DSC_0166DSC_0192

DSC_0008They are one of my designs that I’m most proud of as there are so many variations that can be worked using the same base and they are quite fun to make, although there is a lot of work involved for the final selling price.DSC_0007Well, for all those who are celebrating this weekend, I hope you have a really lovely time with your loved ones…..I’ll be donning my Princess Leia outfit and hanging out with small boys, who could wish for more 🙂

PS, I know most people write Mother’s Day, but I always think of it as being Mothers, plural.  Perhaps that’s just me…and then I guess it should be Mothers’ Day….maybe?  I never was any good at grammar.

PPS I don’t need an answer to my terrible grammar, anyone reading my blog knows it’s not my forte

17 thoughts on “Mothers Day and Flower Brooches

  1. I have always loved these brooches – my mum and I both have one and they are worn a lot.

    My day will consist of baking for and then helping out a the boys’ rugby club to fundraise, followed by lunch at my in-laws…………I quite fancy swapping with you! Juliex

    • Glad you like, and still wear yours 🙂 Blimey, Mothers Day is forever ago now, I’ve been blogging a bit on my garden blog, but as I’m mostly sewing blinds it’s not very inspiring for sewing posts here, need to get my Instagram account on a roll as well, as that seems to be where everyone is at these days. I hope you and the gang are all well and looking forward to the summer! Bethx

  2. I adore your brooches and have quite a few including the adorable acorn ones for Autumn. I always have one on my coat and they are always commented on.

    My Sunday will be spend watching Jnr Football in the cold!

    • Thank you 🙂 I have some new ones in the mid design process, I just need to find time out from blind and curtain sewing to get on with them. I hope to make more acorns as well, as they do prove popular when I make a new batch. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. Hey lovely Beth, your Mother’s Day plans sound lovely, your boys are genius with the Star Wars theme! Wishing you a lovely day together. I’ve always thought your flower brooches are gorgeous, perfect design 🙂 also love your little acorns, there hanging here in many places 🙂
    I shall probably cook my mum a meal (so she can have a night off for once) wish I had children to fuss over, your very lucky 🙂 enjoy your day Beth, I’m sure your boys think the world of you, safxxx

    • Mothers Day was fun, Saf, we drank blue milk cocktails and ate Star Wars food and Felix did create a really great ‘live’ game where he kept coming back from the dead and attacking me even though I’d done the required lightsaber ‘kill’ I was asked for. Where is the time flying to?? Can’t believe my blogging is so intermittent, I really need to get back into it. Bx

  4. All your brooch designs are stunning Beth. I really like the very deep colours. I think a star wars day with your boys for Mothers’s day is a splendid idea. You will look back in the future at days like that and smile xx

  5. Ps I have found a way of avoiding being spammed by WordPress. ..I don’t enter my blog address and hey presto my comment posts! ! Xx

    • It’s weird you get spammed, Jane, I just don’t know why, as I make sure I go into the folder very so often and mark you as most definitely NOT spam. Thanks for persevering, though, and for your kind comments on my brooches, I like the deep colours best too. Bxx

  6. Haha, apostrophes always throw me too Beth!! 🙂
    I love all the little varieties of your flower brooches, I think my favourite though has to be the auriculas!
    That sounds like a fun Mothers Day for you, I do hope you’re going to have the Princess Leia hairstyle. 😉 Bless them!
    V x

    • Oh I’m rubbish, V, I can proof read my own emails and blog posts a thousand time over and still not see my grammatical mistakes. I’m for plural Mothers though! I do hope you are well, I need to do some blog reading and catch up on everyone’s new. Bxx PS, the weather has been just LOVELY here this last week, I do hope it’s been the same for you.

  7. Your thoughts on what may be in store for you this Mother’s Day made me giggle! The lie-in sounds rather dreamy but no doubt I shall have an excited boy join me in bed eager to go to the beach I’m told. Could be chilly! Loving these beautiful brooches…

  8. I think of it as Mothers’ Day too… after all it’s about all the mothers isn’t it? Love those flowers, the pink one from my tweed purse is actually attached to my lavender bird which hangs on the head of our bed, so I see and admire it often! Have a lovely Mothers’ Day, the Star Wars day sounds… delightful 😉

    • Thanks for popping by, Jane, I think about you when I’m hanging out with my chickens, as I remember your chicken posts on your blog. Glad you’ve made use of moving the brooch from the tweed purse too, I like the idea that people do, do that, as it’s how they were designed. Hope all is well with you, we’re excited about summer here, the weather is just starting to warm up. Bethx

  9. Hello dear Beth,

    Lovely brooches, I admire both your design and your immaculate hand sewing, simply perfect! And I love the idea of your Star Wars-day, I was touched by how the boys are offering you probably the best they know in world 😉 (even a lie-in would have done it for you!). And I am not getting into that grammar businness as I simply have no glue but here we have “Äitienpäivä” which is day of Moms, plural. We celebrate it in the second Sunday of May though.

    Happy Easter wekend to you and the boys, enjoy!


    • Dear Mia

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, especially as I am such a bad blogger these days, I don’t deserve it. We had fun on Mothers’ Day, it seems an age ago now, but the boys were in their element planning lots of little surprises and even though it was quite a bit of work for me, it was worth it to see them so happy.

      I hope you are keeping well and that Spring is springing and Summer is well on it’s way.


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